[[caption-width-right:350: [[MetalScream YEAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!]]]]
Primary Stylistic Influences:
+ HardRock, BluesRock, PsychedelicRock
Secondary Stylistic Influences:
+ PunkRock (later metal bands especially), ProtoPunk

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->'''Headbanger #1:''' Wha-? What is that sound!?\\
'''Headbanger #2:''' It's a devil screaming!\\
'''Headbanger #3:''' It's an angel singing!\\
'''Headbanger #2:''' It is the pounding of Creation's Hammer upon the Anvil of Time!\\
'''Headbanger #1:''' '''IT'S FUCKING AWESOME'''!\\
'''Eddie Riggs:''' It's called... Heavy Metal.

A musical genre originating in the 1960s and '70s, influenced by {{Blues}} and PsychedelicRock, emphasizing heavy, powerful sound with distorted guitars, powerchords, riffs, thundering drums and (sometimes) extended, virtuoso guitar solos.

Famous for {{Heavy Metal Umlaut}}s, {{Metal Scream}}s, and {{metalhead}}s having [[InternetBackdraft huge online arguments]] about [[NoTrueScotsman which bands are and aren't metal, or music in general]]. The look varies by era, but long hair, leather, jeans, studded belts and boots are widely part of the metal look.

Not to be confused with MetallicTropes (although this genre was named after the term for metallic elements with high proton counts).

ExtremeMetal redirects here. The definition of this genre is hazy and controversial, but its generally considered to be an umbrella term collecting ThrashMetal, DeathMetal, BlackMetal, and any of their derivatives. DoomMetal is occasionally included in this, but sometimes only the heavier variants of that genre such as SludgeMetal and Death/Doom.

[[AC:Heavy Metal Subgenres]]
* AlternativeMetal
** FunkMetal
** NuMetal
* AvantGardeMetal
* BlackMetal
* ChristianMetal
* DeathMetal
** {{Deathcore}}
** MelodicDeathMetal
** TechnicalDeathMetal
* DoomMetal
* FolkMetal
* GothicMetal
* {{Grindcore}}
* GrooveMetal
** {{Djent}}
* HairMetal
* HeavyMithril
* IndustrialMetal
* {{Metalcore}}
* NewWaveOfBritishHeavyMetal
* PowerMetal
* ProgressiveMetal
* RapMetal
* SpeedMetal
* SymphonicMetal
* ThrashMetal
* TraditionalHeavyMetal

For a list of Metal bands, see Main/{{Metal}}.

For an in-depth look, see [[UsefulNotes/HeavyMetal Useful Notes on Heavy Metal]] and [[http://www.mapofmetal.com/#/home the Mäp of Metal]].