Awesome / Matt Hardy

  • On the 8/29/05 episode of Raw during Hardy and Edge's street fight, Matt Hardy does the Side Effect on Edge, off of the stage and onto electronics, which promptly explode.
  • Winning against Edge at Unforgiven 2005 in a Steel Cage match. Culminating in him giving Lita a Twist of Fate and delivering a twenty foot leg drop off the top of the Cage onto Edge to win the match. Unfornuately that would be the only taste of success and revenge he got against them.
  • The BROKEN Matt Hardy gimmick was a bizarre and risky gamble, but seems to have paid off, as Matt's 2016 run is getting by far the most positive buzz TNA has seen in years.
    • An added bonus has to go to Matt for staying in character (though, don't tell him that) in all his press interviews. In an era where kayfabe is all but dead and buried, he's proudly flying his BROKEN flag.
    • Another added bonus is the fact that it highlights Matt Hardy's (broken) brilliance as a wrestler. "Broken" Matt Hardy is an utterly ridiculous concept that wouldn't be out of place with a Tim and Eric sketch...but somehow, amazingly, it WORKS. As Bryan Alvarez of Wrestling Observer Radio put it: "He got his gardener over! WWE can't get a main event over and he got his gardener over!"
  • He appears in the awesome in and of itself wrestling themed music video for "Fall To Pieces" by Junior (a band which includes fellow TNA wrestler Mark Andrews) in his "Broken" persona, playing the venue's promoter. His short cameo involves him telling Mark the password the band needs to enter the venue. The password? OBSOLETE!
    Broken Matt Hardy: BROTHER JUNIOR!! I knew you'd call!
  • While his and Jeff's return to WWE and winning the Raw Tag titles certainly applies, it's even more awesome when you consider that they competed in two ladder matches in as many nights, dropping their Ring of Honor titles to the Young Bucks the previous night.
    • Matt managed to lead the 70,000+ audience of WrestleMania 33 in a "DELETE! DELETE! DELETE!" chant. Despite not yet being certain if he can bring the "Broken" gimmick to WWE (as of this posting it is being Screwed by the Lawyers, with Impact Wrestling trying to assert legal domain over it after Matt's use of it during his ROH appearance), Matt Hardy has never been this over in front of a WWE audience in his whole career.