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08:28:23 PM May 2nd 2014
I think we might want to consider getting rid of the Seanbaby quote. I make this claim for two reasons:

1. It's offensive to legal gun owners who carry on a daily basis, implying a power fantasy that is the exact opposite of the majority of civilian gun carriers who sincerely hope to go their entire lives without needing to discharge their firearm against another person.

2. It's inflammatory against gun owners at a time (particularly in the United States where the quote is directed against) when tension about gun-rights is steadily rising.

The rule of cautious editing judgement seems to indicate that removing the Seanbaby quote would probably be the wisest course of action, but I'd like to hear what other people think before making such a major change to a trope page.
01:41:35 AM May 3rd 2014
Feel free to suggest it here. I personally are not very convinced, though...
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