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Music: Peaches
Seems you got a little bit more than you asked for.

Peaches (born Merrill Beth Nisker) is an artist who's music is best described as pioneering electroclash, while taking some inspiration from hip-hop.

Gender identity and sexuality are common themes in Peaches' music, often playing with traditional notions of gender roles representation. Her lyrics and live shows consciously blur the distinction between male and female; for example, she appears on the cover of Fatherfucker with a full beard.

Nearly all of her songs are Intercourse with You, and she isn't shy about being explicit about it. Luckily, their Refuge in Audacity means that listening to her doesn't get too uncomfortable, but you still wouldn't play a single one of her songs around your grandmother.

Her most well known songs include "Fuck the Pain Away", which was featured in My Little Eye, Lost in Translation, Jackass 2, Drive Angry, Plinkett's review of Baby's Day Out, and one episode of South Park.


  • Fancypants Hoodlum (1995, as Merrill Nisker)
  • The Teaches of Peaches (2000)
  • Fatherfucker (2003)
  • Impeach My Bush (2006)
  • I Feel Cream (2009)

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Moxy FruvousCanadian MusicProtest The Hero
Passenger of ShitMusicians/Electronic IndustrialPendulum

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