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Gun Nut

"I am Heavy Weapons Guy...and this [grabs Minigun] is my weapon. She weighs one hundred fifty kilograms and fires two hundred dollar, custom-tooled cartridges at ten thousand rounds per minute. It costs four hundred thousand dollars to fire this weapon...for twelve seconds."

A character whose life revolvers around guns. They like to read about them, have memorized large amounts of facts about guns, know all the models and ammo types, subscribe to the magazines, are in the NRA, make frequent trips to the gun range, and have a large collection of them. Due to various laws regarding firearm ownership and use, the Gun Nut does not actually have to meet all these criteria, as long as they are truly obsessed with guns. When the Russians invade or the Zombie Apocalypse occurs, you can expect this person to step up to the plate.

This character is not automatically The Gunslinger, a Crazy Survivalist, or Trigger Happy; it is common for the creator of a work to just lump these traits into the same character, so there is often overlap. See also Pyro Maniac. There's also "geardos" for Gun Accessories.

Note that people in Real Life who fit this trope often find the term derogatory, for obvious reasons, and it's not a good idea to piss these people off.


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     Anime And Manga 
  • Sosuke from Full Metal Panic! is a major gun nut, as well as being rather Trigger Happy and storing large amounts of guns into Hammer Space.
    • Shinji loves all things military, with his love of guns only second to Humongous Mecha. When he bumps into Sosuke on Kanami's deck they get so distracted talking about weapons that they forget why they were even there in the first place.
  • High School Of The Dead: Kohta is a self-proclaimed "gun otaku", but as he is a sixteen-year-old in Japan, he doesn't actually own any. He did however go to America and learn how to shoot at an NRA camp.
  • Patlabor's Isao Ota is essentially Tackleberry with a Humongous Mecha and Testosterone Poisoning.
  • Yoichi Hiruma from Eyeshield 21.
  • Ryo Saeba from City Hunter. He's an expert, has quoted some random facts (when they were relevant to the plot, but he still did it), owns a large collection, and is often seen shooting in the range in the basement of his own home (this is justified: given Japanese gun laws, that shooting range and collection of his are illegal and a one-way ticket to prison if discovered by a cop who actually cares).
  • Rally Vincent of Gunsmith Cats. She's studied guns so much she can learn all sorts of things just by looking at them or holding them (such as knowing whether or not it's loaded). Even worse, she faked her age (gun laws where she lives require her to be 21; she's only 19). And then there was the time she used her gun in a very naughty way...
  • The incarnations of Maya Jingu in Burn Up W/Excess and Burn Up Scramble achieve the trope in slightly different ways. In W/Excess, she keeps a Wall of Weapons and each of her guns is named, and she goes pretty nuts when she can't shoot. In Scramble, her obsession appears in the fact she keeps guns everywhere...usually next to her other obsession: plushies.
  • Ritsuko Inoue from Those Who Hunt Elves. Her gun-nuttiness is a natural extension of her obsession with all things military.
  • Shino Asada of Sword Art Online. She's a bit of a unique case, however: she's severely gun-phobic due to an incident with an armed robber when she was younger. She took up the hobby in an attempt to "face her fears" and conquer said phobia. It's not too effective, as she still freaks out upon seeing a real gun, or even a realistic model.

  • Brainstorm, inventor and master weapon designer of Transformers: More than Meets the Eye. Unlike most examples he is tends to more interested in developing new firearms than actually fighting. Whirl from the same series is a straight example.
  • Minor Batman villain Gunhawk falls into this category, as does his girlfriend Bunny. Bunny later split from Gunhawk and developed her owned costumed villain identity as Pistolera.

  • Billy Rosewood reveals himself to be one in Beverly Hills Cop 2.
  • Tackleberry from the Police Academy films is a big gun nut, as is his mother and his girlfriend (later wife) & her family. Some of his side of the family are nuts, too. If not, it's because they're Boisterous Bruisers instead who sucker-punch each other for fun.
  • Burt Gummer from Tremors loves his guns, and cleans them lovingly. He's such a nut (and the monsters are that badass) that he bought himself an anti-aircraft artillery cannon. By the later installments of the series, his "home" is one hell of an underground bunker. He married Heather because she was just as obsessed with guns (not just any weapons, but guns!) as he was. They had trained the rest of the town on survival techniques before the movie began. (They live in the middle of nowhere; survival strategies are necessary.) After the first time, Heather left Burt and took half the guns with her. (the monsters had left them with half a house already). In the fourth movie, we see Burt's ancestor; his interaction with the monsters prompts the gun nut trait.

  • Hazel D'Ark of the Deathstalker novels really, really likes guns, especially when she learns about projectile weapons.
  • The famous, infamous Whistler family of A Brother's Price is said to be this collectively. Captain Tern tells her princess that she suspects the girls get gun-shaped teething rings when they're tiny and start rifle training at eight. It may actually be earlier. However, the family itself is fairly varied.
  • Kincaid from the Dresden Files series qualifies, not so much for quantity as depth of knowledge and customization; in addition to his signature Sniper Rifle, he's been seen sporting Hand Cannons and several shotguns with custom loads. He's brought up a few times in the accompanying RPG books, mostly in relation to the Stunts associated with the Guns skill, which allow players to make their own Gun Nut to taste.

     Live Action Television 
  • Chuck: Colonel John Casey is one, as you'd expect one of the world's greatest gunmen and snipers to be. He has guns hidden everywhere, even his locker at the Buy More has guns in it. To top it all of, he has a picture of Ronald Reagan on the wall in his house.
  • Eureka: Jo, current GD head of security, former deputy and Army Ranger, has gun tropes galore. In addition to the Wall of Weapons she keeps in the Sheriff's office, her love of BFGs, and a tendency to be Trigger Happy, she also can be seen reading magazines throughout the series, with names such as Modern Mercenary.
  • Jayne from Firefly has a Wall of Weapons. He's freakishly fond of them, particularly Vera.
  • Robin from How I Met Your Mother qualifies. She prefers "gun enthusiast" though.
  • Sledge Hammer! takes it to another level: He seems to have a deep relationship with his Magnum e.g. he shares his bed with his gun, takes it into the shower and frequently talks to it. He also uses several other firearms from flare pistol to rocket launcher.
  • Lassiter of Psych also qualifies as this. He's also Crazy-Prepared, hiding dozens of guns in his apartment. One episode had the police confiscate guns from apartment, some of which they couldn't even find such as the one hidden in a bowl of M&Ms and one hidden in his shower head.
  • Lester's brother Chaz in Fargo. He has a huge collection of guns and just about everytime we see him, he is doing something involving his gun collection: cleaning them, shotting them, etc.

     Video Games 
  • Fallout 3 has a character perk called "Gun Nut" that gives your character improvements concerning the use and maintenance of firearms.
  • Resident Evil: Barry Burton is probably the most clear-cut example, wielding his beloved Colt Python. Secondary character Robert Kendo, who designed the upgraded S.T.A.R.S. "Samurai Edge" pistol is likely another example, although as the series veered further into Gun Porn it's hard to find a protagonist that doesn't lovingly customize their firearms.

     Web Original 

     Web Comic 

     Western Animation 

     Real Life 
  • R. Lee Ermey is such a gun nut, he even had two shows on The History Channel about guns. Mail Call, which lasted seven years, featured him reading people's questions about guns (as well as other military-related questions, usually involving explosions), then going down to a military base and getting Trigger Happy as he explained the weapon. Lock N' Load was a short series where he talked about the history of various guns (and tanks, knives, artillery) and then went ballistic on watermelons.
  • Larry Correia is even more of one than his books would indicate. He used to hold a Federal Firearms License (allowing him to operate a business that involves firearms) and was licensed as a Title 7 Special Occupational Taxpayer (allowing him to possess machine guns registered since 1986 as part of his business, among other things).

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