Awesome / Bret Hart

  • His Iron Man match with Shawn Michaels at WrestleMania 12 is one of the great "they said it couldn't be done" matches in wrestling history, from the sheer length of the match, to the fact that it's the culmination of their fight to prove that smaller guys can be main-eventers.
  • Bret's match with Chris Benoit in tribute to Owen Hart in 1999, also a Heartwarming Moment.
  • Bret Hart + SummerSlam = guaranteed awesome:
  • The aforementioned WrestleMania X opener with Owen stood out as an outstanding matchup despite being on the same card as the famous ladder match between Razor Ramon and Shawn Michaels.
  • His Wrestlemania VIII match with Roddy Piper, both as a passing-the-torch moment and one of the best face vs face stories ever told. Also for Bret's brilliant pinning combination.
  • Bret shows up on WWE television on January 4th, 2010, for the first time in 12 years, to a hero's welcome. He promptly buries the hatchet with Shawn Michaels in one of the most fondly remembered segments in Raw history.
  • The reveal of his Batman Gambit against Vince McMahon on the 3/15/10 edition of Raw (baiting him into a no-DQ match before revealing he'd faked his injury), especially because of the coolly triumphant look on Bret's face after Vince realized he had been outsmarted.
  • And of course, his WrestleMania 13 match with "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, the match that ended with the iconic image of blood pouring down Austin's face as he refuses to tap to the Sharpshooter. It served as a Face/Heel Double-Turn for Bret to heel and Austin as the white-hot face, and arguably kickstarted WWE's Attitude Era.
    • If you get the chance, watch that match again with Stone Cold's commentary over the top. About 10% of the match is Austin talking about what he did, the other 90% is him gushing about how brilliant Bret was at everything he did. In particular, he's grateful for Bret insisting on blading him, as Bret (correctly) surmised that the blood running down Austin's face during the ending would make for one of the most iconic images in wrestling history and do Austin's career no end of good (he was extra-grateful because blading was banned in the WWF at the time and if the match had bombed then Bret would possibly even have been risking his career if he'd been caught).
  • His King of the Ring tournament win in 1993: Bret defeated three top-notch opponents (Razor Ramon, Mr. Perfect, and Bam Bam Bigelow) in the same night. On top of that, Bigelow was fresher as he only had one prior matchnote (due to a first-round time-limit draw between Tatanka and Lex Luger). Also, Bret won all three matches by pinfall without using the Sharpshooter to finish.
  • From WrestleMania IV: One of Bret's first Awesome moments in the WWF was after he was double-crossed by Bad News Brown, who tossed him from the ring to win a battle royal. A very pissed-off Bret climbs back in, kicks Bad News out of the ring, and smashes the winning trophy to pieces. Don't doublecross the Hitman.
    • Based on Bret's account of how Allen "Bad News" Coage treated him in Stampede Wrestling (not very well, in terms of Allen basically squashing Bret against advice that it made them both look bad and didn't encourage fans to buy tickets), made even sweeter.
  • In Your House: Canadian Stampede, from 1997, features one of Bret's most spine-chilling entrances. The team representing the USA (Ken Shamrock, The Legion of Doom, Goldust and "Stone Cold" Steve Austin) got absolutely booed out of the building by the Calgary crowd, especially Austin. But Team Canada? With every entrance from Bret's teammates (Brian Pillman, Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart, The British Bulldog and Owen Hart), the crowd just kept getting louder and louder until Bret marches out like a general to one of the loudest pops ever. (And to think: two of his teammates are actually American!)
    • And to make it twice as sweet, the fans get rewarded with what's now considered by many fans as one of the best tag matches in the history of the company.