[[caption-width-right:350: [[MetalScream YEAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!]]]]
Primary Stylistic Influences:
+ HardRock, BluesRock, PsychedelicRock
Secondary Stylistic Influences:
+ PunkRock (later metal bands especially)

''If you were looking for the 1981 movie, go here: WesternAnimation/HeavyMetal''

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->'''Headbanger #1:''' Wha-? What is that sound!?\\
'''Headbanger #2:''' It's a devil screaming!\\
'''Headbanger #3:''' It's an angel singing!\\
'''Headbanger #2:''' It is the pounding of Creation's Hammer upon the Anvil of Time!\\
'''Headbanger #1:''' '''IT'S FUCKING AWESOME'''!\\
'''Eddie Riggs:''' It's called... Heavy Metal.

A musical genre originating in the 1960s and '70s, influenced by {{Blues}} and PsychedelicRock, emphasizing heavy, powerful sound with distorted guitars and (sometimes) extended solos.

Famous for {{Heavy Metal Umlaut}}s, {{Metal Scream}}s, and {{metalhead}}s having [[InternetBackdraft huge online arguments]] about [[NoTrueScotsman which bands are and aren't metal, or music in general]].

Not to be confused with MetallicTropes (although this genre was named after the term for metallic elements with high proton counts).

[[AC:Heavy Metal Subgenres]]
* AlternativeMetal
** FunkMetal
** NuMetal
* AvantGardeMetal
* BlackMetal
* ChristianMetal
* DeathMetal
** {{Deathcore}}
** MelodicDeathMetal
** TechnicalDeathMetal
* DoomMetal
* FolkMetal
* GothicMetal
* {{Grindcore}}
* GrooveMetal
** {{Djent}}
* HairMetal
* HeavyMithril
* IndustrialMetal
* {{Metalcore}}
* NewWaveOfBritishHeavyMetal
* PowerMetal
* ProgressiveMetal
* RapMetal
* SpeedMetal
* SymphonicMetal
* ThrashMetal
* TraditionalHeavyMetal

For a list of Metal bands, see Main/{{Metal}}.

For an in-depth look, see [[UsefulNotes/HeavyMetal Useful Notes on Heavy Metal]] and [[http://www.mapofmetal.com/#/home the Mäp of Metal]].