Music: Soft Cell

80s synthpop duo comprising Marc Almond (voice) and Dave Ball (keyboards).

Non Stop Erotic Tropes:

  • Berserk Button: If you ever meet Marc Almond, do NOT imitate the opening synth riff from "Tainted Love".
  • Club Kid: "Bedsitter".
  • The Cover Changes The Gender: "Tainted Love" swaps gender from Gloria Jones' original: "I gave you all a boy could give you..."
  • Sex, Drugs and Rock & Roll: Oooh boy. They loved their "substances" - if it was out there, they'd try it. The stomach-pumping story may be an urban myth, but it's not particularly outlandish considering what they did get up to. For a blow-by-blow account, check out Almond's autobiography Tainted Life, which at times reads like a catalogue of which songs were produced under the influence of which drugs.
  • Synthpop