Nightmare Fuel / Heavy Metal

Befitting its status as arguably one of the few animated horror movies (outside Japan, at least) Heavy Metal has its share of scary moments, with two segments in particular standing out:
  • "B-17", which features not only most of the bomber plane's crew being killed in big bloody messes to the tune of a driving heavy metal song, but then it has a a zombie plague. Definite proof that horror is just as effective in animation as in live-action.
  • "Captain Sternn", where a trial-witness gets increasingly angry whenever the prosecutor asks him questions — eventually turning into an Incredible Hulk-like thing and chasing after the defendant.
  • Who could forget the expressions on the little girl's face whenever they cut to her while the Loc Nar is talking to her. Those faces are sheer terror. It almost looks painful to watch.
    • The Loc Nar is also unsettling. Its voice gives you shivers, as does the things it says.