Wrestling / Davey Boy Smith

His upper lip was stiff even when he smiled!

Born David Boy Smith (Yes, that was his real name. His father got confused with the Birth Certificate) on the 27th November 1962, Smith was to become one of the biggest names in British wrestling and one of the most famous foreign stars in WWE in the 90's under his wrestling name, the British Bulldog. Starting off in the World of Sport, Smith's career would take him through WWE and WCW as a successful tag and singles wrestler, notching up numerous title runs along the way.

Smith was most famous for the main event at SummerSlam 92 where he pinned Bret Hart to become the Intercontinental Champion in front of 80,000 fans of his home nation at the legendary Wembley arena. Besides of this he was 1x IWA Heavyweight Champion, the inaugual and former 2x WWF European Champion (Holding the record for the longest title's reign), former 2x WWF Tag Team Champion (1 with Dynamite Kid and 1 with Owen Hart) and 2x WWF Hardcore Champion.

A long standing wrestler within WWE in the 90's along with several stints in WCW of varying success, Smith's demons would eventually take their toll as years of painkiller and steroid abuse were responsible for his death by heart failure on the 18th May 2002. Despite that, Smith is largely remembered fondly for his role in the ring and extensive career.

Oh, and for being BIZARRE! However, that promo is NOTHING compared to this indescribable promo his cousin and future tag team partner the Dynamite Kid cut on him in their Stampede days.

"The Strongest tropes pound for pound":

"These tropes are gonna win this time the Royal Rumble, TONIGHT... because THEY ARE BIZARRE!!!"

Alternative Title(s): British Bulldog