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Film: My Little Eye
"Fear is not knowing. Terror is finding out."
The movie's tagline

My Little Eye is a 2002 British horror film. It is described as Big Brother meets Friday the 13th, which makes the concept of Dead Set, in a way (since that, too, is in the horror genre), older than they think.

The film starts with five young competitors—Emma, Matt, Danny, Charlie, and Rex—auditioning for an unnamed reality show. The rules state that they must live in a house for six months in order to win one million dollars. The catch? If anyone leaves, everyone loses. It continues at the last few weeks, where the people think about what they miss and what they plan to do with the million dollars.

However, the stakes are rising as their rations grow shorter, the heat is shut off, and Danny's grandfather dies. Rex thinks that it could be The Company, but no one else suspects a thing. Tensions rise, and another mysterious package that has a bottle of champagne and a shotgun appears. Later, a mysterious young man named Travis joins the group for a day, and he and Charlie have sex. Danny is accused of taking Emma's items and makes a gift for her, and that's where things start to go downhill, to put it mildly.

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