Wrestling: Matt Hardy

Matthew Moore Hardy is a professional wrestler that is a former champion of The Carolinia Wrestling Federation, Maryland Championship Wrestling, New England Wrestling Alliance, Pro Wrestling Syndicate, New Frontier Wrestling Association and Wrestle Cradle. He's shown up from time to time in Ring of Honor and wrestled for members of the NWA too.

However, Matt Hardy is best known for his time in WWE, where he began as part of the Hardy Boyz tag team with his Real Life brother Jeff. He also joined Jeff in TNA for the better part of 2011. He is a former WWE European Heavyweight Champion, a former WWE United States Heavyweight Champion, WWE Hardcore Champion, a former 6x WWE World Tag Team Champion with Jeff, a former WWE Smackdown Tag Team Champion with MVP, a former WCW World Tag Team Championnote  with Jeff and a former WWE ECW Heavyweight Champion.

After spending several years as a jobber in the WWF, taking part in matches against Hunter Hearst Helmsley and The Ringmaster, Matt finally rose to prominence after forming a tag team with Jeff, known as the Hardy Boyz. They had a variety of managers in their early years, including Michael Hayes, Terri Runnels, and Gangrel (during which they were known as The New Brood and started their long-standing feud with Edge and Christian. They gained most success when managed by Matt's real life girlfriend Lita, as the trio Team Xtreme.

Although both were known for a high-flying style of wrestling, Matt was always known as the more calculated and restrained of the two, known more for his "Twist of Fate" finisher than for his dives.

Over the years, Matt and Jeff would split, feud against each other, or feud against other people.

"I can trope a tornado":

  • A God Am I: When Bully Ray declared Team 3D to be gods of tag team wrestling, in comparison to the American Wolves, who claimed were not on their level, Matt said the the Hardys were also gods of tag team wrestling, and that Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards were merely "good".
  • Alter Ego Acting: "Matt Hardy Brand" and "THE MATTHEW BRAND"
  • Always Second Best: Something of an Unfortunate Truth in Television. Jeff ultimately ended up being the Most Over Hardy in the long run, getting main even pushes while Matt wallowed in the mid/lower card. Even with Jeff's demons concerning drugs, both TNA and WWE saw more stock in him than Matt. Several of Matt's feuds with Jeff involved this trope, making one wonder if Matt actually does have a chip on his shoulder.
  • Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better: His tag team partner MVP believed Matt Hardy would be inferior to him in everything they did. Most specifically that he was the better man in the tag team and that Matt Hardy would never be good enough to beat MVP for the United States Championship but would also challenge him to various tasks to prove he really could beat Matt at everything. Matt Hardy would eventually beat MVP for the US title and send him into a long losing streak.
  • Arch-Enemy
    • Edge, for many reasons, both Kayfabe and Real Life, well, not as much in recent years. He wished Edge well after his retirement, stating that they have both started and ended as friends.
    • A better example would be Matt's brother, Jeff. When they aren't tagging together nor on different shows, they've more often than not been feuding with each other. Note that in almost all their feuds, Matt's has been the heel with an obvious case of Green-Eyed Monster.
  • The Artifact: Even though Matt no longer uses the "Version 1" gimmick, he and his fans still flash the "V1" hand signal as shown.
  • Ascended Extra: Matt and Jeff spent years as TV jobbers for WWE, and they were used to open the doors for the wrestlers at King of the Ring 95.
  • Attention Whore: The entire thing of what seemed to be his life spiraling down and him planning to commit suicide. After tons of cryptic messages that gave the outright impression he was going to commit suicide. End result of it was him doing a work and just doing it to "test his fans" and advertise his "rebirth". The fake suicide note caused a genuine panic, with many people actually calling the area police department and getting them to check on him. There was a massive backlash when it was revealed to be fake. In addition to angering fans, this stunt also upset his friends and his sister-in-law.
  • Author Avatar: As "High Voltage" in his own wrestling promotion. He later changed his name to Surge when he discovered a WCW tag team with the same name until Chris Kanyon informed him WCW had actually stolen the High Voltage name from him and was showing Matt Hardy's tryout videos in their training facility, the power plant.
  • Battle Couple: With Reby Sky in Vendetta Pro
  • Berserk Button: Don't you dare give him purple grapes; MATTHEW only eats green grapes.
  • Blatant Lies: In his TNA debut, claimed not to be like his brother (who was in the midst of his heel run as Immortal's Dark Messiah World Champion), before smacking RVD in the face.
  • Blood Upgrade: As version 1.0, Matt Hardy would get more aggressive if he found himself bleeding.
  • Breakup Breakout
    • At first, Matt was the Michaels during his Matt Hardy V1 gimmick, during Jeff's first run in TNA. Then the whole Matt/Lita/Edge love-triangle happened, Jeff re-signed with the WWE and became world champion, and Matt became the Jannety whilst still remaining successful. However, after Jeff left the WWE, Matt squandered in the lower card before they both wound up in TNA, where Jeff became the centerpiece of Immortal whilst Matt became a background player in the same stable.
    • At least until Jeff's drug problems got to the point where TNA decided he couldn't work and sent him home. Now Matt's suddenly become one of the main wrestlers of the group... until Matt got put on suspension for chronic lateness and then fired after a DWI, while Jeff was given a second chance and redeemed himself.
  • Cain and Abel: With Jeff when feuding against each other.
  • Card-Carrying Villain: Became the leader of S.C.U.M.(Suffering Chaos Ugliness Mayhem) when Jimmy Jacobs and Steve Corino grew tired of Kevin Steen and promoted Hardy in Steen's place.
  • Cavalry Betrayal
    • A shocking one to long time viewers of WWE at the 2009 Royal Rumble when Matt turned on Jeff Hardy for Edge. This is a case where more casual viewers may have seen it coming but many long term ones were shocked to see Matt aid Edge in favor of anyone.
    • Team Big League boasted that they had acquired Matt Hardy's services in the International Wrestling Cartel only for Hardy to correct that he had come to fight John McChesney.
  • Cloudcuckoolander: He has two YouTube channels, one for "Matt Hardy", in which he acts weird, but is a typical vlog-style channel, and one for "MATTHEW" ("ALL CAPS!") where he speaks vague pseudo-philosophy, burns money, shows off his weapon collection, drinks beer, and eats grapes. Lots of grapes.
  • Couch Gag: His Mattitude titantron had a different Matt Hardy fact every time he entered the arena.
  • Crossover: The International Wrestling Cartel boasts that his match with AJ Styles at No Excuses 2005 was one of the few legitimate WWE vs TNA inter promotional matches.
  • The Cracker: Albeit, a baby face one. He hijacked the Vendetta Pro Taktron to challenge Billy Blade.
  • Determinator: Worked for two years with a torn bicep before it got too bad and he had to get surgery. This was the basis behind the commentators saying "Matt Hardy will never say die".
  • Distressed Dude: He and Lita traded this role while they feuded with Kane, who wanted to get rid of Matt so he could have Lita to himself.
  • Finishing Move: Twist of Fate/Hate in WWE/TNA, Ice Pick in TNA. Early on in WWF he also had a nice 450 splash. For a while the, the Mattitude diving legdrop on Smackdown.
  • Good Is Not Nice: He claims he and Jeff did not intentionally mess up Joey Mercury's face while wrestling in a ladder match for Paul London and Brian Kendrick's tag team championships but was also completely unapologetic about it, citing his own injuries, and mocked Joey's attempts to get revenge on him.
  • Heel-Face Revolving Door: He pulled off his heel turns better than Jeff.
  • Incoming Ham: As Version 1 - It started with a web search for Matt Hardy, which then "loaded" the titantron before Matt made his way to the ring, with the screen formated to resemble the then-current look of Windows Media Player, whilst "Matt Facts" appeared on the left of the screen (Usually, these were useless bits of trivia). The "OHHH YEAH!" which started off his theme music qualifies as well.
  • It's Personal: Billy Blade attacking Reby Sky, and just to make it clear why he was doing so, making his final shot the twist of fate. Matt Hardy in turn shaved Billy Blade bald.
  • Kick the Dog: He constantly berated and beat on his "disciple in Mattitude", Shannon Moore, for ever slight and perceived failure.
    • Pet the Dog Shannon eventually got to take out his frustrations against Matt when they were put in a match against each other but he ended up losing anyway, and expected more of the same after the match was over. Instead, Matt applauded him for his effort.
  • Large Ham: As Matt Hardy Version 1.
  • Man Scorned: Infamously during 2005.
  • Power Stable:
    • (in WWE): The New Brood, with Jeff and Gangrel
    • (in TNA): Immortal
    • (in Ring of Honor): SCUM
  • Power Trio: Team Xtreme with Jeff and Lita, who at times bordered on the above trope, since Trish sometimes served as an unofficial fourth member. Latter his little Mattitude movement became one when he added Crash Holly alongside Shannon Moore.
  • Really Gets Around: Amid such insulting chants such as accusations that Matt was fat, Steve Corino yelled over the ROHbots at Super Card Of Honor that Matt Hardy had slept with more divas than their hero, CM Punk. Predictably, this did little to shift their negative opinion of Matt.
  • Red Oni, Blue Oni: Matt is the Blue Oni to Jeff's Red.
  • Red Baron: "Cold Blooded", "The Sensei of Mattitude"
  • Roaring Rampage of Revenge: After Jeff left the WWE, he indirectly asked Matt to take revenge on CM Punk for getting him kicked out by telling the fans not to cry about his departure, for there was still a Hardy on this show. Matt was ultimately unsuccessful in his efforts against CM Punk but it was not for lack of trying.
  • Screw the Money, I have Grapes: In one MATTHEW video, he claims the million dollars or so he has earned in the past decade is worthless, save to buy grapes.
  • Sibling Team: Guess who...
  • Signature Move: The Side Effect(not to be confused with the D'Lo Brown move of the same name), Matt's is usually a clothesline counter into a jumping take down while D'Lo's is a slam.
  • Small Name, Big Ego:
    • As Version 1.
    • Claimed on Twitter that it was because of him that TNA saw an increase in their ratings following his debut in the company. Apparently, he thinks he's a bigger draw than Kurt Angle, who returned at the same time Matt made his debut.
  • Spell My URL With a The: Originally named his official site http://www.thematthardy.com, later changed to http://www.thematthardyshow.com, leading to other wrestlers taking the same approach for their sites.
  • Start My Own: He and Jeff started the Backyard Trampoline Wrestling Federation but the TWF did not last too long. Later would come the more legit Omega Wrestling, which Matt would revive after leaving TNA.
  • Take That, Us: At the Eleventh Ring Of Honor Anniversary show it was announced Matt Hardy would be facing Adam Cole for the television title at the next taping. Cue Matt Hardy coming out and announcing the match was just made as an after thought. Sure enough, Adam Cole lost the title in the next match so Hardy got no title shot.
  • Those Two Bad Guys: He and Mike Bennett, working together for Adam Cole while he was Ring Of Honor World Champion. They crossover into Terrible Trio if you include Mike Bennett's valet, Maria Kanellis and right into Four Is Death with Adam Cole himself.
  • Tournament Arc: He and Jeff won the Terri Invitational in WWE and the November 2014 number 1 contender's tournament for a shot at The American Wolves in TNA.
  • Trademark Favorite Food: Grapes.
  • Worked Shoot/Real Life Writes the Plot
    • The whole Lita/Edge affair. Long story short, Lita and Edge were having an affair and Matt was fired after talking about it. Eventually he was re-hired, and the whole scandal was made into a storyline, albeit they made it look like a shoot.
    • More real life writing the plot and less worked shoot, but Matt Hardy's increased gut following his burst appendix also made his ice pick submission look more painful.
    • The "MATTHEW" videos were a work to get himself fired from WWE, as he had wanted a release for a while, but some people took them seriously including Spoony.
  • Would Hit a Girl: When Matt Hardy came to from Smackdown to Raw (they were separate brands at the time), it was predicted that he would pickup where he left off with Lita, seemingly to propose to her. But since Matt was still a heel and Lita was a face, it was decided to be more interesting if Matt turned on her for no reason and spent a lot of time beating her up, including slamming a cage door on her. He managed to earn Chris Jericho's disgust, who was feuding with Lita and Trish Stratus at the time, even wrestling them but not going further than pinning combinations playful spankings at that point. After Trish joined Christian though, Matt would eventually reform from his Lita beating ways and the two would make up.
  • Xtreme Kool Letterz: Boyz
  • You Are Fat: These taunts became especially hilarious in Ring Of Honor after Matt Hardy became the leader of S.C.U.M. The previous leader, Kevin Steen, was much fatter than Matt.