Funny / The Man with One Red Shoe

  • When Richard is shot by tranquilizers, he says this right before passing out: "No mom, I'm not watching TV, (mimes playing violin) I'm practicin'! I'm practicin'!"
  • "Second time around in this sewer, and I haven't found shit!... Control yourself, control yourself. What would G. Gordon Liddy do? No, I can't do that, I'm not hungry."
  • When Cooper orders an underling to attach a mic to Richard, and said mic is linked to the GBLX supercomputer, Maddy protests, leading to this rebuttal from Cooper: "What are the odds of the Russians attacking on a Thursday night? Come on!"
    • When Cooper computer-translates Richard's music into "words", he gets the gibberish "cefar oggle".
  • At the concert, Richard begins to go off-sheet music and play his composition for Maddy. The conductor stops the music:
    Conductor: This evening, we are playing Scheherazade. Would you care to join us?
    Richard: Oh. (nods)
    Conductor: THANK YOU! Idiot.
    • Then after the movement concludes, the conductor shouts "GOD!" to gracious applause and storms off the stage.