Exotic Weapon Supremacy

One of the most obvious ways to mark an individual as noteworthy, badass, or just apart from the crowd in fiction, especially in video games and action stories, is to make them an Improbable Weapon User. Assassins and blademasters often are given truly bizarre melee weapons, notable protagonists in settings with firearms are equipped with unusual and Rare Guns. The logic behind this is simple but faulty — if a weapon is harder to acquire or more difficult to learn to use, it goes, it must be worth the extra time and effort to acquire one and train with it.

The problem with this is simple: while a sufficiently trained individual can turn almost any weapon into a lethal tool of destruction, standard-issue weapons are standard-issue because they work, and work well, with a minimum of training, and are thus more worth the time than the bizarre and the extraordinary. Furthermore, while exotic weapons might give inexperienced opponents difficulty because of their unfamiliarity with the mechanics of the weapon, the difference is more than made up at higher skill levels, where the limitations of a weapon become much more significant. Such weapons are often rare because they aren't practical for mass production or usage. Even if they are an effective weapon, don't expect to see them used properly.

Contrast Heroes Prefer Swords.

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