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Wrestling: London And Kendrick

Paul London and Brian Kendrick was a professional wrestling tag team best known for their time together in World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). The team never had an official team name, but were just referred to as "the tag team of Paul London and Spanky" then "the tag team of London and Kendrick." In 2006 London and Kendrick put the tag team name "The Hooliganz" on their wrestling attires and tried to convince the WWE management to start calling the team by that name, but were unsuccessful in their attempts. However, many fans and especially smarks called them 'The Hooliganz' as they intended.

They first began teaming together in 2003 as a part of WWE, but Kendrick left the company shortly thereafter. When he returned in mid-2005, he and London reunited as a tag team. In May 2006 the duo won the WWE Tag Team Championship from MNM; it was Kendrick's first title victory with the company, and London's third. Their reign was the longest since WWE created the title in 2002, and they became the fourth longest-reigning tag team champions in the company's history, finally dropping the titles to Deuce 'n Domino in April 2007.

Later in 2007, London and Kendrick were drafted from Smack Down to the Raw brand, where they briefly held the World Tag Team Championship. They would continue to work together until Kendrick was drafted back to Smack Down in the 2008 supplemental draft, thus disbanding the team until 2010, when they reunited in Pro Wrestling Guerrilla following their releases from WWE. They have since reunited on several occasions.

Tropes associated with London and Kendrick include:

  • Aborted Arc: Their three way feud between the Teacher's Pets and The Pit Bulls abruptly ended when one half of the Pit Bulls, Kid Kash, got released and Michelle McCool, Teacher's Pet manager, got injured.
  • Badass Beard: London spotted one for a while. Kendrick joined in on the fun in Pro Wrestling Holland and Belgian PWA
  • Because You Were Nice to Me: The formation of team came about after Paul London asked Mr. McMahon for a tryout match for the main roster and was put in the ring with Brock Lesnar, who decided to keep beating on London after the match was over. Spanky tried to save London from Brock Lesnar and while his efforts were in vain, it was the beginning of a beautiful friendship.
  • Book Ends: In their Armageddon Ladder match, when the Hardys and London and Kendrick were alone in the ring, only Matt and Paul were standing after they traded blows. More than 20 minutes later on a ladder, Matt and Paul were the ones fighting to get the championship, but with Paul winning.
  • Breakup Breakout: Minimally in that Paul got a run as cruiserweight champion and a tag team title run with Billy Kidman after their first breakup but that did not overshadow what both were able to accomplish once getting back together. After they split up in 2008, it initially looked as if Brian would be this, with a new gimmick & look as The Brian Kendrick & competed for the WWE title on PPV, whilst Paul languished on Raw. However, Brian wound up dropping back down the card & both were ultimately released.
  • Bunny-Ears Lawyer: JBL always kept saying the two came from Pluto, but that still didn't stop them from having the longest WWE Tag Team Championship reign ever.
  • Dumbass Has a Point: Spanky had accidentally spilled chocolate syrup on Vince McMahon and apologized but when Vince asked him who he was, after Spanky had been on the active roster for a year, he told him he should know he's Brian Kendrick because he pays his checks and proceeded to run down Vince's marriage problems and the failed XFL. So maybe it wasn't too bright to run down your boss after you got his suit dirty (it gets you squashed by Brock Lesnar) but everything said was true.
  • Canon Name: There were reportedly a few efforts, both by fans of the team alongside London and Kendrick themselves to get them an official name but none of them took with management. The closest we got was in WWE PB&J, when Jillian Hall sided with them against MNM (Joey Mercury, Johnny Nitro, Melina) but this alliance did not last, putting them back to just London and Kendrick. European promotions tend to call them "Londrick".
  • Can't Hold His Liquor: To celebrate a victory, the two went into the office of the Acolyte Protection Agency and started drinking their beer. Bradshaw and Ron Simmons were at first, understandably upset until they realized the two were wasted in spite of not drinking much and decided to punish them by making them drink more. Brian collapsed to the side after finishing a can.
  • Captain Ersatz: They look and act similar to Bill and Ted from Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventures, and even dressed up as them for one of the WWE Magazine interviews. Heck, they were even addressed as them in said article. note 
  • Catch Phrase: One of their best known quotes—which was printed on their T-Shirt—was known as "We're here, but we're not all yet there."
  • Cloud Cuckoolander
    • Definitely. Who else goes in the ring with masks, strange struts, joke about wearing fairy costumes and just be plain happy go lucky?
    • After having been defeated multiple times by Deuce and Domino, what was Paul London and Brian Kendrick's plan to get ready to defend their titles against them at No Way Out? Go play in an amusement park! Well, London and Kendrick successfully retained those championships at No Way Out 2007, so there must have been some method to their madness.
    • This was lampshaded by JBL for a while; he kept telling Cole that the kids weren't normal and that they came from Pluto.
  • Color-Coded Characters: Their ring-gear had different colors, but each represented something during their career.
    • Their first outfit was purple which could add to their Red and Blue personalities.
    • They soon had separate red and blue outfits, but red was the most significant as it was worn when they won the tag team championship and defended them. Blue was significantly seen when they had their six victories against MNM, as well as at WrestleMania 23 when they served as lumberjacks for the pre-show match.
    • Their most famous one is their Black (Brian)/White (Paul) ensemble which was worn when they had big shifts in the team. In No Mercy 2006, they gain an ally in Ashley Massaro, and in Armageddon 2006, they had the famous Ladder Match. It was later used up until April 2007. This outfit was even shown in their wrestling action figures for a while.
    • They soon had a sky blue/gold ensemble with an improved joker face and another which was purple/green, but they're the least remembered out of the outfits.
  • Combination Attack: The two were known to work together very well, double teaming with kicks and tossing each other at their opponents. They also were known for their creativity in the combination attacks. These include:
    • Sunset Flip from a Dropsault (Paul would dropsault the opponent as Brian would sunset flip them)
    • Brian would do his Sliced Bread #2 and Paul would use Shooting Star Press with Brian as a platform)
    • Brian would do his Sliced Bread with Paul underneath his opponent. The elevation added to create a powerbomb.
    • Super Kicks In Stereo
    • Their finishing move, "Get Well Soon". Paul would pass the opponent and enziguri the back of his head while Brian hit a reverse STO.
  • Comedic Underwear Exposure: Pun aside note  these two gave it to MNM just weeks before their Judgement Day clash in 2006.
  • Conspiracy Theorist: Brian Kendrick mostly, going so far as to suggest the sun isn't really hot but both of them believe that reptilians are out to take control of the Earth. Science Fiction Studios got some mileage of this.
  • Cool Mask
    • As part of their ring entrance attire that went along with their new costumes. They ranged from Phantom of the Opera masks, purple fencing hoods and harlequin masks. This was lampshaded one time by commentary:
    Cole: What is the deal with the masks that London and Kendrick wear?
    JBL: Have you seen them without it? They aren't really good looking.
    Cole: Yeah, like right now and every week.
    JBL: (sarcastically) Ooh, Mr. Smarty.
    • They even had a entrance video with a floating mask and masks being part of the video.
  • Corpsing
    • London, and infamously so, during the shot of a broken Mr McMahon walking a hallway with the entire WWE roster on either side, before he left the arena & was seemingly Killed Off for Real in a limo explosion. It was so noticeable that when compiled a list of suspects for the crime, they included London purely because he was the only one grinning as McMahon walked to his apparent death. London later stated that he was grinning simply because the only direction everyone was given was to look sombre & he thought the entire situation was amusing, but had no idea about the planned explosion.
    • This gets a Call Back a month later when Vince turns to London and Kendrick. London sports that same smile and Vince goes, "Keep that smile on your face."
  • Crowd Chant: Paul London got the infamous "Please Don't Die" from the ROHbots.
  • Defeat Means Friendship: During London's short heel run in 2005, he lost to a returning Kendrick, and promptly cut a promo saying how he went from being Cruiserweight Champion to not even being able to beat Kendrick. This set up their tag team reuniting, surprisingly.
  • Designated Girl Fight: Invoked by Jillian Hall, who joined up with them specifically to get at Melina. Also, stuck with them against the Teacher's Pets lead by Michelle McCool, until Ashley took over as their valet and got in her own feud with Michelle. Not the case with Deuce And Domino, as their valet was a sweetheart named Cherry.
  • Dynamic Entry: They based their entrance on the Warlord's dash to the ring. After they do their dash, they then slide into the ring, climb up onto the ring posts, point to each other, back flip and then grasp their hands. Once they got their masks, they remove them and pose for the fans. When Ashley was with them, she would motion the boys to do their back-flip and remove the masks for them.
  • Fallacy Of Division: Brian Kendrick does a few high flying spots but otherwise is a more grounded wrestler akin to American Dragon. TNA pushed him to wrestle more high risk, thinking he would put on a show similar to Paul London without Paul London around.
  • Fingerless Gloves: Their ring gear had these type of gloves with question marks on them.
  • Finishing Move
    • Paul London used a legsweep DDT in Ring Of Honor and a Chicken Wing Facebuster called waffle face. He also had a running shooting star press called London Calling. A 450 splash in WWE.
    • Spanky used a scissored cobra clutch and Naomichi Marufuji's Shiranui, which he popularized in USA as "Sliced Bread #2. He used a shooting star press in New Japan Pro Wrestling.
    • Together, Get Well Soon.
  • Fragile Speedster: London and Kendrick are pretty fast, and prefer speeding around the opponent with suicide dives and drop kicks, but they can't take a lot of hits when wrestling individually.
  • Genghis Gambit: Apparently Shawn Michaels training consisted mostly of his students beating each other senseless while he sat back and laughed, which was supposed to bring them closer together. In the case of American Dragon and Spanky, it worked. Presumably for London too, since he also teamed with American Dragon.
  • Green-Eyed Monster: Paul London was filled with both envy toward Amazing Red for winning a Ring of Honor tag team belt with AJ Styles while Paul was hospitalized and unable to wrestle himself and jealously toward Amazing Red and Alexis Laree, feeling that they were going make AJ stop being his friend. AJ Styles suggested he get another tag team partner and win his own titles, and what do you know, Spanky happened to be an ROH alumna as well. (It did not work out that smoothly but is oddly poetic all the same).
  • Grievous Harm with a Body: Paul would hip toss Brian onto opponents or throw him at them to make Brian's drop kicks more powerful.
  • Heterosexual Life-Partners: They both trained together in Shawn Michaels' Wrestling Academy, fought as a team (They only fought one on one four times), their entrance has them pointing to each other before back flipping before grabbing hands, and they like hugging each other a lot.
  • Keet: And they just feed each other energy it seems, allowing them to take a whole lot of punishment from their enemies and come up with lots of double team maneuvers on the fly. When teaming with Billy Kidman, he actually forbid Paul from sprinting to the ring.
  • Kid-Appeal Character: Once the team got off Velocity, this is what helped them stand out a little on Smackdown and especially on Raw. Smaller than most of the roster, scrappy underdogs in bright colors and lots of goofy character quirks.
  • Long Runner: They have the fourth longest reign as Tag Team Championsnote  at a total of 331 days. In comparison, the teams ahead of them were from the old WWF days. Not bad for a low-midcard tag team.
  • Loser Leaves Town: While in Dragon Gate they lost a loser leaves the company match to Jack Evans and Jimmy Jacobs.
  • Man in White: Paul when he and Brian were in their black/white outfits.
  • Masked Luchador
    • Brian Kendrik wore many masks during his Smackdown/Velocity jobber run, usually themed after a popular local sports team. Most infamously, he was that no name jobber who won a match as Diamondback against Sho Funaki. In case you thought that was the start of his push you'd be wrong, as he went right back to jobbing afterward.
    • JBL brought out Paul London in a mask as the "Champion Of Mexico, El Gran Luchador". He also wore a mask during his Lucha Libra USA jobber run as Sydistiko.
  • Motif: A main trend for London and Kendrick were them being rebels, pranksters and jokers. Their outfits had harlequin faces and fleur-de-lis on them, they were known wearing masks, were very happy-go-lucky and crazy, and once pantsed MNM, an opposing team.
  • Naked People Are Funny: Spanky infamously went streaking on Smackdown. Note that this was so he could actually be an official wrestler.
  • Real Men Wear Pink
    • Every now and then, Brian was shown to wear pink leg warmers and they also been known to have two sets of ring gear that are purple. Oh, and they pretty much can bowl over most guys with suicide dives.
    • During their time with Ashley, Ashley was dressed as a fairy for a Trick or Treat Divas Battle Royal. Paul jokes around that Ashley 'stole his costume' and that was the costume he was going to wear for Halloween (for those who want a description, the costume has a black corset and has purple fairy wings)
  • Red Oni, Blue Oni: Paul being the red and Brian the blue.
  • Screw This, I'm Outta Here!: On Raw they were booked in a handicap match against Umaga and Kendick ended up bailing on London, who was surprisingly forgiving about it.
  • Spell My Name with a "The": The Brian Kendrick.
  • Signature Move
    • Spanky had Dr. Smoothe's Secret Recipe (Corner backflip kick), Electric Mayhem (Diving facebreaker knee smash) and Whirling Twirlixer (Diving somersault corkscrew plancha)
    • Paul London was a fan of the dropsault, arm wrench inside cradle and somersault plancha
    • Paul was also a fan of the mushroom stomp, which Brian Kendrick would do with him when they teamed together. They also did assisted standing moonsaults, double dropkicks, double flapjacks, double hip tosses and double Japanese arm drags
  • Strange Bedfellows: Paul London ended up teaming with Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin against Zach Gowen, El Hijo del Rey Misterio and Marco Corleone in Mexican EAW after he and Kendrick traded wins with Haas and Benjamin in a series of six man tag team matches that also involved Jackie Haas and Reby Sky, where Marco was trying to court Jackie and Reby.
  • The Gadfly: While Dashawns2cents was interviewing Joey Ryan about up coming Pro Wrestling Guerrilla events Kendrick was prodding him with questions about TNA's well documented production troubles and London eventually joined in too.
  • The Rival: To each other in Ring Of Honor. As a team, Jack Evans, John Morrison and The World's Greatest Tag Team, Pengelux (Kid Lux & Lloyd Pengel) in Pro Wrestling Holland.
  • The Stoner
    • They both have this reputation but Spanky has gotten more mileage out of it as far as his in-ring persona goes, especially his Brian Kendrick TNA run.
    • Paul actually averts this. He lost his older brother and his girlfriend to a drunk driver and abstains from them in their honor.
  • Two Guys and a Girl: For a while, they were the team of London, Kendrick and Ashley with Ashley considered as their manager/friend/love interest. For a shorter period of time, they had this dynamic with Ashley's rival Jillian.
  • White Dude, Black Dude: Subverted with the black as Paul is actually Mexican. Kendrick would later recruit the Guyanese Goliath Ezekiel Jackson who was what most people would call black.
  • You Have Out Lived Your Useful Ness: Kendrick decides this is the case with Jon Moxley after seeing Paul London was also in Dragon Gate.
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