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Quotes: Improbable Weapon User
TG: how the fuck do you even wield a broken bow
TG: did you go around clubbing shit with the two halves
CT: D —> Yes

"I would remind you that [Yuna's] current protectors are armed with a volley ball and a stuffed animal."

Put down the shotgun. Pick up a dolphin!!

Edward Van Helgen: Choose your [dueling] weapon.
Guybrush: I choose the banjo.
Edward Van Helgen: I accept.
Guybrush: ...You do?

I'm not usually one for bragging, but some things just have to be made known: I just stabbed someone with hot mashed potatoes. Bow taken.
Johnny C.'s Twitter

Roxas, that's a stick.

"Don't try to stop me! I've got gold statuettes and I am not afraid to use them!"
Heather, Total Drama Revenge of the Island, "Up, Up And Away In My Pitiful Balloon"

Juan: "What are you doing with that?"
Michael: "I'm gonna fight them off."
Juan: "With a hand towel?!"
Michael: "Why? Do you have a gun?"

"This umbrella works wonders for murdering"
Kirby, Sonic For Hire

"Look out for the French bread!"
Bouncer Beagle, Ducktalez 7

Godot weighed a second mug in his hand. "Stand away from the witness," he said sternly. "Coffee should not be wasted. Especially as this is my seventeenth mug of the case —"
With a scream of, "Die, Mia Fey, die!" Dahlia wrenched the zanpakutou from Tousen's waist and leapt at the defense attorneys.
Godot's second mug took her in the back of the head, and she went down like a ton of bricks.
Order in the Court, a Phoenix Wright / Bleach crossover fic

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