Chewing the Scenery

"Chocolate? Did you say "chocolate"?!"
"Chocolate?!! CHOCOLATE!!!!! CHOOOOCOOOOOOLAAAAAATE!!!!!!!!!!!!"

ACTING with EMPHASIS. Nearly any emotion will do here, so long as it's EXTREME!

A common term for a scene where an actor's acting so damn hard that they're picking bits of scenery out of their teeth for days. Sometimes scenes can actually require this, but more often the actor and/or director just has the character go over the top.

This can include Berserk Button, Freak Out!, and other exaggerated emotions.

It's well worth noting that this trope is one of the biggest causes of memes.

While this can often be a bad thing and ruin a scene, just as often it can add to the fun, whether a work is So Bad, It's Good or genuinely good. In a Police Procedural, this will often be due to a Perp Sweating or an Exasperated Perp.

This is a Super Trope, which includes:

A Sister Trope to Melodrama.

Compare Narm, Narm Charm.

Contrast Dull Surprise (emotionless moments when emotion is called for), Dramatic Deadpan (when the dramatic punch is from how low key it's presented).

Not to be confused with This Billboard Needs Some Salt (actually munching on the scenery), even when it looks like it is happening (that's just the camera).


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    Anime and Manga 
  • Most of the main cast in Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann acts like this on a regular basis via Hot-Blooded ranting.
  • Episode 3 of Mai-Otome Zwei gives us Nina's Big "NO!" after Nao is petrified. A good portion of that OVA (and the last few episodes of the main series, 22, 24 and 25 in particular) has Tomoe's teeth marks all over it.
  • In the same vein, during some of the later episodes of Neon Genesis Evangelion the English dub cast did this sort of thing in quite a few scenes, perhaps most in Tiffany Grant's portrayal of Asuka's climactic battle in The End Of Evangelion and when Ritsuko destroys the "Reiquarium", sounding absolutely insane in the English dub while Yuriko Yamaguchi had a much more detached delivery in the original Japanese.
    • Scenery-chewing is hardly exclusive to the dub - Megumi Ogata's screams, for instance, could raise the dead, and especially in the climax of Evangelion 2.0.
  • Dragon Ball Z's Super Buu brought us such lines as "PROOOOOOODDDUUUUUUUUUCE!!!!" and "FEED ME, YES, EVERYONE FEED ME NOOOOOW!"
    • Linda Young as Frieza. Regardless of what anyone thinks of her casting, there's no denying that her actual performance was glorious:
      • "I am FRIEZA!!!!! The most powerful BEING in the UNIVERSE!!!!!!! And you are nothing but a MONKEY!!!!!. You can't win, because I am MIGHTY!!! And YOU are NOT!!!"
      • Of course, any time Frieza laughs, regardless if Ryusei Nakao, Linda Young, or Chris Ayres is voicing the character.
  • Sailor Moon's villains love feasting on the scenery, especially in the English dub:
    • Queen Beryl: You are MIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINE!!!!!!!!!!!
      • Naz Edwards even manages to make her screams digest the scenery.
    • Everything that comes out of Rubeus' mouth.
    • Queen Nehelenia: ''ZIRCONIAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!"
    • Alan and Anne were already notoriously hammy in the DiC dub, but this gem came out of Anne's mouth: KITCHEN'S CLOOOOOOOOSED!
  • In the climactic episode of Record of Lodoss War, evil sorcerer Wagnard gets to chomp on many bits of scenery, especially during his death scene. (His English VA does likewise, but that's hardly a drawback. It actually works in the character's favor.)
  • Harry Ord, the resident CHAR of ∀ Gundam, wants you to know that you'll feel the wrath of his revenge across the UNIVAAAAAASE!!!
    • Still, Harry is no match for Gym Ghingham and GEKKOCHOU DE ARU!! Heck, he chews up so much of the scenery in this clip of SD Gundam G Generations that he devours Super-Ham Master Asia along with it.
  • The whole point of the Giant Robo Anime and its main Charm Point is providing every single character with one of these on a regular basis. There's not a single person in the final episode who can be accused of underacting, even the random redshirts.
  • The 2012 anime adaptation of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure made Dio even more memetic thanks to the dulcet tones of Takehito Koyasu and Patrick Seitz taking large bites out of the scenery, in and out of battle. The entire cast does quite a bit of scenery chewing, but Dio really takes the cake.
    Dio: (after forcibly kissing Erina) "You thought you would get your first kiss from JoJo, BUT IT WAS ME, DIO!"
    FFFFFFOOOOOOOL! German science is the world's greatest!
  • Gaara's Minor Injury Overreaction in Naruto in both Japanese and English:
    • Itachi's Motive Rant from episode 136 of Shippuden. If you pay attention, you could hear his seiyuu literally GASPING for breath between sentences!
    • Jiraiya: "When you've reached the stature I have... THE LADIES... KNEEL AND WORSHIP... AT YOUR AWESOMENESS!!!"
    • Chapter 579: Complete with shaky text to indicate insanity:EVEN HE COULDN'T BECOME A TRUE SAGE IN THE END JUST LIKE ME! My power in the sage mode...If you're Dr.Snakes, I hope you keep that in your mind... I'm no longer a snake... The perfect force of sage helped me shed my snake skin...AND I'M A DRAGON NOW!!
  • Koutarou Taiga from GaoGaiGar. The rest of the cast dutifully attempts to keep up. They mostly succeed.
  • Light in Death Note whenever he's Kira-ing, and Mikami at times, mostly when he's "deleting" people. The best example is during the penultimate episode when he attempts to kill Near, the rest of the SPK force, and all of the task force members apart from Light, which would get rid of anyone who is in Light's way. He's get more psychotic than ever, and goes into an absolutely insane deleting spree, repeating the word over and over again as he writes down all the names and it culminates with him screaming the word at the top of his lungs towards the sky. Terrifying for some, but probably quite entertaining for others.
  • Baccano!'s psycho hams, Ladd Russo and Graham Spector. Of course, then there's Claire Stanfield, who's in a category all his own. But he still manages to ham up his philosophy while fighting Graham and Ladd.
  • Dantalion is quite fond of taking hamminess Up to Eleven For Science!!
    • Lelouch sometimes goes into this.
    • Anytime Emperor Chuck makes a speech.
      • You might as well say any role played by Norio Wakamoto speaks like this. It's absolutely impossible to describe.
      • Seeing as Norio Wakamoto can be the biggest ham in Wolf's Rain as an owl that gets some of the least lines in the entire series... Anything Wakamoto does is potentially going to be like this.
    • Michael McConnohie's Emperor Chuck is equally hammy as well, and does a mean Evil Laugh in Episode 22. YES, YOU'RE WORTHY OF BEING CALLED MY CHILD NOW!
  • The Fullmetal Alchemist dub has Roy Mustang's famous miniskirt line in episode 13.
  • Excel Saga: Any time Lord Il Palazzo annouces that "This world, is corrupt!". Or whenever Excel is extolling the virtues of ACROSS to the ignorant masses. Excel's dub VA got landed in the hospital for this one.
  • Domon Kasshu.
    • And friends!
    • Even in this World of Ham, Master Asia stands out above all others.
      "I shall become the Undefeated of the East, West, North, South, and Center! I shall become SUPER ASIA, and be master of all!
  • They Are My Noble Masters begged the question of Hikari Ni Nare versus Shining Finger, the answer will leave you full for a week.
  • In One Piece, Marshall D. Teach aka Blackbeard enjoys doing this, whether showing off his powers to Ace, announcing his plans at Impel Down, or Declaring war on the World after stealing Whitebeard's powers. Of course, this being One Piece there are bound to be others.
    • If that's how he does it in the manga, let's just wait until Akio Ohtsuka gets to deliver these same lines in the anime. Oh, booooooy.
    • Luffy when he's really angry and/or yelling someone's name. Examples: "CROCODIIIIIIILE!", "EN-NER-RUUUUUUU!" and of course, "ROOOOOOOOO-BIIIIIIIIIN!" And just before the timeskip, "UUUUUUUU-SOOOOOOOOOOPPPPPP!"
    • Chopper pulls a nice one in episode 162 after the Knight of the Sky shoots Shura off of his mount using an Impact Dial.
    • In this scene, Luffy, Spandam, Sogeking, Franky and even Robin tried to out-chew each other. Sogeking takes bonus points for his boast being about a custom-made sling.
  • Minori in Toradora!, especially near the end of the series. Although sometimes she's just overdramatic just for fun... diet warriors, indeed. The homeroom teacher also really chews the scenery during the Pro Wrestling event and has to be carried off.
    Minori: Nosebleeds are tears of the heart!
  • In Niea_7, Tomoko Kawakami is clearly having the time of her life voicing Karna, tearing through every scene in which she occurs with almost limitless abandon—but especially during the "alien awareness meetings".
    Karna: I've been an elite ever since I was born... and I'm so beautiful!
  • Sayaka Ohara's role as Beatrice in Umineko: When They Cry. My god, she really was having a blast at that role.
    • "Let's start chewing scenery together, USHIROMIYA BATTORAAAAAAAA!!"'
    • Kinzo doesn't express anything half-way. Ooooooooooo, Beh-aaaaah-to riiiichiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!
  • Kaoru does this intentionally in Amagami SS.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's' Lucciano should really calm down before he hurts himself.
  • The English Dub of Hellsing Ultimate is full of this. The best example is probably the Major's Speech, which is simply glorious.
  • This seems to be the entire point of Amelia's character in the Slayers series.
  • The evil sultan in the classic Astro Boy story "The Greatest Robot In The World" not only chews scenery figuratively, but in one scene he does it literally.
  • Gundam
  • Roman Saotome from SKET Dance takes this to a whole 'nother level; she warps the scenery via Otome Vision, much to the shock of Himeko and Bossun.
  • Roger Smith calling his mecha, Big O, normally uses tame levels of shouting, but in some episodes he really goes all-out.
  • Ichiko Sakura from Binbougami Ga, transforming into Kenshiro when she needs to avoid her newest classmate. Her equally hammy rival Momiji sees this, so she — and eventually everyone else in the area — copies her.
  • Kamille Bidan in Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam. Especially due to the histrionic nature of the character. It's evident in both the original Japanese and the dub.
  • In the ADV dub of Super Dimension Fortress Macross, the voice performances are pretty over the top for Hikaru, Misa, Roy, Exedore, and Kai-Fun. Compare Vic Mignona, Monica Rial, Brett Weaver, Andy McGavin, and Christopher Ayers to the more subdued performances of Tony Oliver, Aline Leslie, Dan Woren, Ted Layman, and Eddie Frierson decades ago in Robotech. Kakizaki (like the original Japanese seiyuu Katsumi Suzuki) was equally hammy whether voiced by Jason Douglass or Richard Epcar.
  • In Star Blazers, Eddie Allen performs Desslok in a hilarious effete voice that makes him come off as a fop. In the original Space Battleship Yamato, Masato Ibu gives Desler a typical bad guy's deep voice.

    Comic Books 
  • Back in The Silver Age of Comic Books, chewing the scenery was pretty much the default; characters and narration alike were always hamming it up and often indulging in Purple Prose. See anything by Jack Kirby or Stan Lee, both of whom practically exemplified this trope in American comics (hell, Stan Lee qualifies for this in real life while he’s at it). Homages to the era often parody this.
    There came a time when the Old Gods died! The brave died with the cunning! The noble perished, locked in battle with the unleashed evil! It was the last day for them! An ancient era was passing in fiery holocaust! The final moment came with the fatal release of the indescribable power — which tore the home of the Old Gods asunder — split it in great halves — and filled the universe with the blinding death-flash of its destruction! In the end there were two giant molten bodies, spinning slow and barren — clean of all that had gone before — adrift in the fading sounds of cosmic thunder... Silence closed upon what had happened — a long, deep silence — wrapped in massive darkness... it was this way for an age... THEN—THERE WAS NEW LIGHT!"

    Fan Works 

    Films — Animation 
  • Lilo & Stitch!
    • Bonus points to Lilo for doing it on an actual stage
    • If I fed Pudge tuna It'd be an ABOMINATION!!!!
    • Nani's breakdown after Lilo is abducted by Gantu: "LILO! SHE'S A LITTLE GIRL, THIS BIG, BROWN EYES, AND WAS HANGING AROUND WITH THAT THING!!" (referring to Stitch)
  • Hercules:
    • When Hades gets mad, he will literally get fired up, as in blowing flames in all directions.
    • And then there're the Titans...
      Hades: Brothers! Titans! Look at you, in your squalid prison! Who put you down there?
      Titans: ZEUS!
      Hades: And now that I set you free, what's the first thing you're going to do?
      Titans: DESTROY HIM!!!!
      Hades: Good answer.
  • Beowulf:
    • Grendel, perpetually shrieking and moaning and having difficulty walking.
    • "They SAY... you have a MONSTAH here? They SAY... your land is cursed! My name is Beowulf. I am here to kill your MONSTAH!"
  • Maleficent in Sleeping Beauty:
    • " No! IT CANNOT BE!!!!!!"
    • " Now you shall deal with ME your Prince... AND ALL THE POWERS OF HELL!!!!!!!!! AHAHAHAHAAHAHA!!!!!"
  • Cruella DeVille in 101 Dalmatians:
    • "Poison them, drown them, bash them on the head. Got any chloroform? I don't care how you kill the little beasts, just DO IT!!!!! AND DO IT NOW!!!!!"

    Films — Live-Action 

    Live-Action TV 
  • 30 Rock: Tracy Jordan. And Tracy Morgan in real life. Seriously, just watch any of his interviews on The Daily Show.
  • Babylon 5: While most people understandably get quite boisterous in a good mood, one hat of the Centauri, particularly Londo Mollari, is to really ham it up when they're happy, or drunk or (most commonly) both at the same time. They're otherwise quite normal, if a bit eccentric in an Eastern Bloc sort of way.
    • Not to mention the half a dozen times Delenn gives a REALLY intense speech to some foe (or the leaders of her government). The first time it's pretty awesome, but the lack of variation each time she gives that speech makes it a little redundant.
    • Bruce Boxleitner gets several of these as Captain Sheridan as well, most notably with his over-the-top "No more Nightwatch" speech during "Ceremonies of Light and Dark". JMS specifically cites him for "Chewing the Scenery" in the director's commentary when Holo-Sheridan gives a "programmed" propaganda speech in "Deconstruction of Falling Stars."
    • The most egregious example was Ivanova's challenge to the commander of the Shadow-enhanced destroyer force in "Between the Darkness and the Light": "I am Death incarnate...God sent me..." Completely over the top, and only fueled the fires of the enemy propaganda machine. Although it's not like she hasn't done that before. Like the time she reprimanded a pilot that almost got himself fried by the planet B5 orbits. That time, she said that she was God.
  • Battlestar Galactica (2003): Any scene where Edward James Olmos ends up having a emotional breakdown in his cabin and starts punching the wall, his ship or Colonel Tigh. Double points if he gets drunk and starts drooling or vomiting on himself. The producers have admitted they put a few too many of these in during the final episodes. The first was heartbreakingly effective for many, but by the end it was like, suck it up man! Smashing the wooden ship, that wasn't a prop, nor was Olmos scripted to do that (he was a little too in character). It was a very expensive museum piece on loan to the production. Ooops. Luckily, it was insured.
  • Boy Meets World: Eric did this more and more as he got crazier, such as yelling at a waitress for the check when trying to get out of a restaurant and a Big "WHAT?!" reaction after learning that Mr. Feeny is retiring. In season 7 when he became a full-on Cloudcuckoolander he did this almost every episode.
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer: James Marsters as the newly-souled vampire Spike during the final season — especially during the first couple of episodes, with Spike being constantly tortured by his guilty conscience and acting totally bonkers. Especially during the scene where Spike, after a lengthy tragic monologue, drapes himself over a church cross and his skin starts to sizzle.
  • In the Lifetime Original Movie A Deadly Adoption, Jessica Lowndes starts out calm and serene. But by the climax, now outed as aiming to get Will Ferrell's daughter even if she has to kill him (having already shot her accomplice and tried to kill Ferrell and Kristen Wiig), she's leaving teeth marks all over the place.
  • Doctor Who:
    • Every incarnation of the Master. Especially the John Simm version; he's so hungry and no amount of scenery will satisfy him. Or food, in "The End of Time". However, special mention regarding John Simm's portrayal must go out to when he chases down two homeless men before bellowing out at the top of his lungs;
      • Derek Jacobi's performance as Professor Yana in Simm's introductory episode deserves a mention. Yana is a kindly, understated old man. When he remembers he's the Master in disguise, Jacobi starts chewing with relish.
    • Peter Pratt's version of the Master from "The Deadly Assassin" deserves mention too.
      The Master: You craaaaaaven-'earted... SPINELESS... Poltroon!
    • And a few of the Doctors as well, such as Tom Baker and Colin Baker. "Gurning" David Tennant must surely count too ("ALLONS-Y!").
    • This comes after the Monster of the Week says "We... are... rising!", and the Doctor is mocking it. That doesn't mean he isn't a ham, just not this time.
    • In David Tennant's first episode as the Doctor, he gets that line thrown at him, but played straight. His reply is a mocking "I DOOON'T KNOOOOOOOOOOW!"
    • "Burn with me."
    • The Ninth Doctor's rants to the Dalek in "Dalek". He's literally frothing at the mouth.
      9th Doctor: I watched it happen! I MADE IT HAPPEN!!!
      9th Doctor: The Daleks have failed! Why don't you finish the job and make the Daleks extinct? Rid the universe, of your FILTH! WHY DON'T YOU JUST DIE?!!
    • Another Ninth Doctor example — at the end of "The Doctor Dances", when he cries "JUST THIS ONCE... EVERYBODY LIVES!" he milks the line so hard that a little skoonspruit shoots out from under his tongue.
    • Davros defines this trope. "THE DESTRUCTION! OF REALITY! ITSELF!!!"
    • And the Seventh Doctor mocks him for it/lampshades this in "Remembrance of the Daleks".
    • And while we mention Davros, there are also the dreaded Daleks.
      • "Those words are BLLLASPHEMYYYYYYY!"
      • "I... AM... A human DALEK! I am... YOUR FUTURE!" was said by a Dalek-Ham hybrid in the new series.
    • Mark Strickson, who played the Fifth Doctor's companion Turlough, chowed down on the scenery on more than one occasion. "AN INFECTIOOOOON." However, it was made awesome by his willingness to not only slobber on himself, but to take the complete and utter piss out of it by re-enacting it with ever-increasing amounts of bacon at conventions for the next 20 years.
    • The Wire, a one-episode villain, was very much this trope. In fact, her catch-phrase was in fact "FEEEEEED MEEEEEEE!" Perhaps a Shout-Out to a certain plant...?
    • The Empress of the Racnoss from "The Runaway Bride". There was not enough scenery in the entire SERIES to account for that amount of chewing.
    • Timothy Dalton as the Time Lord narrator in "The End of Time" was literally spraying at the end of the first part.
    • Worth mentioning again: John Simm as the Master. "HERE! COME! THE DRUMS!"
    • The Eleventh Doctor is looking right at home putting teeth marks on the scenery.
      • From "Victory of the Daleks", whilst beating on a Dalek with a giant wrench: "I AM THE DOCTOR!!! AND YOU ARE THE DALEKS!!!"
      • "Do not whiz around in your silly little spaceship while HE. IS. TAAAAAAAALKING!!!"
      • "Those words. 'Run away.' I want you to be famous for those exact words. I want people to call you Colonel Runaway. I want children laughing outside your door, 'cause they've found the house of Colonel Runaway. And when people come to you and ask if trying to get to me through the people I LOVE in any way a good idea, I want you to tell them your name. Look, I'm angry, that's new. I'm not really sure what's going to happen now."
    • Arthur Darvill gets his chance to snack on some scenery in "The Girl Who Waited".
    • All of the secondary characters from "Terminus" chewed the scenery a fair bit.
      "This is a lazar ship, where all the lepers come to die! We're all going to DIE!"
    • John Barrowman's Capt. Jack Harkness is known for many things. The majority of the time, subtlety ain't one of them.
    • Zaroff from "The Underwater Menace" was a fandom injoke for how much he milks the line "NOTHINK IN ZE VORLD CAN SHTOP ME NOW!!", which is used as The Stinger at the end of the official DVD trailer. And, of course, "BANG! BANG BANG!"
    • While it's not extreme overacting in the context of Doctor Who overacting, Steven's behaviour during Katarina's death scene deserves an honourable mention as it saved the clip from being consigned to the same Missing Episode oblivion as the rest of the serial. Peter Purves played Steven and became a Blue Peter presenter later. To celebrate a Doctor Who anniversary, a clip of this scene was played, so the other Blue Peter presenters could tease him about his Scenery Chewing. This clip is one of the only bits of the whole story that still exists.
    • By the curled fangs of the Great Sky Demon! The Captain from "The Pirate Planet" fairly lived on a diet of scenery! The whole episode was a World of Ham, but the Captain was the hammiest.
      • Although as Romana discovers, this is a front so that no one will suspect he's up to something.
    • Dame Diana Rigg and Rachael Stirling are mother and daughter, both respected theater actresses, who had never appeared on stage together. They were cast as mother and daughter for "The Crimson Horror", and used the opportunity for all it was worth.
  • Farscape: John Crichton tends to do this whenever he goes undercover. Or starts to lose his mind. Or is enduring horrendous torture. Or when he tries to get under the skin of the villain. Which is to say, almost all the time. Although Scorpius is usually quite calm, cool and collected, when his temper gets the better of him and his Scarran side takes over he can get pretty hammy. Even then, scenes between Scorpy and Crichton tend to turn into serious Ham-to-Ham Combat. Scenery chewing of a literal sort occurred in the episode "Eat Me," when part of the crew is stranded on a dying Leviathan slowly being eaten alive by its crew of mutated Peacekeepers.
  • Frasier: Kelsey Grammer was absolutely brilliant at this — totally a Justified Trope in that a defining trait of his character is being an overdramatic, pompous, Hot-Blooded, arrogant, flamboyant Large Ham.
    Frasier: What you are feeling is that this woman has reached into your chest, plucked out your heart, and thrown it to her hell-hounds for a chew toy! And it's not the last time either! Because that's what this woman is! She is the Devil! There's no use running away from her, because no matter how far you go, no matter how many years you let pass, you will never be completely out of reach of those bony fingers! So drink hearty, Franklin, and laugh! Because you have made a pact with Beelzebub! And her name is MARY ANNNNNNNNNE!!
  • Game of Thrones:
    • Khal Drogo is usually powerfully stoic but when he makes a speech, then by the Mother of Mountains, a speech will be made!
    • Lampshaded when Renly jokes about the table rising six inches every time Robert speaks of killing Daenerys.
    • Holy shit, is the Greatjon's presence always felt when he's speaking.
    • Due to the fact that most of her dialogue in High Valyrian consists of pompous speeches, Daenerys' tone of voice when speaking the language is bizarrely loud, emphasized and stilted even in casual conversation.
  • Spoofed in Garth Marenghis Darkplace - Todd Rivers clearly thinks he's doing this but it comes across as Comical Overreacting for several reasons - first, he's not very good at it; second, he is clearly doing it due to being an Attention Whore (such as striking poses whenever he enters a room); and third, he does it all the time, never switching it off even for casual lines of dialogue, which he milks out with drawn-out vowwwwwels and lots of eyebrowwwwwws.
  • Matt Berry in The IT Crowd. And Snuff Box. And...well, everything else he's ever done, ever.
  • iCarly: Nevel gets some very campy (both types) scenery chewing moments for a 14 year old.
  • Jane Eyre: In this BBC adaptation, it got rid of its scenery by letting Ciaran Hinds eat it all up. Just jump to 3:00 and watch. Also it has a zoom in a bit in that crosses over into Narm.
  • Kamen Rider Double: XTREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEME!!!!!!!!!!
  • Kamen Rider Ghost: Then there's Onari, of all people.
  • Kath and Kim: Kim has a tendency to do this. The effect is doubled when she and Sharon get into an argument.
    Sharon: Since I've met Marriat, his love and support has given me the strength to stand up to you, Kim.
    Kim: Marriat? MARRIAT?! You haven't even met Marriat, Sharon!
    Sharon: TAKE THAT BACK! I am warning you Kim. If you say one more thing about Marriat, I swear I will kill you! Do you hear me? I WILL KILL YOU!
  • Kenan & Kel:
    "I... dropped the SCREW... in the TUNAAAAA! IT WAS ME!! OHH, THE HUMANITY...!"
  • Law & Order: Criminal Intent: There is an Urban Legend that Vincent D'Onofrio had a clause in his contract for this show that simply read: "Feed me!", for when he goes into full Perp Sweating mode. Justified in that he's supposed to be a Bunny-Ears Lawyer to a certain extent. Though to be fair D'Onofrio isn't the only one, usually during the last few minutes of each episode, somebody cracks into a hammy performance, either the culprit or like one of the culprits friends or family.
  • Law & Order: Special Victims Unit: Sharon Stone does some painful scenery-chewing in the episode "Shattered". She'd been snacking on the scenery in earlier episodes, but "Shattered" is by far the worst, especially when she picks up the corpse of a boy who was killed during a kidnapping gone wrong and shouts "YOUR SON NEEDS YOOOOOOOOOUUUU" at his mentally unstable mother. Again, many of the other guest stars/characters chew the scenery on the show including the show's stars. The most memorable though to me was in "Rage" with an unexpected hammy performance from Matthew Modine who starts doing hammy gestures like choking himself to Stabler to coax him into trying to hurt him while screaming "I'M A PSYCHO KILLER, I'M A PSYCHO KILLER!". Either that or the neo-nazi father and son gun shop owners in "Raw" and also the fat skinhead who are just so hammy with their racism. And also the over the top over protective manipulative mother played by Diane Vernora in "Home" who goes on a over the top tirade when she is being dragged away by the cops, her kids are equally hammy in their being completely screwed up except that one that got away.
  • Lost: Sometimes Matthew Fox not only overacts, but also pulls the weirdest facial expressions possible, the so-called "Jackfaces" (fine gallery of examples).
  • Lost Girl: Reynard (the escaped mental patient) in general, but especially when he was in Lauren's body. Zoie Palmer looked like she was having a lot of fun. Also, the Norn can go from calm to scenery chewing like flipping a switch.
  • Murdoc in MacGyver (1985). In his second episode, he smashes through a window with a flamethrower manically yelling "Time to die, MacGyver!"
  • Merlin: Merlin is a subtle, quiet Deadpan Snarker that usually conveys emotions purely by his eyes and slight changes in his tone. His alter ego, Dragoon, is not. Apparently, Merlin decided to have fun with Dragoon, so Colin Morgan got to take a break from all the subtle acting and mercilessly devour the scenery whenever he plays Dragoon. It's a joy to watch.
  • Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers: Rita Repulsa, especially after a defeat. "I'VE GOT SUCH A HEADAAACHE! GET ME AN ASPIRIN!" However, in one memorable occasion, Kimberly out-hammed her: because Lord Zedd has chosen her as her new queen and Goldar has kidnapped her and taken away her morpher while attempting a brainwashing, she tries to buy time by imitating Rita... A little too well. See it here.
  • Mystery Science Theater 3000: Previously on the Satellite of Love....
  • The Nanny: Apparently Niles, as he shows his acting talent by giving his best Romeo and Juliet performance. Or as Fran puts it:
    Fran: Alright, back off Baroness. And by the way, you're supposed to dust the scenery, not chew it.
  • Once Upon a Time: The Evil Queen devours the scenery every single chance she gets. Evil Is Hammy is in full effect. Interestingly, Regina the mayor is far more reserved (except when she's the mayor playing the role of the Queen), suggesting she may be hamming it up for kicks.
    • Also her sister Zelena. If not more so. Just look at her crazy eyes.
  • Revolution: Sebastian "Bass" Monroe starts out as so calm that he's practically robotic. However, episode 3 has one of his men, Jeremy Baker, implying that this is a facade, because Bass has not been particularly stable since Miles Matheson left him. Monroe's facade starts crumbling when in episode 9, he yells for the first time at Rachel upon discovering that she is making a bomb to blow them all up and not the power amplifier he wanted her to make. From then on, Bass begins showing his Ax-Crazy tendencies in an obvious manner. In fact, episode 18 has this real gem in which Bass finds out that Randall Flynn was holding out on him about the Tower and he confronts him on the subject of the Tower. When Flynn tries to placate him, Bass loses his patience and screams out:
    I DON'T LIKE YOUUUU!!!! And I don't trust you either.
  • Robin Hood: The Sheriff of Nottingham played by Keith Allen takes a leaf out of Rickman's book from Robin Hood Prince of Thieves, and dines on the castle walls using stolen silverware and big knives at any available opportunity.
  • Samurai Sentai Shinkenger: Shinken Blue is noteworthy for his supreme fealty to his Lord. "TONOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Shinken Gold is even hammier than Shinken Blue, and that's saying something. Played up even further in the crossover episodes with Kamen Rider Decade. His facial expressions must be seen to be believed — you can see his entire capillary system popping out of his neck.
    Genta: Eh? ''Kamen Rider"?...NANJA SURIE!?
  • SCTV: Rick Moranis' performance in the "Revenge" sketch. Helped by how energetic Moranis tends to be on the show.
  • Scandal: Every scene involving a speech from Joe Morton as Rowan (or Eli) Pope.
  • Seinfeld: Kramer.
  • Smallville: Michael Shanks guest-stars in the two-hour episode "Absolute Justice". Michael Shanks, who can play subtle, obviously realizes that he is playing the role of a guy with wings and a silly mask who carries a really big mace on a superhero show. Michael Shanks is not going to play subtle. Carter Hall/Hawkman is so over the top you will believe a man can digest scenery. Also, Callum Blue's Major Zod was always a Large Ham, but it's during his Villainous Breakdown in "Salvation" that he really cuts loose. He raves, twitches, screams about how everyone will Kneel Before Zod, and then finally throws himself at Clark with a knife.
  • Spartacus: Blood and Sand: John Hannah plays Magnificent Bastard Batiatus. As just about the only recognizable actor in the series alongside Lucy Lawless, he hams it up to a ridiculous extent, particularly during his many Villainous Breakdowns or when he's boasting of his ludus' glory.
    Batiatus: "Continue on this path, and we will have the WOOOORLD! BLAAAAARGH!"
  • Star Trek: The Next Generation: Counselor Troi had some moments in the premiere when she sensed the pain of an imprisoned alien. It doesn't quite come off, as Wil Wheaton notes in his recap:
    Troi opens up her mind to find... pain. Lots and lots of pain. Boy, there sure is a lot of pain.'
    • John de Lancie as Q is actually doing a subtle, measured performance... cunningly disguised underneath (or perhaps within) a theatrically flamboyant one. Those scenes where Q is *not* camping up a storm (like when he first introduces the Enterprise to the Borg) are downright chilling.
  • Star Trek: The Original Series:
    • You might want to sit down for this one: Lowly Ensign David Bailey manages to pull off an epic Heroic B.S.O.D. in the episode "The Corbomite Maneuver". After staring death in the face for the majority of the episode (complete with countdown of doom), he has a memorable Freak Out! scene:
    Bailey: What, are you all out of your minds?! End of watch? It's the end of everything! WHAT ARE YOU, ROBOTS?! Wound up, toy soldiers?! Don't you know when you're dying?! Watch and regulations and orders? What do they mean?!?
    • Okay, so here's the "are you sitting down" part — William freaking Shatner was on set at the same time. And he looked like the subtle one.
    • In the episode "The Doomsday Machine", William Windom as Commodore Decker chews so much scenery and so thoroughly that he makes William Shatner look downright subdued. That's right, he plays opposite the North American archetype of the Large Ham and out-hams him! His performance is so convincing and so disturbing that even the ominous music AND the reaction shots of William Shatner seem shallow and flimsy in comparison (And this is Star Trek TOS where even the music was a Large Ham).
    • Shatner plays it both ways in the first season episode "The Enemy Within". A transporter accident splits Kirk into good and evil halves. The good Kirk is quiet, thoughtful and restrained. The evil Kirk is chewing the scenery magnificently.
  • That '70s Show: Kelso easily qualifies. Any time he appears on the scene (regardless of where it is or what else is happening), the focus tends to immediately go to him. It helps that he typically bursts onto the scene Kramer-style, right before saying something COMPLETELY off the wall.
  • The Thick of It: Playing the resident Magnificent Bastard, Malcolm Tucker, requires Peter Capaldi to act so damn hard his temple veins start throbbing. He says he finds the role "exhausting" and it shows.
    "Sam! Prepare my horse! I ride... to DoSAC!"
  • Tomica Hero Rescue Force: Several of the actors start to do this later in the series.
  • Jimmy Fallon's run in The Tonight Show had the Wheel of Musical Impressions, where the guest singer and Jimmy himself have to do a song In the Style of... another artist. And given the impersonation is usually of a Large Ham singer (some common ones are Cher and Christina Aguilera - the latter even took part in the thing), added with really, really passionate]] guests, it gets hammy pretty often.
  • Twin Peaks: When shooting a scene during the first season where Benjamin Horne and his creepy brother interrupt the family dinner to devour brie and butter sandwiches, the actor Richard Beymer, who played Benjamin, was repeatedly told by David Lynch to "really eat it." Each take they took Lynch would yell "cut" and tell him, "No, really ... eat it. Dig into it." After something like 20 takes or so with this sort of encouragement, Beymer finally realized just how insane his character was intended to be. The result is that Benjamin buries his whole face in the thing while moaning like a madman.
  • The Unit: Dennis Haysbert has a few memorable moments. Combined with "Punctuated! For! Emphasis!" in Season 1 Episode 1: "Get off this plane! GET OFF THIS PLANE!! GET OFF!! THIS PLANE!!!"
  • Victorious: "DON'T BE A WEENIE!"
  • The Walking Dead: Merle Dixon has this in spades.
  • Weeds: Andy, after Nancy drops his banana bread in the season premiere of season 5: "My beautiful loaf. YOU RUIN EVERYTHING YOU TOUCH!"
  • The West Wing: Lionel Tribbey ("LEO!") and Lord John Marbury ("GERALD!").
  • Wizards of Waverly Place: There’s an episode where Justin casts a spell to ham it up and burst on stage saying "Do you mind if I chew a little scenery?"

  • Burly Chassis is the musical equivalent; after recording "Goldfinger", she probably needed A Glass of Chianti to wash down all the soundproofing in the recording booth.
  • Tom Jones.
  • In the music video for Aerosmith's "Sweet Emotion", a hammy Steven Tyler grabs a scarf from the microphone stand and begins to actually chew on it.
  • Ghostface Killah
  • Steppenwolf's "The Pusher" is big moment for lead singer John Kay. "I SAID GODDAMN! GODDAMN THE PUSHERMAN!"
  • Merry Clayton's guest vocal in The Rolling Stones' classic "Gimme Shelter", which was actually rumored to have caused her miscarriage.
  • Miyuki Nakajima usually has at least one in each of her Yakai concerts. The second half of this number is an excellent example, as is this one.
  • Michael Jackson, cf. "Black or White"'s finale.
  • Every one of VNV Nation's live performances, and we wouldn't have it any other way. If you're curious just search for some live performances on YouTube and watch him play the crowd.
  • Journey's video for "Separate Ways". The song isn't too hammy. But Steve Perry does the most exaggerated expressions possible.
  • The music video for "Stay" by Shakespears Sister.
  • Two words: James. HETFIELD!
    • AH!
  • The music videos for Of Monsters and Men's second album Beneath the Skin consisted simply of one person per song singing along into the camera and disgorging emotion and humanity, each a different flavour.
  • Much metal has a tendency towards the hammy. For example, Judas Priest: "HE! IS! THE! PAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAINKILLLLLER! THIS! IS! THE! PAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAINKILLLLLER!"
  • Dio's vocal style popularized much of this in metal, with younger Power Metal bands taking it to its logical extreme (minus his sheer energy).
  • David Draiman: the only "acting" he's ever done in a video was a Big "NO!". His voice is the kind that can somehow make "WE BEGIN THE HUNT TONIGHT! FEEL THE POWER COURSE AS THE CREATURES TAKE FLIGHT!!" sound cool. He also loves to fill songs with Evil Laughter. If anyone else did this, it would be So Bad, It's Good. With him, he really can convince you that he's an indestructible master of war.
  • Christina Aguilera - all those riffs, runs and malismas. Your Mileage Will Vary if you like it or not!
  • After the video for The Ballad of Mona Lisa, Brendon Urie must've been picking scenery out of his teeth for weeks.
  • How has everyone forgotten Meat Loaf? NNNGHHYOOUBETTAHBELEEVEIT!!
  • The Crazy World of Arthur Brown. "I am the god of HELLFIRE!"
  • Jim Morrison slipped into this trope when he was parodying a fire-and-brimstone preacher at the beginning of the title song on The Doors' The Soft Parade. "YOU CANNOT PETITION THE LORD WITH PRAYER!"
  • Spamalot, being a musical with No Fourth Wall, comments about how this is common in Award Bait Songs:
    A sentimental song / That casts a magic spell / They all will hum along / We'll overact like hell / For this is the song that goes like this
  • Nightwish's vocalist, Floor Jansen, can and will come up with grandiose belting and screams from time to time, especially during live performances.

    Pro Wrestling 
  • Extremely common during the territorial era, especially the southern United States, which pretty much ran on emotional celebrations and Ham-to-Ham Combat. The most famous frequent offenders in the 80s were Dusty Rhodes and Ric Flair among wrestlers, Jim Cornette and Jimmy Hart among managers, the latter even being known as "The Mouth Of The South", sometimes taking on said moniker himself in third person with a megaphone to boot.
  • Dave Prazak is usually the Straight Man and stoic when it comes to commentary, but there have been moments where he completely cuts loose, mostly in IWA Mid-South and Full Impact Pro were he was a heel commentator.
    "No, he said You Are A WHOOOORE! And he speaks the truth!"
  • Ring of Honor
    • The most frequent offender was Homicide, until his stoic foil Bryan Danielson won the World Title Belt and proceeded to demand he be announced as "The Best Wrestler In The World".
    • Prince Nana has tends to do this while threatening to sick his Embassy on someone, often while back pedaling away or hiding behind something for added effect.
    • Jimmy Jacobs increasingly on the topic of Lacey(who is no slouch herself when the time's right), culminating with his But I Would Really Enjoy It filibuster at Good Times, Great Memories.
    • Whenever Larry Sweeney, Chris Hero and Tank Toland were together and given the floor they threatened to devour everything in sight, usually starting with Bobby Dempsey.
    • The Briscoes were supposed to be putting over the champions but Dem Boys will take the time to chew you out, even if they don't mention you by name, reDRagon and Michael Elgin!
    • Ever since he joined the House Of Truth, Jay Lethal seesawed between calm and relax and shouting lunatic.
    • At Supercard Of Honor X Colt Cabana returned to let out everything Adam Page decided to let out everything he felt about the promotion for the past half decade all at once. On night two, Adam Page followed suit, pulling up a chair for a long pent up rant against BJ Whitmer.
    • And The House Of Truth didn't forget about the women. In fact, Taeler Hendrix's rant on the Honor Is Fair Play mindset that permeates through the promotion might have drawn as much attention to the rebranded Women Of Honor division as any match.
  • Many of the above mentioned examples have worked for TNA, but it was Matt Hardy who gained a reputation for doing so particularly in the promotion, where he finally "broke" Seventeen minutes of insanity dubbed "The Final Deletion" got TNA some much needed attention for their Pop program.

    Tabletop Games 
  • Exalted, being a game designed to let players be over the top in all they do, allows your character to live this trope. There's even a mention of player characters getting a dying monologue, no matter how they die.
    • Dragon Blooded, almost literally, chew the scenery when they use a lot of 'mana', because their anima banners start doing damage to everything within a few yards. Accordingly, they tend to furnish their homes with sculpture and heavy stone furniture, so they don't have to buy a new couch every time someone gets pissed off.
    • In the source book for the Infernal Exalted, the Storytelling chapter has a section on how to use them as Card Carrying Villains (their original intent) entitled "This Scenery Looks Delicious." In fact, at one point in the book it's explained how the player of a 'Green Sun Prince' can even receive mechanical benefits from dramatic monologuing under the right circumstances.
  • Warhammer 40,000's Orks. Especially their leaders. And, to a varying extent, everyone else on the battlefield. (See Dawn of War for the canon voice acting.)

  • There is a popular theatre blog called "Chewing the Scenery" which often slates over the top or silly acting in British theatre.
  • The "Spartacus and the Gladiators" recitation in The Solid Gold Cadillac serves no purpose except to allow whoever is playing McKeever to overact ludicrously.
  • Herakles enters the scene in the midst of dying a Cruel and Unusual Death in The Women of Trachis. In itself such a situation may call for some scenery chewing, but since the character is Herakles in this case it's a prerequisite.
  • We Will Rock You: Pop/Buddy flat-out feasts on the scenery during any scene he's in, especially in the US version. Ditto for Khashoggi and the Killer Queen.
    "It's called a VI-DAY-OH TAH-PE!"
  • Starship is a World of Ham, more or less, but the greatest of all these Hams are probably Taz, played by Lauren Lopez, Up, played by Joe Walker, and Tootsie Noodles, played by Dylan Saunders. Not that Pincer (Saunders) is much better. Walker just cheerfully chews up the scenery with their aid, trying to see who can eat more of it. For what scenes he's in there, of course, Krayonder (played by Joe Moses, who is Snape in A Very Potter Musical), eats what he can, as does Jim Povolo (Sweetheart and The Overqueen).
  • In Peter And The Starcatcher, a play based on the book of the same name as a prequel, there is a line that hangs a lampshade on this trope as pirates Black Stache (pre-hook Hook and a very Large Ham to boot) and Smee flee the crocodile:
    Smee: He's chewing up the scenery!
    Black Stache: NOT IN MY SCENE HE'S NOT!

    Video Games 
  • Any scene featuring Nightmare in SoulCalibur.
  • Possibly in an incredibly strange homage to A Streetcar Named Desire, normally nonham Senel from Tales of Legendia screams "STELLAAAAAAAAAAA" at one point in the game in a very over the top manner.
  • Joneleth Irenicus, Big Bad of Baldur's Gate II, has less screentime than most Big Bads, but damn does he make up for it.
  • Devil May Cry: "I should have been the one to fill your dark soul with LIGHT!"
  • Sengoku Basara is the such a samurai World of Ham, it's a wonder there's any scenery left. There's Mouri's "I AM THE CHILD OF THE SUN, NOW COOOOOOME!!", and Nobunaga's "I AM THE DEVIL KING OF THE SIXTH HEAVEN!!! (plus he's played by Norio Wakamoto). But even the other voice actors have expressed respect and sympathy for Soichiro Hoshi who voices Hot-Blooded Yukimura who has No Indoor Voice and who really, really, really loves his "OYAKATA-SAMAAAAAAAAA!!!!!"
  • Halo: Despite being a giant tentacle corpse monster thing, the Gravemind eats everything it can find, including the scenery. And it often speaks in trochaic heptameter (which actually matters, given Bungie's self-acknowledged obsession with the number seven).
  • Ace Combat 6: "MAAAAATILDAAAAAAAAA!" That scene was then MSTed with hilarious results by Unskippable. Which was beautifully parodied even more with the plane crash in the opening of Haze, also by the Unskippable lads.
  • Kane from Command & Conquer. Every scene involving him has some of the most awesomely bombastic, larger-than-life acting one could ask for. Hell, in the intro to Kane's Wrath, his pre-battle speech comes complete with explosions, thunder, and earthquakes. Red Alert 3 goes for a World of Ham with Tim Curry as the Soviet Premier, George Takei is the Japanese Emperor and J.K. Simmons as the American President. The only denser concentration of ham is a purely theoretical double act with William Shatner and BRIAN BLESSED. Adding Ric Flair in the mission pack is the icing on this ham-cake. The funny thing is, he's actually fairly quiet and charismatic in a completely different way (with one memorable lapse) throughout the original game. Not that anybody's complaining either way.
  • Metal Gear Solid 4. The whole thing. Double points for any scene with Liquid Ocelot, who can blow things up by pointing at them dramatically. He Points. Bang. *Helicopters falls out of sky*; Pulls his other arm up as everyone is collapsing, and starts to make MACHINE GUN noises! " BANGBANGBANGBANG..."
    • Also right after the Metal Gear fight when the game does a modern version of the end of the first game with "Fox..." "...Die!" Liquid jumps up, says, "Not this time!" then giggles and dances around like a little girl before running away.
    • Then there's "SSSSSNNNNNNAAAAAAAAAAKKKKKEEEEEE!! from everyone. There are other overly acted out scenes but they never really yell.
    Behold! GUNS of the PATRIOTS!
    • By no means is this limited to the fourth installment:
    "What was she fighting for? What am I fighting for? WHAT ARE YOU FIGHTING FFOOOORR?!?"
    Colonel? I've got Emma Emerich here... We've managed to avoid DROWNING!
    Such a lust for revenge... WHOOOOOOOOO?!
  • Resident Evil is full of them.
    • Barry "Jill Sandwich" Burton from the original PlayStation version is a prime example.
      "It's Forrest! Oh my COD !"
      "Just - take - a - look - at - THIS!"
      "Run Jill! He's insane!"
    • The Raccoon City Police Chief: "But you're not leaving my town! Everyone's gonna DIE!".
    • Wesker (or "WESKERRRRR!!") has some of the most over-the-top villainous monologues ever.''
    • RE4 wasn't so bad and never had anything over-the-top, but RE5 has Chris overacting every scene. Wesker's gem monologues are good, and become awesome when he throws his glasses at Chris so he can punch him whilst he's distracted!
      "Seven minutes is all I can spare to play with you."
      "Uroboros will be released into the atmosphere, ensuring complete, GLOBAL, SATURATION".
  • Mega Man X:
  • Practically all of Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. Most known for this one. The dialogue was completely redone in the PSP port The Dracula X Chronicles (which also included Castlevania: Rondo of Blood), for better or for worse.
  • Sergeant Reznov from Call of Duty: World at War must have gotten really hungry after the events of the level "Vendetta", because starting with "Their Land, Their Blood", he can't stop yelling at his men to keep killing Germans wherever they find them. Commissar Markhov, however, manages to outeat even him, as his lack of volume control for his voice, coupled with the fact that half his lines are spoken from a megaphone, ensure that he can be heard all the way over in Berlin.
  • Tales of Vesperia has Zagi:
    "I will carve your NAME into my BLOOOOOOOD!"

    Visual Novels 
  • While the anime of Umineko: When They Cry didn't give the actors the occasion to chew much scenery, the PS3 remake of the sound novel does. Let the torture begin… Ushiromiya BWATORAAAA!!!

    Web Animation 
  • Red vs. Blue's Sarge can get like this at times

    Web Comics 
  • Sparks in Girl Genius are usually rather normal whenever they're not in The Madness Place — but when they are, this trope applies to damn near everything they do. Which counts as a deconstruction, since Mad Scientists chew the scenery due to being, well, mad — oscillating between psychotic breaks from reality and psychotic breakthroughs into reality.
    • ...which is why they also easily slip into loud mood swings. Or jump into loud mood swings. Childish flares of rage are all the rage among the Sparks, too.
    • That does explain Othar Tryggvassen, GENTLEMAN ADVENTURER! quite well.
    • The chapter where Agatha meets Gilgamesh Wulfenbach enter "The Madness Place" was named "Gil Chews the Scenery". After some rumours, this episode later was explicitly referenced as "chewing the furniture".
  • Goblins had a scene that the author actually changed because he thought it was too narmtastic. A mook is getting painfully transformed into a pile of snakes and screams, "I feel sick... Oh God, it hurts!
  • The Inexplicable Adventures of Bob!: Galatea lives and breathes this trope. "'Crazy? Me? You dare?! All the world is mad and only I am sane!" "We are a new race, more intelligent than man and obliged to supplant him! We... are the ubermensch!!!... Or is that ubermenschen... or uberfrauen... or..." "SO ENDS THE AGE OF MAN!" "Heed me, Butane! This is Captain Galatea Martin of the starship Lathe of Empires!... I promise you wise and just leadership... if you surrender... NOW!''
  • Awful Hospital: Doctor E.M. Balmer, the mortician, is probably the number one hammiest embalming machine that ever ham-balmed.
    Can your feeble head-stuffings even fathom the delectable horror of an entire perception zone simply rotting away to nothing? Devoured from within by insatiable vermin!? Oh, the very thought of it tickles my wires with such decadent revulsion! How excitingly abominable!

    Web Original 

    Western Animation 
  • Ren from The Ren & Stimpy Show in almost every episode. "What do you MEAN you don't agree with me?! DO YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE DEALING WITH??!!!!"
    • "Do you have to keep tapping like that?! You bloated sack of protoplasm!"
    • From the episode Stimpy's Fan Club':
      Ren: "I... I was nice today. Nice to those insipid little monkeys, answering their stupid letters. My hands... DIRTY! THE DIRT WON'T COME OFF! AAAAAAAHHHH! [Lying in bed] President... Ha! What a joke. President...President of WHAT?! [Enviously looking over at Stimpy] His fan club?! How they love him! Look at him, lying there asleep. [Creeps over to Stimpy's side]The idol of millions. He's a fool! Blind, silly little fool. How easily I could end the farce... with these hands! These DIRTY hands! AND WITH THESE HANDS I HOLD THE FATE OF MILLIONS!!! They think he's a god, but he's as mortal as we. I know! [Visually drawing a dotted line along Stimpy's neck]! And it's over. Just one... Just... AAAAH! It's happening again! MY BRAIN! MY HOT... STINGING... BRAIN!!!! WHAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!! WHAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!! WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!"
    • For the LAST TIME! I! WANT YOU! TO BE! QUIET!!!!!
    • "It is not I who am crazy. It is I who am mad!"
    • "I told ya I'd shoot! But you didn't believe me! WHY DIDN'T YOU BELIEVE ME?!"
    • "Oh no! I know what you want! YOU COVETETH MY ICE CREAM BAR!"
  • Sweet holy mother of Glob, Justin Roiland's gorgeous performance as Lemongrab in Adventure Time. He didn't chew the scenery- he completely DEVOURED IT! And he came back a year later later to reprise the role, HUNGRY FOR MORE SCENERY TO RAVENOUSLY FEAST UPON!
    Lemongrab: This castle Is... In... UNACCEPTABLE CONDITION! UNACCEPTABUUUL!!!
    • In the words of Tom Herpich (one of the two writers of Lemongrab's episodes) on Justin's performance as Lemongrab: "He crushed it perfectly."
    • There are some scenery-chewing moments with Jeremy Shada as Finn:
    Ice King: I have powers, TOO, you BUTTS!
  • Invader Zim: HE IS ZIM!!!
    • Any character voiced by Richard Steven Horvitz will chew the scenery given half a chance.
    "But, invader's blood marches through my veins, like giant RADIOACTIVE RUBBER PANTS! THE PANTS COMMAND ME! DO NOT IGNORE MY VEINS!"
  • The vampire Joker is like this constantly in The Batman vs. Dracula, constantly screaming and moaning and even once said the titular line, right before eating a cockroach.
  • Mark Hamill's Fire Lord Ozai in Avatar: The Last Airbender, particularly in the series finale War Room meeting. In fact, any of Hamill's villains could fit on this page, especially the Joker in Batman: The Animated Series Joker and Hobgoblin in Spider-Man: The Animated Series.
  • Professor Dementor in Kim Possible was created with this trope in mind.
  • X-Men:
    • Henry Gyrich was always a little unhinged, but his appearance in the last episode shot him straight into scenery-chewing territory. Acoustic feedback from his microphone fails to slow him down. By the end of the scene, for the character's swan song, Barry Flatman shifts gears from merely chewing the scenery to practically devouring it.
    • Storm was wondering if you could MEET HER AT THE MONORAIL!
  • Metalocalypse:
  • Calculon of Futurama and his UNHOLY ACTING TALENT:
  • Decepticons in Transformers Animated are prone to scenery-chewing:
    • Lugnut. Especially with anything in regard to his GLORIOUS leader.
  • The Boondocks: FUCK YOUR COURT, NYUKKA!
    "Bitch ass, punk ass, faggot ass, pussy ass, BITCH ASS NIGGA!"
    "NIGGA! You better have insurance! Ass-whooping insurance! And you're about to pay a DEDUCTIBLE!"
    "Who in the hell parked in my spot! That's like calling 1-800-COLLECT-AN-ASS-WHOOPIN', but NO, that ain't no toll-free call!"
    • Gin Rummy is a frequent culprit as well. Being voiced by Samuel L. Jackson probably makes it more severe
    "I'd be dead on his ass like Spenser For fuckin' Hire. I'll hunt him down and feed him his own testicles. And I'll do it in a jiffy. And I don't care if his mama there, his grandmama, innocent bystanders, little kids, baby-sitters, bill collectors. Whatever! I'll leave his whole block filled with hot brass if I have to. And you know why? BECAUSE I JUST DON'T GIVE A FUCK!
  • My ability of chewing the scenery must be the work of...FAIRY GOD PARENTS!
  • The Spectacular Spider-Man:
  • Teen Titans
  • Tom and Jerry: The Movie: "We've GOT to have......MONAY!!!"
  • He is the Terror that Flaps in the Night. He is the Caped Crusader who chomps chewy chunks from the scenery as he counters cheesy chumps. He is ... Darkwing Duck! Every single character on the show has moments of this. One especially cheesy episode lampshades this trope by showcasing a giant space slug which chews up the set in the background. Darkwing (of course) thinks it's ridiculous.
  • South Park: Some of the characters Trey plays can leave a hole in the scenery.
    • Cartman lives and breathes this:
    Cartman: I... AM... GOD!!!
    • Randy. Constantly. In later episodes.
    • Unusually, Mr. Mackey in "Royal Pudding".
    Mr. Mackey: (to Kyle, taking over Ike's role as Tooth Decay) You call rolling your fat ass out on the stage and lazily blurting out your lines like a turtle takin' a shit, YOU CALL THAT TRYIN'?!
  • Beast Wars. Three words. FOR THE ROYALTY!!!
  • Aku from Samurai Jack: "Samurai, samurai. Why. Won't. You. DIIIIIEEEE?!"
  • The Venture Bros. Seriously, is there a single character who isn't Hammy to the extreme?
  • Benson from Regular Show, big time, but only when provoked.
  • Binky the Clown from Garfield and Friends spends the whole time screaming, to the point where there were shorts called "SCREAMING WITH BINKY". The cartoon played this for laughs quite often; at one point he was temporarily given a job as a newscaster, where he kept his signature mannerisms.
    • "HEY!!! I WANT MY PANTS BACK!!!!"
      Garfield: "After being unable to find work, Binky eventually did what so many other clowns end up doing - he went into politics."
  • Robotnik from Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog often overdoes his lines, like here.
    Robotnik: Why is my precious rocket ship drifting off into deep space?! Why am I reaching you at the coordinates of the abandoned space station?! WHY?! WHY?! WHHYYY?!
  • Hank Hill from King of the Hill:
  • My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic:
    • Rarity. Oh so very much. In "Inspiration Manifestation", You can almost imagine Tabitha St. Germain desperately trying to hold back the maniacal laughter in her rant at the end, especially with the omnious bells chiming in the background.
    Rarity: ...until there isn't an inch of Equestria that hasn't been utterly transformed by my! creative! GENIUS!
  • Danny Phantom "Say my name! SAY MY NAAAAAAME!"
  • In Thunder Cats 2011, Will Friedle is clearly getting very into it whenever his Lion-O recites the famous, "Thunder! Thunder! Thundercats! HO!" Battle Cry. In fact, it sounds like he's trying to roar the line more often than not.
  • The Simpsons
    • Sideshow Mel is all over this trope. Every. Single. Line.
    • In the episode "Behind the Laughter" during the period where the family split up to pursue solo careers Homer mentions having a short lived stage career where he literally chewed the scenery (as in he ate part of the set).
  • Zoe from Littlest Pet Shop not only chews the scenery, she sets it on fire.
  • Dill from Stickin' Around...actually, scratch that, because saying that he's chewing the scenery would be the understatement of the CENTURY.
  • In the Sonic Boom episode "The Meteor", Sonic and Eggman end up swapping bodies. The real kicker? They keep their original voices. When Sonic speaks with Eggman's ham and inflections, he pulls out all the stops.
  • Steven Universe
    • Peridot has two sides to her personality: the cold and overly rational Deadpan Snarker side and the hammy side.
    "Freedom is MINEEEEEEEEE!!!!"
    • Pearl also has some moments of this.
    • Ronaldo's full character consists of pure ham. He's a bad case of No Indoor Voice
  • Both Tim Curry and Tress MacNeille in Scooby-Doo! and the Witch's Ghost as Ben and Sara Ravencroft:
    Ben: You should SERVE ME!!!!!
    Sara: I SERVE NO ONE!!!!!!!!!
    Ben: But I have THE BOOK!!!!! And I will return you back INTO THE BOOK!!!!
    • God, almost anything that comes out of Sara's mouth:
    Sara: FOOLS!!!!!! I SHALL DESTROY THEE!!!!!!!
    Sara: I WON'T GO BACK ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!

    Real Life 
  • Most politicians have shades of this, especially more than a century ago. You can guess why, in a world without microphones, booming voices and exaggerated mannerisms might be advantages when giving a speech.
    • The politicians in the ancient Greek and Roman democracies may have been even more extreme. Unfortunately, for the most part, all we have are the texts of their speeches. There are some descriptions of speeches, however. In particular, we know that Late Republican Rome (around the 1st and 2nd centuries BCE), the most popular speechmaking style, especially in the courts, was the "Asiatic," which called for long speeches with florid language and hand gestures, overemphasized speech, and Manly Tears; when Cicero appeared with his Simple Country Lawyer act, which used a clear style of oratory that got straight to the point, the audience was impressed with the freshness of it. (In Rome, watching trials was a major form of entertainment, and there was no shortage of them—you think modern Americans are litigious? They have nothing on the Romans.)
  • Although the movie Mommie Dearest seems to have Joan Crawford thoroughly digesting the scenery, according to her daughter, Christina Crawford, the performance was understated.
  • Adolf Hitler tended to do this every time he spoke in public. The movies (like the Downfall example above) aren't really that far from the truth this time. Most other dictators have a tendency to indulge in the same style.
    • It was Hitler's ranting in the Downfall movie, coupled with the subtitles and the German, that inspired the Hitler parodies that are popular on the internet.
    • Hitler was reputed to do this a bit more literally in less-public venues. William Shirer mentions at one point in Berlin Diary that in some circles, he was referred to as Der Teppich-Fresser (the carpet eater), because it was rumored that when he was agitated, he would throw himself to the floor and start chewing the edges of the rugs.
  • Somehow, against all logic, BRIAN BLESSED has managed to accomplish this in real life. Observe his performance as guest host of Have I Got News for You, with lines such as "PETROL! WE'RE RUNNING OUT!" and, referring to the beleaguered Prime Minister Brown, '"GORDON'S ALIVE!"
  • Transylvanian stage actor Gyorgy Kárp, who, among other roles, played Juror#3, is often seen turning red and yelling so loud, it makes you wonder how come he didn't spit out his own lungs.
  • Fidel Castro. He used to deliver speeches taking 3 or 4 hours, even in front of the United Nations. They weren't quite amused... He was once asked an inane question at a party and spoke for FOUR HOURS without stopping. Dear god man...
  • Nikita Khrushchev's infamous "We will BURY you!" speech, as well as a separate incident at the UN where he took off his shoe and started banging it against the table. Though, contrary to public belief, he wasn't saying he would bury the US. The speech Khrushchev was giving was not threatening to destroy the US, but that communism would outlast capitalism, so the USSR would see the old ways die. As in "you will dig your own grave and we'll be the ones to attend your funeral", not cause it.

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