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Wrestling: Austin Aries
The greatest man who ever lived
Daniel Healy Solwold, Jr. (born April 15, 1978) is an American professional wrestler better known by his ring name, Austin Aries.

He is currently signed to TNA where he is a former TNA World and X-Division champion.

Before coming to TNA, Aries was the first and, as of 2012, the only two-time ROH World Heavyweight Champion.

A rundown of his career can be found at The Other Wiki.

"The Greatest Tropes That Ever Lived":

  • The Ace: He's the longest reigning X-Division Champion in TNA history, and the only man to win the Ring of Honor title twice.
  • Badass Cape: He wears one to the ring
  • Big Damn Heroes: He ran out to stop his tag team partner Roderick Strong from further beating on Delirious after he had been knocked unconscious.
  • Bubble Pipe: He could sometimes be seen chomping on a pipe but he never seemed to light it up.
  • By The Hair: Pulled Daizee Haze this way to distract Delirious away from Rhett Titus and Kenny King.
  • Casanova Wannabe: The basis of his "A Double" gimmick in Chikara. Ranking guys on a grading scale, A+ still wasn't good enough for the greatest man who ever lived, AA.
  • Chain Pain: How he won the first match of his second TNA run against Shannon Moore
  • Cool Shades: During his interviews with Ring Of Honor after the show went to HD Net.
  • Cool Teacher: As ROH world champion he was also the head trainer for Ring Of Honor's school. Also, Rhett Titus was someone he personally trained (which explains a lot)
  • Curbstomp Battle: His "relaxed rules" match with Necro Butcher saw Austin Aries on the receiving end of one. Since he was feuding with Age Of The Fall and had gotten other people to leave the group peacefully, Austin Aries thought he could do so with Necro Butcher too. He was wrong.
  • Despair Event Horizon: Played for laughs in Dragon's Gate where he claimed to lose his desire to be a wrestler after he failed to get on WWE Tough Enough. He would eventually find new purpose helping CIMA win matches.
  • Disproportionate Revenge: Unfortunately for him, Spike TV viewed a segment where Austin Aries put his crotch in ring announcer Christy Hemme's face for announcing him and Bobby Roode as "Bad Influence" (the team of Christopher Daniels and Kazarian) and they were not pleased, feeling he should have stopped at forcing her to get it right. Since then he's been unable to escape the doghouse for any significant length of time. TNA seemed to have the trope in mind though, since they had previously come down harder on Bully Ray for yelling homophobic slurs at fans his first night as a Big Bad, not even showing it on camera.
  • Doing It Wrong: March 15th Impact in Chicago, Aries attempted to Sting in the Scorpion Death lock only to get every attempt to lock it in wrong, long enough for Sting to recover and make a comeback.
  • Enemy Mine
    • With Rhett Titus and Kenny King against Jerry Lynn
    • He resolved to work with Bobby Roode to take out TNA World Champion Jeff Hardy. And it would have worked too if not for the fact Bobby Roode betrayed Aries.
  • Heel-Face Turn: It's quite subtle. He's still a smug egomaniac, but he consistently backs it up, wins matches cleanly and is rarely the instigator of feuds.
    • Face-Heel Turn: Seems to have switched back since losing the World Title to Jeff Hardy- again, it's fairly subtle, but he's become more overtly insulting of his opponents, vicious in the ring and has resorted to cheating to win a couple of matches.
    • His face to heel turn in Ring Of Honor was about as sensible as these can get. He did not like the fact fans were cheering for Tyler Black more than they were for him.
    • Face Heel Revolving Door: Destined to forever encounter it in TNA. On one hand his character is an arrogant maverick who knows just how damn good a wrestler he is. On the other hand, fan demand is the reason he got a contract with the company in the first place.
  • Hope Spot: As MVP laid out to him, Bobby Lashley was bigger, stronger and faster than Austin Aries, but it turned out Aries was the quicker and more agile of the two and had everyone believing he was going to beat Lashley.
  • How Much More Can He Take: Ring Of Honor testing the time limit resulted in Austin Aries and Bryan Danielson going seventy five minutes, which showed could take more than an hour usually allotted.
  • Five Moves of Doom: During his ROH tenure he had a tendency of finishing matches with a roaring elbow, a superkick to the knee, and a standing punt to the head, followed by a brainbuster and either the 450 Splash or his Last Chancery submission. Sometimes he would omit the elbow and superkick and would use a crucifix bomb to set the combo up instead.
  • Invincible Hero: His X-Division title reign went on for nearly 300 days. It got to the point where Hulk Hogan made a deal with Aries so that if he dropped the X-division belt he'd get a shot at the World title. Which he then won, fulfilling the trope.
    • It mainly happened because there were no more X-Division challengers left because Austin Aries had beaten everyone in the division.
    • On the receiving end of this trope in Ring Of Honor against Petey Williams. Austin Aries went so far as to hit Petey with his own Canadian destroyer only for Petey to kick out at one and proceed to kick his ass.
  • Jack of All Stats: He can brawl, fly, mat wrestle and bust out some hard-hitting power-moves (see below). Underlining this is the fact that he's got a power finisher (brainbuster), a submission finisher (Last Chancery/Horns of Aries) and a (albeit, rarely seen) top-rope finisher (the 450 splash).
  • Jerkass: The saying goes there's only two kinds of people who wear sunglasses indoors, blind people and assholes, and Austin Aries isn't blind. Hey, just paraphrasing his own words.
  • Lighter and Softer: In Chikara (naturally) where he began grooming himself better, wearing bright pink and developed "The Greatest Man Who Ever Lived" gimmick.
  • Masked Luchador: One of many men to take the role of Suicide
  • Not Bad: When he lost the title to Jeff Hardy, he rationalized it as Jeff briefly finding a way to ascend to his level but that Jeff obviously could not keep it up.
  • Parts Unknown: (as Austin Starr) "TV Land"
  • Pint-Sized Powerhouse: At 5,9 he's short by wrestling standards. However, he can lift 300 pound heavyweights like Samoa Joe, Bully Ray, and "The Destroyer" Lashley over his head and brainbuster them. I'd say he qualifies.
  • Paparazzi: Austin Starr with Alex Shelly, Kevin Nash and Johnny Devine.
  • Power Stable
    • Under Alex Shelly in Generation Next with Roderick Strong, Jack Evans and Matt Sydal when he broke into Ring Of Honor
    • DP(Dave Prazak) Associates in Full Impact Pro with LaDuke Jakes, Samoa Joe, Delirious, Cyber Kong, Jimmy Rave, Bryan Danielson and Adam Pearce.
    • The Standard with Adam Pearce, Joey Kaos and Peter Avalon in NWA Pro
  • Power Trio
    • Pantheon Of Gods with Kenny King and Rhett Titus in Ring Of Honor
    • Resilience with Matt Cross and Erick Stevens in Ring Of Honor
  • Precision F-Strike: When Jeff was going to go on to beat him again in a ladder match Austin Aries tried to jury rig the whole thing so no one could reach the belt, and shouted an explicative about Jeff never getting that belt, just for Jeff to get a bigger ladder.
  • Red Baron: A Double, The Greatest Man Who Ever Lived.
  • Sadly Mythtaken: He called himself "The God Of War" in TNA. One letter away, Aries means ram. Austin does know better too.
  • Shaped Like Itself: The ROH trio of Aries, Kenny King and Rhett Titus, The Pantheon Of Gods.
  • Smug Snake: Austin Aries is a good wrestler, perhaps a contender for the best in the world. However, even if he was indeed the best in the world he would still qualify for the fact he repeatedly has to have it beaten into him that there maybe just maybe be someone else who is around his level.
  • Three Month Rule: TNA jumped the gun when it announced, two months after Austin Aries (real) suspension that it was going to introduce a "new" wrestler. Who turned out to be Austin Starr.
  • Tournament Arc
    • Defeated Adrian Serrano and Shawn Daivari in the finals of the MAW Junior Heavyweight Title Tournament
    • Defeated Steve Douglas for the Rings Of Europe Wachauer Wrestling Trophy
  • Worthy Opponent: Alex Shelley, whose potential match of the year showing against Aries at Against All Odds 2012 saw him come closer than anyone to ending Aries' X-Division title reign.
    • This one is Older than You Think. Aries and Shelley were former partners in Ring of Honor as Generation Next, and later became bitter rivals after Gen Next turned face and removed Shelley as leader. Shelley then joined The Embassy, who were Gen Next's chief rivals.
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