YMMV / Matt Hardy

  • Angst Dissonance: Get your awesome and incredibly popular Version 1 gimmick wrecked because WWE creative thinks the fans are responding too positively to it? Watch one of your best friends steal your girlfriend and get fired for complaining about it? Get rehired only to be stuck on jobber-to-the-stars duty for a year? Get stuck on jobber-to-the-stars duty for another year because you do something that gets The Undertaker angry? Watch said former best friend become a huge superstar specifically because he went behind your back and stole your girlfriend while you're losing matches? Get fired because you gained weight because of an illness? Wrestle another two years with another injury before getting the needed surgery? Watch you brother's drug related transgressions get forgiven repeatedly by WWE and TNA? "LoL, Fatt Hardy needs to man up and lose some weight." He may be enjoying rubbing his Iconic heel gimmick on Twitter a little too much nowadays, but it's not without reason.
  • Broken Base: His TNA World Heavyweight Championship heel run in 2016. Is it a fitting redemption for a man who's recovered from the mess he'd made of his life over the years, an ideal foil to the rise of EC3 as "wrestling's greatest hero", and a refreshing heel turn that for once doesn't involve Jeff in its motives? Or is it another case of an over-the-hill WWE-established guy being pushed as the top star above more capable homegrown talent?
  • Crowning Moment of Funny: After a pizza-eating contest with MVP, he ate two slices while MVP ate none. Cue Matt blowing chunks all over him while he complains.
  • Epic Fail: Advertise your "rebirth" in professional wrestling by…faking suicide? Instead of building up hype for his comeback, Matt managed to blackball himself from both WWE and TNA, and lose the support of the few fans who hadn't jumped on the Edge bandwagon.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: As version 1.0, Matt Hardy would make weight to be around the expected size depending on whether he was challegning for the cruiser weight championship or WWE championship.
  • Hollywood Pudgy
    • Matt is quite possibly the best-known male example. He's constantly made fun of for his weight gain (especially with Scott Steiner quotes). Even dropping the weight hasn't stopped the criticism.
    • In one vlog he explains that his weight gain was due to digestive problems, and has gone on many diets to drop the weight. The diets all included grapes.
    • To be fair, one vlog showed Matt working out fairly hard (one might consider it a little too hard), and stating he would be on a diet guaranteed to help him in weight loss, and then showed up in TNA just as pudgy as before, if not worse. It's not hard to see why Matt is picked on for this after that.
  • Memetic Mutation:
    "HE'S FAT!!!"
  • Never Live It Down
    • When it was discovered that his girlfriend Lita was cheating on him with friend and frequent on-screen foe Edge, Matt had something of a meltdown and got fired by talking about the affair publicly. Since then, Matt's been stuck with the stigma as the guy who Lita cheated on and never got over it. More recently, he hasn't been able to live down being the guy WWE released for being fat.
    • Some of the language he used during the storyline with Edge and Lita was inappropriate for a sympathetic babyface. Primarily, in his return promo after having been fired, he wished death upon them via a car wreck and completely lost the crowd.
    • The fake suicide note. That incident made Jeff Hardy the more responsible Hardy brother, and that was the same year as Jeff's infamous Victory Road disaster.
  • Older Than They Think: Matt was actually the first WWE Superstar to start a Web Original series, pre-dating Zack Ryder's Z! True Long Island Story by 6 years, and The Miz & John Morrison's The Dirt Sheet by 3 years.
  • Smurfette Breakout: Even his ex-girlfriend Lita is remembered better and far more fondly than he is. Lita's well known for her relationship with Edge (the guy she cheated on Matt with), which would give Edge the biggest push of his career, propelling him into superstardom. The whole Love Triangle thing being the one stain of her career, enough time had passed for her to even be considered and eventually immortalized in the WWE Hall of Fame in 2014, one year after her kayfabe arch-rival and real life best friend Trish Stratus. Matt's unlikely to ever get such an accolade, due to his personal problems and blackballing from the company.
  • The Scrappy: While his brother is a Base Breaker due to his drug problems, Matt has been the Universal whipping boy of the IWC ever since the Edge/Lita controversy. The fake suicide publicity stunt did him no favors.
    • Rescued from the Scrappy Heap
      • Has set about putting his life back together since his suicide stunt, and is now doing fairly well for himself on the indies. The IWC has been warming up to him, if slowly.
      • He was welcomed back by the TNA crowds, this being his return after fans were calling for him to be fired and he was booed out of the same buildings earlier that very year with ROH.
      • Smarks consider his heel run as TNA champion to be some of the best work he's ever done.
  • X-Pac Heat
    • Even though they claimed to have wanted him when his brother was in Ring Of Honor, the ROH bots treated Matt Hardy pretty roughly. However, when they saw Matt was going to keep all his ROH dates despite being rehired by WWE, they started to take a liking to him. Jeff Hardy remained a punchline at Ring Of Honor live events though.
    • Matt Hardy was met with X-Pac Heat anew when he returned to Ring Of Honor and had to prove himself worthy, again.