Trivia / My Little Eye

  • Enforced Method Acting: According to this interview with director Marc Evans, the temperature was intentionally left below zero, and Stephen O'Reilly's (Danny) grandfather really did die during filming.
  • Playing Against Type: Two examples.
    • First off, Bradley Cooper, at that point in time, played nice guy roles such as the aforementioned Will. Here, he portrays Travis. He ends up being one of the main people in The Company. To put it lightly, they certainly were the ones who did all the twists listed above.
    • Secondly, Sean Cw Johnson, as mentioned above, plays nice guy/heroic characters like Carter. Here, he doesn't seem to portray against type at first, as Matt is a nice guy despite sharing a creepy story in the beginning of the film. That is, until he suffocates Charlie and beheads Rex. Oh, and he also attempts to kill Emma. Also, in a deleted scene, Matt drives Danny to commit suicide.