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Music: Six Feet Under
After leaving his previous band, Cannibal Corpse, vocalist Chris Barnes went to focus on his other side project, Six Feet Under. With him, he recruited guitarist Allen West from Obituary, Terry Butler from Death and drummer Greg Gall. In 1998, Allen West left and was replaced by Steve Swanson from Massacre. Compared to Chris' previous band, Cannibal Corpse, the band's music was slower and groovier in the vein of Obituary. They are also known for their covers of other heavy metal bands (and some non-metal bands), playing them in their own style.

Current lineup:
  • Chris Barnes - vocals (1995–present)
  • Steve Swanson - lead guitar (1998–present)
  • Ola Englund - rhythm guitar (2012-present)
  • Jeff Hughell - bass guitar (2012-present)
  • Marco Pitruzzella - drums (2013-present)

Former members:
  • Allen West - lead guitar (1995-1998)
  • Terry Butler - bass guitar (1995-2011)
  • Greg Gall - drums (1995–2011)
  • Matt DeVries - bass guitar (2011–2012)
  • Rob Arnold - rhythm guitar (2011–2012)
  • Kevin Talley - drums (2011-2013)

Studio albums:
  • Haunted (1995)
  • Warpath (1997)
  • Maximum Violence (1999)
  • True Carnage (2001)
  • Bringer of Blood (2003)
  • 13 (2005)
  • Commandment (2007)
  • Death Rituals (2008)
  • Undead (2012)
  • Unborn (2013)

Cover albums:
  • Graveyard Classics (2000)
  • Graveyard Classics 2 (2004)
  • Graveyard Classics 3 (2010)

  • Alive and Dead (1996)

The band provides examples of the following tropes:

  • Cover Album: 3 albums under the Graveyard Classics moniker, with the second being a cover of AC/DC's entire Back In Black album.
  • Death Metal: What else?
  • Drugs Are Bad: Barnes is infamous for his extremely heavy marijuana usage. Taking drugs has not done him well, as he as aged very roughly over the years. If you look at him when the band first started and then look at him now, his voice is just about the only thing that's still the same.
  • Early-Installment Weirdness: Not one, but two examples: The two albums with Allen West on guitar basically sound like Obituary with Chris Barnes, which is a sound that was largely dropped after Steve Swanson joined the band. Also, those familiar with Undead and Unborn, despite being the band's ninth and tenth albums respectively, will find every other album odd-sounding, as these albums are much more modern and technical than anything else they had ever done.
  • Gorn: Not quite as over-the-top as Chris' previous band, but they still have some really violent stuff. With song titles like "Impulse to Disembowel", "Hacked to Pieces", "Molest Dead", and "Cadaver Mutilator", one can certainly expect Barnes is just as violent as ever. Try to look up the lyrics to "Impulse to Disembowel" and "Cadaver Mutilator" without cringing a little.
  • I Am the Band: Again, Chris Barnes. As of Undead, he's the only original member left.
  • In The Style Of: If Chimaira played death metal and had Barnes on vocals, Undead is basically what you would get. Then again, that's pretty much what it was.
  • Jerk Ass: If this incident is anything to go by, Chris Barnes is a major one of these, as well as a Dirty Coward and a Small Name, Big Ego.
  • Lead Bassist: Jeff Hughell is a major Type A, but he doesn't really get a chance to go crazy here.
  • Mohs Scale of Rock and Metal Hardness: Usually at a low 10. Some of their groovier, slower songs can go down to 9.
  • Mondegreen: The line "rotten body" in "Seed of Filth" is often misheard as "rotten booty".
    • From "Molest Dead", the line "out drains your blood in buckets" has been interpreted as "I'll change your bloody pockets"
    • From "Remains of You": "I took my nuts to your head!" (it actually says "I took an axe to your head")
    • "My Hatred": "HOMOS GOT YOU!" (real line = "Almost got you!")
    • "Impulse to Disembowel": "Masticate the killing goat!" (real line = "Back again to kill and gut!")
    • Quite possibly one of the funniest yet; from "Doomsday": "Some of my Asians are black!" (real line = "Zombified nations of blood!")
  • New Sound Album: Undead, which contains faster tempos at times and more complex riffing.
  • Nu Metal: Some of the riffs on True Carnage and Bringer of Blood.
  • One-Word Title: Over half their albums.
  • Serial Escalation: How much longer will Barnes' dreads get?
  • Signature Style: Expect heavy grooves, emphasis on hooks, and song structures and playing styles different from many other classic death metal bands. Not to mention Barnes' distinct voice. Love 'em or hate 'em, there aren't really any bands in death metal who sound quite like them.
  • Supergroup: Not entirely, but they've had numerous members who have played in other bands join the band or just play with them.
  • Vocal Evolution: Barnes returns to his much deeper vocal style he used with Cannibal Corpse on the albums True Carnage and Undead. Many critics have noted his vocals on the former album as a return to his Tomb of the Mutilated style.


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