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Wrestling: Big Boss Man
Raymond Washington Traylor, Jr., a.k.a. Ray Traylor, is most famous to longtime wrestling fans as the Big Boss Man, although he is also known by various other pseudonyms like Big Bubba Rogers, Big Bubba, The Boss, The Boss Man and the Guardian Angel.

He debuted in WCW going by Raymond Traylor, and soon after became the monster Heel Big Bubba Rogers, feuding with Dusty Rhodes. However, his run only lasted a couple years before he made the jump to the WWF, and based a new character off his original job as a prison guard in Cobb County, Georgia, and adopted Slick as his manager.

As the Big Boss Man, his WWF run is his most famous, where he continued his reign of terror as a monster heel, and he even formed a tag team with a fellow super heavyweight, Akeem (formerly The One Man Gang) called the Twin Towers. After being a top heel for a couple years, challenging the likes of Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage, the Big Boss Man turned on his manager on an episode of Superstars and had a very successful run as a Face, while displaying some of the best in-ring work of his career.

After a few years, Traylor returned to WCW and underwent a series of name changes, as listed above, due to the WWF's legal team claiming his gimmick was too similar to the Big Boss Man gimmick. He finally settled on Big Bubba once again, meanwhile having rivalries with the likes of Sting and Vader, and even feuding with the nWo. Traylor did return to the WWF for some time in the late 1990s, but this time, for the more mature Attitude Era, he modified his Big Boss Man character into more of a bodyguard-like personality complete with a S.W.A.T. team-inspired outfit, and served with Vince McMahon's Corporation during this run. During this time, he also had a title feud with The Big Show, and another feud with Al Snow, both of which fans would rather forget.

Traylor left the WWE in 2002 and worked the independent circuit before passing away of a heart attack in September of 2004, at the age of 41. As always, That Other Wiki has a more detailed biography of the career of Ray Traylor.

He was a former UWF World Heavyweight Champion, a former 4x WWE Hardcore Champion and a former WWE World Tag Team Champion with Ken Shamrock.


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