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Music: Benighted
Benighted is a French brutal death metal band. Characterized by their major Genre Roulette and Neoclassical Punk Zydeco Rockabilly tendencies as well as the endlessly flexible vocal chords of frontman Julien Truchan, they have built up a dedicated following both in Europe and abroad.

Formed in 1998 by Julien "Truch" Truchan (vocals), Olivier "Gab" Gabriel and Liem "Litchy" N'Guyen (guitars), Christophe "Chart" Charretier (bass), and Fred "Fight" Fayolle (drums) from the ashes of various death and black metal bands in the Saint-Etienne area, the band spent the first two years perfecting their craft before releasing a self-titled full-length debut in 2000, followed by Charretier leaving in 2001 and N'Guyen briefly doubling up on bass for Psychose, their 2002 sophomore album. Several bassists came and went before Eric "Candy" Lombard finally settled in just in time for 2003's Insane Cephalic Production. As a result of the surprisingly big splash it made, the band went through a lengthy period of touring before writing and releasing Identisick, their fourth album, in 2006, which proved to be their true breakthrough, though Fayolle left and was replaced by a promising young drummer from Ireland by the name of Kevin Foley. Icon followed in 2007 and was met by widespread critical acclaim, though things slowed down for a while after that until a deal with the high-profile indie label Season of Mist was inked, followed by the release of Asylum Cave in 2011. Other than N'Guyen's departure and replacement by Adrien Guerin in 2012, things have gone smoothly since then, with various fest appearances and tours (including several with their buddies in Aborted) having taken place. In addition to that, their new album, Carnivore Sublime, will hit on February 14, 2014.


  • Benighted (2000)
  • Psychose (2002)
  • Insane Cephalic Production (2003)
  • Identisick (2006)
  • Icon (2007)
  • Asylum Cave (2011)
  • Carnivore Sublime (2014)

This band contains examples of the following tropes:
BehemothMetalThe Berzerker
AtheistAvant-Garde MetalBetween The Buried And Me

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