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Improbable Weapon User
Don't ask Jax for a light.

"Here's a riddle: When is a Croquet Mallet like a billy club? I'll tell you: Whenever you want it to be."
Cheshire Cat, American Mc Gees Alice

The high probability your wackiest party member, like the Team Pet, will use some sort of bizarre and, well, improbable "weapon" — that is, in the sense of an object you could conceivably hit something with. And some of these 'weapons' don't even go that far.

This usually seems to just be a way to give that character some sort of upgradeable item to explain ongoing power increases. Curiously, every weapon shop will sell these upgrades, despite there being seemingly only one such user on the planet.

Many games also have a gag weapon for each of the party members, which is essentially an Improbable or Nerf Arm version of their regular weapon, such as a Paper Fan of Doom for the sword-wielder, a broom for the White Magician Girl, or a squeaky-mallet for someone who normally wields an axe or hammer. Of course, this might end up subverted with an Infinity Plus One Marshmallow Slingshot.

This trope is surprisingly not that far from reality when you consider how martial arts weapons have included not just spears, swords, and knives, but farming tools, boat oars (see also Miyamoto Musashi), fans, metal rings (no, not even chakram, just round metal rings), and... small wooden benches? Hell, this doesn't even go into the military trench shovelnote  and or some of crazier weapon combinations from about the 17th to early 20th century (brass knuckle knives, ax pistols, and flintlock cutlery).

Note: Many "improbable weapons" can indeed cause significant damage. Examples of these are:

and so on. Anything that's heavy or sharp (well, sharp and over a certain size), really. Or long, flexible, and reasonably sturdy.

This may be one of the stranger examples of Truth in Television. For one-time examples see Improvised Weapon. If someone manages to pull this off with an actual weapon see Improbable Use of a Weapon.

See also Improv Fu, This Banana Is Armed, Trick Arrow, Nerf Arm, Killer Yo-Yo, Parasol of Pain, Rings of Death, the aforementioned Paper Fan of Doom, the aforementioned Frying Pan of Doom and Rolling Pin of Doom, Throw the Book at Them, Instrument of Murder, The Death Dealer, Battle Tops, and the Musical Assassin. Compare Martial Arts and Crafts, Joke Item and Lethal Joke Item. See also Abnormal Ammo.


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alternative title(s): Improbable Weapon; Unusual Weapon User
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