Awesome / Jeff Hardy
Poetry In Motion
  • The entirety of Jeff's Undisputed Championship ladder match with Undertaker in July 2002. It was an obvious mismatch, but Jeff used his ladder match mastery over Taker (who was entering his first) for all it was worth, coming within INCHES of claiming the belt for himself. Special mentions go to two major moments in the match:
    • Jim Ross' iconic call of "CLIMB THE LADDER, KID! MAKE YOURSELF FAMOUS!!"
    • Jeff's post-match Determinator moment where he gets up after taking a Chokeslam off the top of a ladder, only to receive a Last Ride from Undertaker. Then Jeff gets up from that and screams into the mic in a broken voice, "You haven't broken me, Taker!" Undertaker responded to that... by patting Hardy on the head and deeming him 'one tough son-of-a-bitch'.
  • 5 words: SWANTON. OFF. THE RAW. TITANTRON. (Even if he missed.)
  • Armageddon 2008: Jeff wins in a Triple Threat match with Triple H and Edge to capture the WWE title that's eluded him for years.
    • In a moment of Laser Guided Karma, he pinned Edge to do it, which probably made the moment a bit better for Matt.
  • In 2008, Jeff interrupted one of the Undertaker's creepy coffin based promos, topped it with his terrifying corpse painted visage, challenged Taker to an Extreme Rules match, and WON said match (even if the Big Show did help a bit). Damn.
  • More awesome for the person doing it, Edge, but receiving a Spear 20-plus feet in the air at Wrestlemania X-7,one of the most iconic moments in an already iconic Wrestlemania.
  • In 2011, climbing back up from total rock bottom, getting clean, growing up and starting a family. A lot of addicts won't even admit they have a problem, but Jeff solved his the first time he actually tried.