Heavy Metal

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Headbanger #1: Wha-? What's that sound!?
Headbanger #2: It's like an angel singing...
Headbanger #3: A devil screaming!
Headbanger #2: It is the pounding of Creation's Hammer upon the Anvil of Time!
Headbanger #1: IT'S FUCKING AWESOME!
Eddie Riggs: It's called...Heavy Metal.

A musical genre originating in the 1960s and '70s, influenced by Blues and Psychedelic Rock, emphasizing heavy, powerful sound with distorted guitars and (sometimes) extended solos.

Famous for Heavy Metal Umlauts, Metal Screams, and metalheads having huge online arguments about which bands are and aren't metal, or music in general.

Not to be confused with Metallic Tropes (although this genre was named after the term for metallic elements with high proton counts).

Heavy Metal Subgenres

For a list of Metal bands, see Metal.

For an in-depth look, see Useful Notes on Heavy Metal and the Mäp of Metal.

Alternative Title(s): Extreme Metal