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Music: Devourment
Devourment is an American slam death metal band, and quite possibly THE slam band at that. Categorized by their ultra-low vocals, heavily mosh-oriented riffing that focuses less on technicality and more on sheer, unrelenting heaviness, and highly complex and technical drumming that focuses less on blasting and more on winding grooves, Devourment is generally the first band that people think of when they think of slam, and for good reason.

Formed in Dallas, Texas in 1995 out of the ashes of Necrocide, the initial lineup consisted of Wayne Knupp (vocals), Braxton Henry (guitars), and Brad Fincher (drums), but Henry was quickly replaced by Brian Wynn after the band very nearly folded completely before even getting off the ground. Kevin Clark (guitars) and Mike Majewski (bass) then joined at a later date, creating the lineup that would record the Impaled demo. Knupp left shortly after due to personal issues and was replaced by Ruben Rosas, creating the Molesting the Decapitated lineup. Shortly after the release of said album, however, Ruben Rosas was arrested and sentenced to two and a half years in prison (the core reason isn't known, but Majewski confirmed that the prison sentence was due to a probation violation), with Wynn also leaving as a result. The band soldiered on, welcoming back Henry and Knupp before releasing the 1.3.8. compilation.

After Rosas was released, the band went through multiple lineup shifts that ultimately resulted in failure and the band folding until 2005, when Rosas, Majewski, and Knupp decided to start over, with Eric Park (drums) completing the lineup. They quickly recorded and self-released Butcher the Weak later that year before inking a record deal with Brutal Bands the following year, subsequently re-recording and releasing Butcher on the label. Tragedy struck when Knupp died of multiple organ failure in 2007, but the band kept going, releasing Unleash the Carnivore in 2009 before signing with Relapse the following year. After several years of touring and other assorted odds and ends, they released Conceived in Sewage in February of 2013. Their lineup has stabilized, too, with the current roster consisting of Mike Majewski (vocals), Ruben Rosas (guitars), Chris "Captain Piss" Andrews (bass), and Eric Park (drums).


  • Impaled (1997) - demo
  • Promo 1997
  • Promo 1999
  • Molesting the Decapitated (1999)
  • 1.3.8. (2000) - compilation
  • Kill That Fucking Bitch (2002) - single
  • Official DVD (2005)
  • United States of Goregrind (2005) - split
  • Butcher the Weak (2005) - Re-recorded and rereleased in 2006 with alternate cover
  • Limb Splitter (2006) - split
  • Official DVD 2 (2007)
  • Unleash the Carnivore (2009)
  • Official DVD 2.5 (2010)
  • Purulent Devourments & Cannibalism (2010) - split
  • Conceived in Sewage (2013)

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