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Music: Sylosis
Sylosis is a British Heavy Metal band formed in Reading, Berkshire. It was formed by guitarist Josh Middleton in 2000. They went through many lineup changes with little success due to a lack of an underground metal scene, only doing a few gigs and releasing an EP. The band's big break came in 2007, where they were signed by Nuclear Blast. Their critically acclaimed debut album Conclusion of an Age was released a year later. In 2010, their vocalist Jamie Graham parted with the band. Their sophomore album, Edge of the Earth featured Josh Middleton taking the helm as the band's lead vocalist along with guitar. Their third album Monolith was released a little over a year later in 2012.

Their musical style can be described as a combination of Thrash Metal, Melodic Death Metal, and Progressive Metal.

Band Members

  • Josh Middleton - Lead guitar, Vocals
  • Alex Bailey - Rhythm guitar
  • Carl Parnell - Bass guitar
  • Rob Callard - Drums

Sylosis provides examples of the following tropes:

Sunn O)))MetalSymfonia

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