Music: Sodom

Sodom are a German Thrash Metal band that, along with Kreator, Destruction, and Tankard, are seen as the Trope Codifiers of the scene. Sodom's music style would greatly influence many late-1980s and early-1990s black metal bands, among others.

Tom originally formed the band along with Bloody Monster, Arius "Blasphemer", and Aggressor as a way to get out of working in the coal mines. Their music was influenced by Motorhead, Venom, Tank, Accept, Rainbow and AC/DC.

Though they were originally panned for being "a second-rate Venom clone with semi-inventive lyrics", Frank "Blackfire" Gosdzik came to the rescue, convincing Tom that thrash metal was moving beyond horror/occult/satanic themes to embrace political, societal, and war themes. Tom was already interested in various wars yet remained a peacenik. New inspiration culminated into Frank's full-length debut with the band, Persecution Mania.


  • Tom Angelripper - vocals, bass (1981–present)
  • Bernd "Bernemann" Kost - guitar (1996–present)
  • Markus "Makka" Freiwald - drums (2010–present)


Studio albums:

  • Obsessed by Cruelty (1986)
  • Persecution Mania (1987)
  • Agent Orange (1989)
  • Better Off Dead (1990)
  • Tapping the Vein (1992)
  • Get What You Deserve (1994)
  • Masquerade in Blood (1995)
  • 'Til Death Do Us Unite (1997)
  • Code Red (1999)
  • M-16 (2001)
  • Sodom (2006)
  • The Final Sign of Evil (2007)
  • In War and Pieces (2010)
  • Epitome of Torture (2013)

Other notable releases:

  • In the Sign of Evil (EP) (1984): First studio release, considered part of the first wave of Black Metal. The entire EP is now included as bonus tracks on CD issues of Obsessed by Cruelty.
  • Expurse of Sodomy (EP) (1987): Debut of Frank Blackfire on guitar, marked Sodom's transition to Teutonic thrash. The three songs from this (as well as a re-recorded "Outbreak of Evil") can now be found as bonus tracks on CD issues of Persecution Mania.
  • The Saw is the Law (EP) (1991)
  • 30 Years Sodomized: 1982-2012 (compilation) (2012): Compilation of previously-unreleased tracks and live recordings, as well as songs hand-picked by Tom Angelripper from throughout their discography.

Sodom displays these tropes: