Progressive Metal

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A subset of Heavy Metal which combines the musical intricacies of Progressive Rock with the heavy, guitar/drum-driven sound of metal. Progressive Metal may also include more overt flavorings of Classical music, such as operatic vocals or symphonic arrangements; bands with modern classical leanings usually skew more towards Avant-Garde Metal. A concrete definition of progressive metal is hard to pin down, so the status of many bands as progressive metal can be ambiguous.

Also, see Technical Death Metal, Avant-Garde Metal and the "Avant-Garde/Progressive Black Metal" section in the Black Metal article. Another notable subgenre is Neo Classical Metal, also known as 'Guitar Virtuoso Music'. This is basically heavy metal with an electric guitar playing classical music instead of rock, and it often overlaps with either Speed Metal, Power Metal, or Glam Metal.

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Alternative Title(s): Prog Metal