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Music: Lich King
Bragging rights the spoils in a war of tiny men
When the dust begins to settle, the fight begins again
Pettiness a virtue, the badge of piss and pride
What you have created, it's a thrash crime
Harvesting rewards from the hours used in spite
Tearing out the throat of a fool because it's right
Obfuscate the meaning and re-educate the swine
Opinion is invalid, it's a thrash crime
— "Act of War"

Over there in Norway, the churches all burn down
Let's go dress in goth clothes and get painted like a clown
Awesome leather armbands with spikes like two feet long
Hair is parted down the middle, frowning like a frog

In league with the devil, talking Satan, skulls and hell
Making mommy mad, cause that's original
If you hate good music, then it can't hurt to go
Image-conscious assholes, black metal fashion show
—"Black Metal Sucks"

Lich King is a Thrash Metal band from Massachusetts that was founded in 2004 by vocalist Tom Martin (who may have also played some or all of the instruments for the first two albums; the real identities of the musicians on those albums are not given). Lich King are heavily influenced by Exodus, Vio-Lence, and Slayer and are known for their humorous lyrics, Heavy Meta, and their very brash image and promotional techniques. The band finally found its feet in 2009-2010 with its third LP World Gone Dead, which featured a full band lineup and massively improved production.

Current lineup:

  • Tom Martin - Vocals
  • Brian Westbrook - Drums
  • Rob Pellegri - Lead guitar
  • Joe Nickerson - Rhythm guitar
  • Nick Timney - Bass

Former members:
  • Kevin Taylor - Guitars
  • Erick Herrera - Guitars


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alternative title(s): Lich King
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