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Music: Venom
We are Venom!note 

Lay down your souls to the gods rock `n' roll!
"Black Metal"

Venom is a metal band from the United Kingdom. To try and stand out from the other artists, they were the first metal band to introduce a highly satanic image and lyrical approach, thus becoming the very first First Wave of Black Metal band. Their fast music was also very influential to the Thrash Metal genre. Despite helping launch two of the most prominent genres of metal today, even in their most popular years they were criticized by some for their deliberately simplified music and lack of technical ability. However, they made up for that with enthusiasm and good showmanship.


  • Welcome to Hell (1981)
  • Black Metal (1982)
  • At War With Satan (1983)
  • Possessed (1985)
  • Calm Before the Storm (1987, also known as Metal Punk and Beauty and the Beast)
  • Prime Evil (1989)
  • Temples of Ice (1991)
  • The Waste Lands (1992)
  • Cast in Stone (1997)
  • Resurrection (2000)
  • Metal Black (2006)
  • Hell (2008)
  • Fallen Angels (2011)

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