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Progressive Metal
A subset of Heavy Metal which combines the musical intricacies of Progressive Rock with the heavy, guitar/drum-driven sound of metal. Progressive Metal may also include more overt flavorings of Classical music, such as operatic vocals or symphonic arrangements. A concrete definition of progressive metal is hard to pin down, so the status of many bands as progressive metal can be ambiguous.

Also, see Technical Death Metal, Avant-Garde Metal and the "Avant-Garde/Progressive Black Metal" section in the Black Metal article. Another notable subgenre is Neo Classical Metal, also known as 'Guitar Virtuoso Music'. This is basically heavy metal with an electric guitar playing classical music instead of rock, and it often overlaps with either Speed Metal, Power Metal, or Glam Metal

Notable Progressive Metal bands include:

Tropes that apply to progressive metal:

  • Epic Rocking: Good luck finding a progressive metal band that hasn't ever used this trope.
  • Mohs Scale of Rock and Metal Hardness: Varies wildly up and down the scale; it can go anywhere from a low 6 to 10. It can usually be found near on the scale to its non progressive equivalent.
    • Neo Classical Metal is often found from between 5-8
  • Neoclassical Punk Zydeco Rockabilly: Progressive metal bands are well known for incorporating elements from other genres, to the point where over half the acts in the genre have their own signature style. Here are some examples:
  • The Scrappy: There are quite a lot of prog metal bands who can't seem to get praise from metalheads, but Coheed and Cambria tends to be almost universally panned by metalheads, primarily due to their Pop Punk and Emo influences.
    • For that matter, even Trope Makers Dream Theater receive tons of flak due to their music being seen as unnecessarily long, boring, and over-the-top hipster metal that eschews musical substance in favor of exceedingly drawn-out noodling and time-signature abuse, never mind the overly hammy nature of their singer and their ex-drummer's bouts of rude and unprofessional behavior over seemingly petty things. Of course, the fans are just as vocal as the detractors, so your mileage may vary.
    • Quite a large number of Djent bands earn the disrespect of the metal community due to their more accessible and simplistic sound. This sounds familiar...
    • Neoclassical metal sometimes gets this treatment as well; metalheads perceive it as unoriginal and pretentious music-school metal made for guitarists who wish to shred as inhumanly fast as Versailles or DragonForce. Though this hate seems to be directed towards the more Power Metal-oriented side of neoclassical - metalheads do love the harder varieties that border on melodic or tech death.
    • Prog metal in general is a Love It or Hate It style of music.
  • Trope Maker: Probably Queensr˙che or Dream Theater. Fates Warning or Watchtower would count if you don't consider either of them to be Ur example instead.
  • Uncommon Time: Used frequently. Again, pretty much all bands in the genre have used this trope at least occasionally, although some are more blatant about it than others.

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