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Metal Band Mascot
For some reason, Heavy Metal bands often have a mascot character that appears on their album covers, posters, T-shirts, and other forms of merchandise. The mascot is usually scary-looking but often has an everyday or even silly-sounding name. This trope seems to apply mainly to hard rock and heavy metal (and sometimes punk as well), with band mascots virtually unknown in other genres of music.

Examples of Metal Band Mascots.

  • Iron Maiden's Eddie the Head is probably the most famous metal mascot in the world.
  • Megadeth's Vic Rattlehead is another famous metal mascot.
  • Motörhead has Snaggletooth (often nicknamed the War-Pig).
  • Manowar has the Manowarrior, a Conan-like barbarian warrior with glowing eyes and a shadowy face.
  • Dio has Murray, a demon with a very un-demonic name.
  • Iced Earth has Set Abominae.
  • Disturbed has "The Guy", a scary-looking demon with glowing white eyes.
  • Dethklok has Facebones.
  • Overkill has Chaly, a skull with bat wings.
  • Black Label Society has a nameless skull that appears on all of their album covers (often nicknamed "Skully").
  • HammerFall has Hector, a knight wielding a large hammer.
  • Metallica has Scary Guy, a crudely drawn skull with fangs, horns, and a mohawk (drawn by James Hetfield himself, no less). They also have Vulturus, which is basically Scary Guy with wings and talons.
  • Anthrax had the Not Man.
  • Arsis has the demon that appears on the covers of their full-lengths.
  • Blind Guardian has the eponymous Guardian, a dark-robed figure.
  • Avenged Sevenfold has the Deathbat (who has been accused of being a rip-off of Overkill's mascot, Chaly).
  • Doro has Doro Pesch herself, albeit as a Sword and Sorcery Action Girl.
  • Skelteria has St. Trinity, a barefoot demon woman with bat-like wings.
  • Demon Hunter has....well, what is it called anyway? You'd recognize it if you saw it.
    • Word of God says that their mascot is a demon skull with a bullet hole in its forehead.
  • Exhumed has Dr. Philthy, who doubles as their stage tech and merch guy.
  • Children of Bodom has none other than the Grim Reaper, usually in different colored robes depending on the album.
  • Aborted has The Doctor.
  • Lich King has the eponymous Lich King, a skeletal undead wizard who wears a Burger King crown.
  • Death metal band Kataklysm has Heartbeast.
  • Devourment has the unnamed mutant that was first seen on the Butcher the Weak cover, in addition to the weird larva-looking critter on the cover of Unleash the Carnivore.
  • Kreator has Violent Mind, a demon with an exposed brain containing nightmarish images.
  • Helloween has Jack O. Lantern, an evil pumpkin.
  • Danzig and Samhain have Crystar; a demon skull.
  • Destruction has the Mad Butcher, named after their EP of the same name.
  • Powerwolf has, well....a humanoid wolf. It's currently unnamed, though.
  • Alestorm has two. An undead pirate and an undead rat. According to Christopher Bowes, they're called Jimmy McFucknugget and Barry Shitpeas respectively.
  • Monster Magnet has Bullgod, a bull that looks...rather pissed off.
  • Bloodbound has Nosferatu, a strange creature that looks like a cross between a giant goblin and a vampire. Possibly a nod to the movie.
  • Ensiferum uses Finnish folk hero Väinämöinen as their mascot.
  • Meshuggah has the unnamed pale androgynous guy on the cover of obZen.
  • Gwar themselves might count as their own mascot due to their stage presence.

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