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Not your typical Metal band.

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Bury me,
Everything that I am,
Bury me,
Everything that I was,
Slowly changing!
Hailing from Peoria, Illinois, metal band Mudvayne was formed in 1996, and is probably the only Metal band to cite Stanley Kubrick as an influence. Originally solely an Alternative Metal band, a lot had changed by the time they got to their debut, L.D. 50. The band members dipped into their extremely technical backgrounds to combine elements of Progressive Rock, Death Metal, Thrash Metal, Speed Metal and Hardcore Punk into something they called "math metal", which owed to the fact that the composition involved riffs chosen via numbers symbolism directly related to the song's subject matter (I.E., "Nothing To Gein", about Serial Killer Ed Gein, uses a riff which alternates in bars of four and five, because nine is a lunar number and Gein's activities were usually performed at night).note 

The band also performed in Horror movie-inspired face paint and masks and called themselves Kud, Gurrg, RyKnow, and sPaG. The album involved themes inspired by human evolution and 2001: A Space Odyssey, with samples taken from a recording of Terence McKenna discussing his theory that evolution was triggered by psychedelic mushrooms. The End of All Things to Come had the band wearing alien masks and performing under the names Chüd, Güüg, Rü-D, and Spüg. Since then, however, they've performed without stage names or disguises.

Their Self-Titled Album was printed entirely in blacklight-reactive ink, which makes the inserts appear to be blank.

The future of Mudvayne currently remains unknown. In 2011, the band went on an indefinite hiatus which continues to this day. The members have made indications that they will return someday, but exactly when was not made clear. This is partially due to Chad Gray's involvement with Hellyeah, though statements from Gray have made it apparent that serious personality conflicts are the main reason why nothing has happened in a while. Tribbett and McDonough are also busy with the nu metal supergroup Audiotopsy, and while Martinie has largely kept out of the spotlight aside from the occasional visit to the Warwick booth at NAMM, he currently plays in Soften the Glare, a jazz fusion act.


  • Chad Gray – Rhythm Guitar/Vocals
  • Greg Tribbett – Lead Guitar/Vocals
  • Ryan Martinie – Bass/Vocals
  • Matthew McDonough – Drums/Percussion


This band demonstrates the following tropes:

  • Avant-Garde Metal - One of the bands that are most likely to come into mind whenever the term "math metal" is brought up.
  • Updated Re-release: Their demo Kill, I Oughtta was reissued with bonus tracks as The Beginning of All Things to End.
    • The New Game was reissued with a bonus disc of rare material.