Funny / Heavy Metal

  • This exchange from the segment "Den":
    Ard: This is Norl, my bravest warrior. You will go with him to the Queen's castle and steal the Loc-Nar. Then I will give you the girl.
    Den: And if I refuse?
    Ard: If you refuse, you die, she dies, everybody dies.
    Den, narrating: Sounded reasonable to me!
  • Who could forget So Beautiful, So Dangerous. Here we have a normal civil (if not creepy) looking Doctor/ Corrupt Corporate Executive, trying to cover up an alien conspiracy. He loses control after trying to rape the secretary Gloria after seeing the glowing thing in between her breasts. They both get abducted and the Doctor turns out to be a robot programed by aliens. To make matters even more messed up, she ends up sleeping with another robot and decides to marry it.
    • PROTIP: If the segment just seems sleazy and gross rather than funny, Watch It Stoned.
  • More Den:
    There was no way I was gonna walk around this place with my dork hanging out!
  • The entire Captain Sternn scene.
    "...unless you count all the times he sold dope disguised as a nun!"
  • Space stoners.
    • The space stoner aliens are voiced by Harold Ramis and Eugene Levy. There's something hilarious about the way Ramis casually delivers the line "[When you drive stoned] you know your perspective is fucked so you just gotta let your hands work the controls as if you're straight!" and then promptly crashes the shuttle (while Levy proclaims "Good landing, man!").