Funny / Matt Hardy

  • Three Words: BROKEN Matt Hardy. Seriously, he could do his own television series (which in a way, he has) with everything that he's done. This includes:
    • Delete or DECAY: revealing that he has his own personal zoo filled with the "greatest souls of existence", showcasing George Washington in the body of a giraffe, then having Brother Nero fight off Smokin' Joe Frazer in the body of a kangaroo, mentions how he's a Spot Monkey whisperer and names a selection of monkeys based off of X Division wrestlers and talks to a lion that hosts the soul of Genghis Khan. And that's just before the fight happens.
      • Post Delete or DECAY he finds Vanguard-1 offline and absolutely goes over the top on Vanguard-1 being unconscious, going as far as to scream, "Don't you do this to me!" before really hamming it up.
    • Trick or DELETE: Handing out green beans to kids dressed in costumes. And when he confronts one dressed as a box of donuts:
    BROKEN Matt: Remember children, no one likes a Fat Hardy.
    • During a backstage fight between DCC, he commands a forklift operator to charge after one of the members. When the operator refuses, Matt bites him.
  • And then as a result of that forklift fight, Matt gets amnesia. Hilarity Ensues (as if there hasn't been enough of it to begin with):
    • Jeff finds his brother being an engineer, dressed in a white sweater all while Senor Benjamin is lounging around. When he attempts to recreate the whole "Brother Nero, I knew you'd come!" schtick, Matt is honestly confused as to what's going on.
    • Then Senor Benjamin, Queen Rebecca and Jeff try to sing the "Obsolete" lines Jeff sings three times. Matt's (once again) honestly confused.
    • And when Jeff tries to dunk Matt into the Lake of Reincarnation, Matt absolutely refuses by stating he could catch a cold or get sick. And when Jeff gets annoyed and decides to go fight DCC by himself, Matt states that the feelings are hard to describe...and his faithful scribe appears out of the blue, ready to take notes.
  • Sometime after the initial amnesia episode, Matt is seen deleting emails and eating candy. After Queen Rebecca states that they wouldn't have that candy if Matt didn't hand out green beans during Halloween, Matt questions what kind of lunatic would do so. And when she leaves, he decides to unsuscribe for an email in regards to a rock band known as The Young Bucks...and the scribe appears again.
    • When Queen Rebecca shows Matt scenes from "The Final Deletion", Matt's comments are:
      • (seeing Vanguard-1 projecting him) "How did you get my head in there?"
      • (Running a lawn mower over Jeff's tribal lawn) "How can I be so cruel?"
      • (Setting the Jeff Hardy Cross on fire at the end of the matcn) "I'm committing arson! I'm a TERRIBLE PERSON!"