Music: Nonpoint

Nonpoint is an American Heavy Metal band formed in Fort Lauderdale, Florida in 1997. Known for their very modern, melodic sound, the band has frequently had run-ins with the 'sellout' label, although they are not a very well-known band. Despite this, the band has received critical acclaim for their work, and remains one of their genre's underrated talents. The band's sound has been compared to the likes of early Linkin Park, Machine Head, Soil, and even P.O.D. among others. The band's debut album, Statement, didn't receive much attention from the metal community, but due to the success of their sophomore release Development, they gained a bit of recognition. Both albums were very well-received.

Their sound is primarily Alternative Metal and Nu Metal, the latter featured mostly on their debut. However, they have mild influences from many other genres outside of metal, such as hard rock, hardcore punk, blues, pop, R&B, and alternative rock among others. Even their official Facebook says their genre is 'Metal, Hardcore, Rock, Blues, etc.' They use mainly clean vocals in their songs, with the occasional rapping and mild screaming. However, many other vocal styles are used, if only occasionally, due to the diversity of vocalist Elias Soriano. The band has released six major albums, with a seventh coming out in the spring. Despite their nu-metal label, they are one of the genre's most respected bands. A few of their songs are sung in Spanish and have Latin influence, similar to another band....

  • Statement (2000)
  • Development (2002)
  • Recoil (2004)
  • To the Pain (2005)
  • Vengeance (2007)
  • Miracle (2010)
  • Nonpoint (2012) (to be released October 9)

Nonpoint provides examples of: