Improbable Weapon User: Web Original

  • Good old Christian Brutal Sniper is fond of this. He's used a chocolate bar to kill someone before.
  • The Horribly Slow Murderer with the Extremely Inefficient Weapon kills its target by beating him to death with a common table spoon.
  • In Xombie Dirge's favored weapon is a shovel.
    See the note I left on Team Fortress 2
  • Madness Combat has Tricky, a super-evil-zombie Clown, who wields a....stopsign that was used by the protagonist to nail him to a giant marshmallow.
  • Although he doesn't have a specific Weapon of Choice, Terrence of KateModern usually favours fairly improbable weapons, ranging from an ordinary stick to a freezer van. Occasionally these are improvised weapons, but more often than not they aren't, and you get the impression he's just enjoying himself.
  • Whateley Universe:
    • Chaka uses regular playing cards and some forks. Lancer has a pair of paper swords (which he can cover with his PK field, making them incredibly dangerous). Generator has a Hello Kitty compact which is not at all what it seems.
    • Generator is too Crazy Awesome to stop there. She has weaponized hair decs! And a stuffed cabbit that has taken down grown men in armor!
  • A very popular phenomenon among fan-created characters for existing series. Yes, that double-ended scythe or windmill-blade-katana-thing your OC has for a Bankai/Soul Resonance/Innocence/whatever may look cool in that one picture... but it would be an absolute pig to wield in an actual fight.
  • Survival of the Fittest:
    • Due to the sick sense of humour of Danya, bobble-head dolls and plastic hammers have been known to come into play as assigned weapons.
    • The most infamous use of this trope is Damien Carter-Madisen's pot lid, which he used to perform a curb stomp.
  • Global Guardians PBEM Universe
    • Super-assassin Demise has this as a super-power. Literally anything, in her hands, can be used as a weapon. If she is armed with something that is already a weapon, she becomes the deadliest fighter on the planet. If she's armed with something that normally couldn't be considered a weapon by any sane man (in the past, she's killed people with a plastic spork, a comb, a snow globe, a smiley-face button, greeting cards, paperback books, chopsticks, cellular phones, toothpicks, paper clips, rubber bands, and music CDs) she also becomes the deadliest fighter on the planet. Of course, while she's a highly trained martial artist and has a body any Olympic-level athlete would love to possess, she's also just a Badass Normal. She tried to do that "deadliest fighter in the world" thing on Ultra-Man, and he just smirked and knocked her out with a flick of his finger.
    • Tom Foolery from the same setting uses weaponized toys, including machine-gun armed teddy-bears, explosive rubber balls, sharpened jacks that he throws like shurikens, acid-filled water-guns, and so on.
    • As her name suggests, Yo-Yo is an expert at using a yo-yo as a weapon. Lots of superheroes who laughed at her ended up bruised and battered.
    • Oddball juggles billiard balls. And throws them with amazing accuracy.
  • In the final battle between gamers and reviewers, The Nostalgia Chick weaponizes the Big Lipped Alligator Moment. I kid you not.
  • Darwin's Soldiers:
  • In Elemental Wind Elemental Selah uses the sharpened edge of her shield as a weapon. Another character fitting this trope is Corah, who wields a farmer's scythe.
  • Agents in the Anti-Cliché and Mary-Sue Elimination Society use a lot of different weapons: Claire uses pinecones (yes, you read that right), Marcus sometimes uses an umbrella, Tyler uses a three foot long Lego axle, Tom uses a shrubbery, and Stephen once beat a Sue into submission using a payphone.
  • In the fifth episode of the Stickman Can't Fight series, Black uses a hula hoop.
  • In one case of cosplaying as Deadpool, D Piddy delivered a One-Hit KO to another Deadpool cosplayer...with a rubber chicken.