Film / The Man with One Red Shoe

When an ambitious deputy director frames the head of the CIA in a drug smuggling operation gone wrong, the director leaks info that a star witness will be coming into town, and sends his right hand man to the airport to make contact. The so called witness is a dupe picked at random based on a signal made up on the fly.

That man is Richard Drew, concert violinist and title character. When the deputy director takes the bait, coming to more and more paranoid conclusions based on completely innocent aspects of his life, Drew is dragged into the deadly spy battle, complete with Femme Fatale, wiretaps, tailing agents and multiple assassinations.

Also, it's a comedy starring Tom Hanks.

Released in 1985, this movie is an American remake of the 1972 French movie The Tall Blond Man with One Black Shoe, where comedian Pierre Richard played the role later given to Hanks. It plays with many of the spy thriller tropes, and also features a rare credited appearance by Carrie Fisher.

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