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Music: Protest The Hero
Protest The Hero are a Canadian Progressive Metal/Avant-Garde Metal band, who began life playing somewhat straightforward Punk, and got more and more progressive with each release.

To date, they have released 6 albums.

  • Rody Walker - vocals
  • Luke Hoskin - lead guitar, backing vocals, piano
  • Tim Millar - rhythm guitar, backing vocals, piano
  • Arif Mirabdolbaghi - bass, backing vocals, lyrics
  • Moe Carlson - Drums

  • A Calculated Use of Sound (2003)
  • Kezia (2006)
  • Fortress (2008)
  • Gallop Meets The Earth (2009)
  • Scurrilous (2011)
  • The Best of Protest The Hero (2013)
  • Volition (2013)

Tropes that apply to Protest The Hero:

  • Alien Invasion: Both averted and subverted in "Sequoia Throne". "They're not the ones who cause us harm - we are!" Then later; "They bloviate about a future beyond the moon, to bring about another planet's doom, to find some other peaceful life, and beat a war-drum to its tune. Unless my prayers are answered, our end is coming soon."
  • Badass Beard: Tim's certainly counts since it's huge, but everyone except moe are sporting rather nifty ones now.
  • Concept Album: Kezia and Fortress.
  • Downer Ending: "Kezia" is about a woman going facing excecution for an unmentioned crime. Guess how it ends.
  • Genre Shift: From Punk Rock to Progressive Metal and finally to experimental metal.
  • Home Porn Movie: "Sex Tapes"
  • Large Ham: Rody has a habit of hamming it up in videos.
  • Humans Are the Real Monsters: The album "Fortress" is about peaceful pagans being massacred by Christian missionaries. One song that particularly stands out is "Sequoia Throne".
    • On the flip side, you also have "Bloodmeat", from the same album, which is about the hordes of Genghis Khan slaughtering Christians.
  • Mohs Scale of Rock and Metal Hardness: Generally around 7-8, but there's some guttural screaming which raises it now and then.
  • New Sound Album: There's a massive change between their EP and Kezia (which isn't surprising considering they were teenagers when they started), and almost a big a change between Kezia and Fortress. From Fortress to Scurrilous, their sound changes completely and Volition continues in the same vein.
  • Religion Rant Song: Many tracks on both "Kezia" and "Fortress" contain anti-religious themes, especially the first three tracks of the former. Tilting Against Windmills from "Volition" is clearly against Christianity and God.
  • Spiritual Successor: To SikTh.
  • Title Drop: Many times.
    • In "The Dissentience" on the album "Fortress": Bloooodmeeeat! (ironically in the previous song, "Bloodmeat", they never say this.)
    • In "The Divine Suicide of K." on "Kezia": Blindfold Aside, I'll probably still close my eyes."
    • "Divinity Within" also name drops itself a couple of times.
  • Throw It In: In the breakdown of Wretch, you can clearly hear a cat meowing. It's Rody's, which interrupted during the middle of recording vocals. They decided to leave it in after hearing the results.

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