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Power Stable
"We're Evolution, and we've got all the gold!" note  All of it.

There is always strength in numbers, Professional Wrestling is no different. Someone who wants to get to, or stay on, the top of the game is best served to seek allies. Some wrestlers can rely on their family; others band together by virtue of similar character or common interests. Still others band together for one purpose, and one purpose only — to watch each others' backs, and better their own positions in the company. These wrestling mutual-aid societies are called power stables. While a staple of wrestling, it can occur elsewhere.

Like in all fictional groups. the members of a Power Stable have a tendency to fit certain archetypes. Generally speaking, each stable will play host to at least three of the following core character types:

  • The Centerpiece: The leader of the gang. He considers himself the best in the world and will disagree violently with anybody who suggests otherwise. The stable's first and foremost priority is to keep the world championship belt around the waist of the Centerpiece; it is their crown jewel, serving as a powerful backstage bargaining platform as well as a display of the stable's power.
  • The Heir Apparent: All but the most arrogant Centerpieces know that they won't be around forever, and plan for this eventuality. The Heir Apparent represents that plan in action. He is the Centerpiece's number-one disciple, being trained and groomed for the day that the Centerpiece will retire and he will thus take over the stable's legacy. Ironically, he's also usually the reason that the stable doesn't stay together long enough to have a legacy for him to take over; most Heirs eventually find themselves ascending through the ranks faster than the Centerpiece likes and thus cause the breakup of the stable, either by him turning on the stable or the stable turning on him. As long as the stable's together, though, the Heir Apparent will often find himself in contention for either the promotion's secondary singles title or the tag team championship, whichever is considered more prestigious. Also related to The Dragon and The Starscream tropes.
  • The Enforcer: The Enforcer is the stable's "field general", so to speak. He is the team's strategist, planning such things as match run-ins, backstage attacks and the like in order to maximize the stable's effectiveness. He's usually a cagey veteran, and always the only person that the Centerpiece truly trusts. He will often seek whichever championship the Heir Apparent doesn't go after, in order to further solidify the stable's power base.
  • The Muscle: The Muscle is the physical power of the team. He is big, bad, and dangerous to know; however, whether it's because of mental slowness or just general lack of drive, he just doesn't seem to do much on his own. With the right guidance, though, he is truly a force to be reckoned with, with the stable being more-than-willing to provide that guidance for the benefit of his strength. As befitting his nature, he most often finds himself teaming with another member of the stable, usually the Heir Apparent or the Enforcer.

In addition, the stable may include some of the following characters:

  • The Point Man: This guy is usually found only in larger stables, although it's not unheard of for a smaller stable to have one of these instead of an Heir Apparent. The Point Man is pretty much what his name would indicate - he's the guy "on point", who the stable leader sends out to soften up the opponents. Frequently a charisma-deficient midcarder or a lower midcarder who's a good worker that just doesn't have what it takes to advance into the upper echelon of wrestling. Therefore, being associated with the stable and having some of its heat rub off on him is his best bet. Unlike the Heir Apparent, the Point Man is usually fairly loyal to the stable and its leader, although he can be goaded into a Heel-Face Turn if his stablemates lose respect for him and throw him into danger while they run away. Comparable to an Elite Mook.
  • The Manager: The team's resident Evil Genius, the Manager is the "big picture guy". If the Centrepiece is not the leader, then the Manager is. He's always plotting, always scheming and always pulling strings to put his guys on top. While he deals mostly with the backstage politics and is not a wrestler himself, he's not afraid to get physically involved to help his team, whether it be a trip here, a well-placed attack with a foreign object there or what have you.
  • The Hanger-On: Much like The Chick of the Five-Man Band or The Dark Chick of the Five-Bad Band, he's the stable member with the least fixed role and the hardest to pin down. He's usually somebody's buddy and may not even be a wrestler; if he is, he's usually not in the same echelon with the rest of the stable, and it shows. However, he (or she - this role is frequently filled by a female character) does something that the stable finds useful, and so his fortunes rise with the team's. His role may be anything from the Tagalong Kid, to Honorary True Companion, to The Sixth Ranger. Often, he will act radically different from the rest of the stable to lend flavor to the group. The more Hanger-Ons a stable has, the less likely any individual Hanger-On is to be a major contributor to the stable's success. This can also lead to a character getting a role that could be described as "Hanger-On Elite".

Note that most Power Stables are heels; it's not impossible for faces to form a stable, of course, but generally faces don't seek power to the degree that heels do; thus most face stables tend to be either gimmick stables or families. If they do form a Power Stable, it's generally because the promotion is so heavily factionalized or an already-existing heel stable is so dominant at the moment that grouping together is the only way to level the playing field, or because the stable itself has existed for so long that it's actually built up a legacy of greatness, rather than backbiting or infighting (see: the later incarnations of the Four Horsemen).

Compare Five-Man Band, Five-Bad Band, Power Trio.


  • The Trope Codifier would be the original Four Horsemen:
    • The Centerpiece: Ric Flair
    • The Heir Apparent: Tully Blanchard
    • The Enforcer: Arn Anderson, the Trope Namer for this role
    • The Muscle: Ole Anderson, Lex Luger, Barry Windham
    • The Manager: J.J. Dillon

      • When Ole Anderson left, Lex Luger turned to take on the (quite literal) Muscle role in the group. When he left, it came to Barry Windham.
      • For a time Sting replaced Tully Blanchard, but was excommunicated for accepting a World Title match against Ric Flair.
      • Over the nearly 20 years of the stable's history various wrestlers rotated through the ranks, usually with Arn and Ric being the constants. Chris Benoit, Steve McMichael, Paul Roma, Brian Pillman, Dean Malenko, Sid Vicious, Butch Reed and Curt Henning all tried to fill in with varying degrees of success.

  • The Fabulous Freebirds
    • The Centerpiece: Michael P.S. Hayes
    • The Enforcer/The Muscle: Terry "Bam Bam" Gordy
    • The Point Man: Buddy Roberts
    • The Hanger-on: Jimmy Garvin

  • The Four Horsemen (1995)

  • The Four Horsemen (1996-1997)
    • The Centerpiece: Ric Flair
    • The Heir Apparent: Chris Benoit
    • The Enforcer: Arn Anderson (this "spot" infamously given to nWo mole Curt Hennig upon Anderson's retirement)
    • The Muscle: Steve "Mongo" McMichael
    • The Managers: Miss Elizabeth, Woman, and "The Queen of WCW" Debra McMichael, an entourage of women that were in individual relationships with Flair, Benoit, and Mongo respectively.
    • The Hanger-On: Jeff Jarrett, though he did end up stealing Debra away from Mongo when he finally got kicked to the curb.

  • The Four Horsemen (1998-1999)
    • The Centerpiece: Ric Flair
    • The Heir Apparent: Chris Benoit
    • The Enforcer: Dean Malenko
    • The Muscle: Steve "Mongo" McMichael
    • The Manager: Arn Anderson
    • The Hanger-On: David Flair

  • The Dangerous Alliance

  • Team Hogan (Fall 95)

  • nWo Formation in 96:

  • nWo in 97
    • The Centerpiece: "Hollywood" Hulk Hogan
    • The Heir Apparent: Curt Hennig
    • The Enforcer: Randy Savage
    • The Muscle: The Outsiders: Kevin Nash and Scott Hall
    • The Point Men: Syxx & Scott Norton
    • The Manager: Eric Bischoff
    • The Hangers On: Buff Bagwell, Mr. Wallstreet, Big Bubba Rogers, K-Dogg, Masa Hira Chono, The Great Muta, Rick Rude, Elizabeth, Nick Patrick, Kyle Petty, Dennis Rodman
    • The Tag Along Kid: Vincent. Yes, even the non-wrestlers and assorted celebrities associated with the nWo outranked poor Vincent.

  • Raven's Flock
    • The Centerpiece: Raven
    • The Enforcer: Sick Boy at first. When Kidman started getting popular, he was promoted to Enforcer and Sick Boy was demoted to Hanger On.
    • The Muscle: Initially Hammer, replaced by Reese
    • The Hanger On: Riggs, Lodi, Stevie Richards, Kidman at first, later Sick Boy
    • The Heir Apparent: Originally Saturn (AKA Perry Saturn), when he left the group the spot was vacant for a bit, then Horace (who had Starscreamish tendencies) joined and got the spot. Towards the very end, Horace got demoted and Kanyon joined and got the spot.

  • Misfits In Action
    • The Centerpiece: Hugh Morrus (General Rection) (AKA WWE's Bill DeMott).
      • For a time, Booker T joined the stable (as "G.I. Bro." one of his old indy personas), in order for some of his Main Eventer mojo to rub off on them, temporarily taking the role of Centerpiece.
    • The Heir Apparent: Lash LeRoux (Corporal Cajun) Gen. Rection, while Booker T. was a part of the group.
    • The Enforcer: Chavo Guerrero Jr (Lieutenant Loco)
    • The Muscle: Van Hammer (Major Stash), The Wall (Sergeant A-WOL)
    • The Hanger-On: Tylene Buck (Major Gunns)

  • The First Family (WCW 2000)
    • The Centerpiece: Hugh Morrus
    • The Heir Apparent: Jerry Flynn
    • The Enforcer: Brian Knobbs
    • The Muscle: The Barbarian
    • The Manager: Jimmy Hart



Ring of Honor
  • The Christopher Street Connection
    • The Centerpieces: Mace and Buff E
    • The Enforcers: Allison Danger and Ariel
    • The Managers: Fun Athletic Guy and Jailbait
  • The Prophecy
    • The Enforcer: Christopher Daniels
    • The Centerpiece: Xavier (Daniels ran the show but Xavier was the heavyweight champion)
    • The Heir Apparent: Donovan Morgan
    • The Manager: Simply Luscious, later Allison Danger
    • The Point Man: Mark Briscoe, later Dan Maff
    • The Hangers On: Jim Cornette and Samoa Joe
  • The Second City Saints
    • The Centerpiece: CM Punk
    • The Heir Apparent: Ace Steel
    • The Enforcer: Colt Cabana
    • The Managers: Lucy and Traci Brooks
  • The Group
    • The Centerpiece: Mr. Wrestling Steve Corino
    • The Heir Apparent: Samoa Joe
    • The Enforcer: Michael Shane
    • The Manager: Simply Luscious
    • The Muscle: CW Anderson
  • The Rottweilers (First incarnation)
    • The Centerpiece: Homicide
    • The Heir Apparent: Slugger
    • The Enforcer: Julius Smokes
    • The Muscle: Bison
    • The Point Men: Grim Reefer and Benny Blanco
    • The Hanger On: Joker
  • Generation Next
  • The Rottweilers (Second incarnation)
    • The Centerpiece: Homicide
    • The Heir Apparent: Low Ki
    • The Enforcer: Julius Smokes
    • The Point Men: The Havana Pitbulls: Ricky Reyes and Rocky Romero
    • The Hangers On: B-Boy and Monsta Mack
  • Age Of The Fall (ROH Branch)
  • The Vulture Squad
    • The Centerpiece: Jack Evans
    • The Heir Apparent: Julius Smokes
    • The Enforcer: Jigsaw
    • The Muscle: Ruckus
    • The Point Man: Mercedes Martinez
  • The Kings Of Wrestling (ROH Branch)
  • S.C.U.M.
    • The Centerpiece: Kevin Steen
    • The Heir Apparent: Matt Hardy (eventually ousted Steen and took over)
    • The Enforcer: Jimmy Jacobs, Steve Corino
    • The Muscle: Rhino, Cliff Compton
    • The Point Men: Jimmy Rave, Rhett Titus
  • The Decade
    • The Centerpiece: Jimmy Jacobs
    • The Heir Apparent: TaDarius Thomas
    • The Enforcer: Roderick Strong
    • The Muscle: B.J. Whitmer
    • The Point Man: Adam Page

  • The Gathering (First incarnation)
  • Planet Jarrett:
    • The Centerpiece: Jeff Jarrett
    • The Enforcers: America's Most Wanted: Chris Harris and James Storm, Scott Steiner
    • The Muscles: Monty Brown, Abyss, Rhino
    • The Hangers-On: Team Canada, Gail Kim, Jackie Gayda
    • The Managers: Scott D'Amore, James Mitchell

  • Team Canada
    • The Centerpiece: Petey Williams
    • The Enforcer: Bobby Roode
    • The Muscle: A-1
    • The Point Man: Eric Young (played with during the final months of the stable's existence)
    • The Manager: Scott D'Amore
    • The Hangers-On: Tyson Dux (only appeared during World X Cups), Johnny Devine

  • Christian's Coalition / The Angle Alliance:
    • The Centerpiece: Christian Cage (Coalition) / Kurt Angle (Alliance)
    • The Heir Apparent: AJ Styles
    • The Enforcer: Tomko (usually), Robert Roode (in the on- phases of his on-again, off-again role with the stable)
    • The Muscle: Tomko (whenever Roode worked with the stable)
    • The Manager: Karen Angle (Alliance only)

  • The Main Event Mafia:

  • The Main Event Mafia v2:

  • The TNA Frontline:
    • The Centerpieces: Samoa Joe, AJ Styles
    • The Heirs Apparent: Jay Lethal, Consequences Creed
    • The Enforcers: Rhino, Team 3-D
    • The Muscle: The Motor City Machineguns: Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley, O.D.B.
    • The Hanger-On: Eric Young

  • World Elite
    • The Centerpiece: Eric Young
    • The Heir Apparent: Sheik Abdul Bashir
    • The Muscle: The British Invasion: Brutus Magnus, Douglas Williams and Rob Terry
    • The Point Man: Kiyoshi

  • The Beautiful People
    • The Centerpiece: Angelina Love
    • The Enforcer: Velvet Sky
    • The Point Man: Madison Rayne
    • The Hanger-On: Cute Kip

  • The Kongtourage

  • Immortal

  • Fourtune
    • The Centerpiece: AJ Styles
    • The Heir Apparent: Kazarian
    • The Enforcers: Beer Money
    • The Muscle: Matt Morgan
    • The Manager: Ric Flair
    • The Point Man: Douglas Williams
    • The Hanger-On: Desmond Wolfe

  • Fortune (post-Immortal break up)

  • Aces & Eights
    • The Centerpiece: Bully Ray
    • The Heir Apparent: Mr. Anderson
    • The Enforcer: Devon
    • The Muscle: D.O.C and Knux
    • The Point Men: Wes Brisco and Garret Bischoff
    • The Manager: D'Lo Brown, Tito Ortiz
    • The Hangers-On: Taz and Brooke Tessmacher

  • The New Main Event Mafia
    • The Centerpiece: Sting
    • The Heir Apparent: Magnus
    • The Enforcers: Kurt Angle and Samoa Joe
    • The Muscle: Quinton "Rampage" Jackson

  • Dixieland
    • The Centerpiece: Magnus
    • The Heir Apparent: Ethan Carter III
    • The Enforcers: The Bro Mans: Robbie E and Jessie Godderz with DJ Zema Ion
    • The Manager: Dixie Carter
    • The Hanger-On: Rockstar Spud

  • The Revolution
    • The Centerpiece: James Storm
    • The Heir Apparent: Seiya Sanada
    • The Enforcer: Manik
    • The Muscle: Abyss

Toryumon\Dragon Gate
  • Crazy MAX
    • The Centerpiece: CIMA
    • The Heir Apparent: SUWA
    • The Muscle: Don Fujii
    • The Enforcer/The Manager: TARU
    • The Point Men: JUN, Shingo Takagi, the Mini Crazy MAX
    • The Hangers-On: Chocoball KOBE, MAKOTO, Stalker Ichikawa

  • Do FIXER
    • The Centerpiece: Magnum TOKYO
    • The Heir Apparent: Ryo Saito, Genki Horiguchi
    • The Enforcer: K-Ness
    • The Muscle: Susumu Yokosuka
    • The Point Man: Dragon Kid
    • The Hanger On: Naoki Tanizaki

  • M2K
    • The Centerpiece: Masaaki Mochizuki
    • The Heir Apparent: Susumu Mochizuki
    • The Enforcer: Yasushi Kanda
    • The Muscle: Darkness Dragon
    • The Hanger-On: Chocoflake K-ICHI, Genki Horiguchi

  • The Italian Connection
    • The Centerpiece: Milano Collection AT
    • The Heir Apparent: YOSSINO
    • The Enforcer: brother YASSINI
    • The Muscle: Condotti Shuji
    • The Point Man: Bakery/Pescatore Yagi
    • The Hanger-On: Berlinetta Boxer

  • Hagure Gundam/Aagan Iisou
    • The Centerpiece: Masaaki Mochizuki in Hagure; he and Shuji Kondo couldn't agree on who was the centerpiece. Kondo got the stable to back him, kicked Mochi out and renamed it Aagan Iisou.
    • The Heir Apparent: Shuji Kondo in Hagure Gundam, Takuya Sugawara in Aagan Iisou
    • The Enforcer: brother YASSHI
    • The Muscle: Toru Owashi
    • The Point Man: Shogo Takagi

  • Los Salseros Japoneses
    • The Centerpiece: Takeshi Minamino
    • The Heir Apparent: Pineapple Hanai
    • The Enforcer: Kesen Numajiro
    • The Muscle: Mango Fukuda
    • The Point Men: Passion Hasegawa, Banana Senga

  • Tokyo Gurentai
    • The Centerpiece: NOSAWA Rongai
    • The Heir Apparent: Minoru Suzuki (extraoficial member)
    • The Enforcer: MAZADA, FUJITA
    • The Muscle: TAKEMURA, Yoshihiro Takayama (extraoficial member)
    • The Hanger-On: KIKUZAWA

  • Blood Generation
    • The Centerpiece: CIMA, Magnitude Kishiwada (yes, Blood Gen had two Centerpieces)
    • The Heir Apparent: Naruki Doi, GAMMA
    • The Enforcer: Don Fuji
    • The Muscle: Shingo Takagi, Masato Yoshino

  • Typhoon
    • The Centerpiece: CIMA
    • The Heir Apparent: Susumu Yokosuka
    • The Enforcers: Dragon Kid, Matt Sydal
    • The Muscle: BxB Hulk, Shingo Takagi, PAC
    • The Point Men: Ryo "Jimmy" Saito, Anthony W. Mori

  • Mad Blankey
    • The Centerpiece: YAMATO (originally Akira Tozawa, he got kicked out for being too Facey)
    • The Heir Apparent: Naruki Doi
    • The Enforcer: BxB Hulk until he ragequit the stable.
    • The Muscle: Cyber Kong, Uhaa Nation
    • The Point Man: Kzy
    • The Hangers On: Mondai Ryu, Christina Von Eerie

  • Premier Athlete Brand
    • The Centerpiece: Anthony Nese
    • The Heir Apparent: Trent Baretta
    • The Enforcer: Mr. A
    • The Manager: Su Yung
    • The Point Man: Caleb Konley

  • Valkyrie (First incarnation)
    • The Centerpiece: The Radiant Rain
    • The Heir Apparent: Ivelisse Vélez
    • The Muscle: Made In Sin: The AK47 Allysin Kay and Taylor Made
    • The Manager: The Insurance Policy April Hunter
    • The Hanger On: Sweet Saraya (was kept secret)
  • Daffney's All Star Squad (First incarnation)
    • The Manager: Daffney Unger
    • The Centerpiece: Nikki Roxx
    • The Heir Apparent: Solo Darling
    • The Point Man: Kimberly
  • Daffney's All Star Squad (Second incarnation)
    • The Manager: Daffney Unger
    • The Centerpieces: The Buddy System: Solo Darling and Heidi Lovelace
    • The Heir Apparent: Kimberly
    • The Muscle: Amazing Kong
  • Valkyrie (Second incarnation)
    • The Centerpiece: Serena Deeb
    • The Heirs The Apparent: Allysin Kay and Taylor Made
    • The Point Man: Su Yung (The Muscle when she snaps)
    • The Manager: April Hunter
    • The Hanger On: Sweet Saraya
  • Legendary
    • The Centerpieces: Malia Hosaka and Brandy Wine
    • The Manager: Leilani Kai
    • The Heir Apparent: Thunderkitty
  • It's Always Sunnier In Valifornia
    • The Manager: Socal Val
    • The Centerpiece: Nevaeh
    • The Heirs Apparent: Better Than You: Jayme Jameson and Marti Belle

  • Drew Gulak's Campaign For A Better Combat Zone
    • The Centerpiece: Drew Gulak
    • The Heir Apparent: Alexander James
    • The Enforcer: Full Price Dewey Donovan
    • The Manager: Miss Kimber Lee
    • The Muscle: Mr. Tofiga
  • The Front
    • The Centerpiece: Sozio
    • The Heir Apparent: Nicholas Kaye
    • The Enforcer: Biff Busick
    • The Muscle: Eric Corvis, Trooper Audubon and Ace Delic
  • Ohio Is For Killers
    • The Centerpieces: Irish Airborne: Dave and Jake Crist
    • The Heir Apparent: Sami Callihan
    • The Enforcer: Nevaeh
  • The Forgotten Ones
    • The Centerpiece: Drew Blood
    • The Heir Apparent: Ron Mathis
    • The Enforcer: Rory Mondo
    • The Muscle: The Bulldozer Matt Tremont

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