Wrestling: Joey Ryan

Legalize Sleaze
On May 24th, 2012, for Impact Wrestling's second Gut Check Challenge, TNA introduced a young man with a Pornstache by the name of Joey Ryan. Joey, a brash, outspoken young man who looked for all the world like if Jon Lajoie was a 1970s porn star, was an experienced wrestler who had performed for many independent promotions. In his tryout match, he was defeated by Austin Aries. The next week, when it came time for the judges to make their decision on hiring Joey, Al Snow said yes, and Bruce Prichard and Taz gave a resounding no. To say Joey was unhappy with the decision would be a vast Understatement.

For the next several months, Joey Ryan would make his presence known on every Gut Check segment, heckling the judges and even tossing his drinks at them. Through his Youtube account, Joey would call out Taz for his shortsightedness and failure to recognize his talent, before turning his attention to Al Snow as well. Throughout all these promos, he'd refer to his supporters as "the 87%ers," based off a poll on TNA's website on whether Joey should get a contract. Finally, Al Snow called out Joey on the October 4th edition of Impact and suckered him into a match at Bound For Glory, with a TNA contract on the line. Joey won that match with the assistance of a sudden appearance of, and subsequent alliance with, Matt Morgan.

Joey Ryan has been wrestling for over a decade. In July of 2013, Joey was released from his TNA contract and became a free agent.

These tropes associated with Joey Ryan are brought to you by the 87%ers:

"Who wants a mustache ride?!"