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Music: Deicide
Deicide are an American Death Metal band forming in the late 80s. The band started when the Hoffman brothers called Benton about a musical advertisement. Along with drummer Steve Asheim, they got together writing music under the name Amon, and within a month, they had recorded crude Feasting the Beast 8-track demo in Benton's garage and had started playing the occasional gig in the Tampa area.In 1989, Amon recorded their second demo, Sacrificial, at Morrisound with producer Scott Burns.

After signing onto Roadrunner records, the band's name was changed to Deicide at their request, then they finally got to the recording of their Self-Titled Album, and they had gotten along since then...

Until 2004, where animosity between Benton and the Hoffmans erupted, causing the latter to leave, with Dave Suzuki and Jack Owen being live replacements for the band. Afterwards, Jack Santolla joined the band full time for The Stench of Redemption, only to leave later to join Obituary. Afterwards, The band wrote Till Death do Us Part as a trio.

In 2009, they signed with Century Media, following the return of Santolla for To Hell With God. Santolla left again, begin replaced by Kevin Quirion. They have just finished a new album called In the Minds of Evil, which has been released on November 25, 2013.


  • Glen Benton – lead vocals, bass guitar (1987–present)
  • Steve Asheim – drums, occasional guitars (1987–present)
  • Jack Owen – guitars (2004–present)
  • Kevin Quirion – guitars (2008–2009, 2009–2010, 2011–present)

Notable Past Members:

  • Brian Hoffman – guitars (1987–2004)
  • Eric Hoffman – guitars (1987–2004)
  • Ralph Santolla – guitars (2005–2007, 2008, 2010–2011)


  • Deicide (1990)
  • Legion (1992)
  • Once Upon the Cross (1995)
  • Serpents of the Light (1997)
  • Insineratehymn (2000)
  • In Torment in Hell (2001)
  • Scars of the Crucifix (2004)
  • The Stench of Redemption (2006)
  • Till Death Do Us Part (2008)
  • To Hell with God (2011)
  • In the Minds of Evil (2013)

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