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10:12:14 PM Mar 10th 2013
Do we really need this ? YMMV, but it's safe to say that most of progressive metal falls into a sliding scale between Narm Charm and So Bad, It's Good. The latter end of the scale isn't to say that any old bloke can make prog metal, as it does take great talent to pull off even passably in the relative sense of the subgenre. But between the goofy key boards, spastic staccato passages, and high-pitched vocals that prog metal is prone to, many fans are aware of the Ham and Cheese factor that exists in the majority of prog metal. " It's a YMMV item and it's kind of insulting, if unintentionally so.
09:18:35 AM Jul 25th 2013
No, we don't need that. I'll chop it.
12:20:49 AM Dec 18th 2010
Hi. Random prog fan here.

I'd like to pop in just to say that Rush isn't the first progressive metal band. Although they have been known to be fairly "heavy" during their live shows, Fates Warning was the first band to utilize a Yes-inspired progressive composition with Heavy metal.

For the sake of not misleading the readers, I hope there is a way to change the "Ur Example" entry.

Furthermore, I hope I am not stepping on anyone's toes. Thank you.
12:28:00 AM Dec 18th 2010
You want some way to edit a wiki? Are you mad? The mere research into the topic could cost millions!
12:29:19 AM Dec 18th 2010
I see your point.

05:14:57 PM Jun 11th 2010
edited by Lordnecronus
The troper Evil Neph added this underneath the entry for X Japan:

  • This troper highly doubts X Japan should be on this list, even though they did have a variety of songs of different genre, but nothing that would really qualify as prog metal... If anything, they can count as speed/power metal with 80s hard rock influences and nicely orchestrated power ballads.

I cut it mainly because the use of "This Troper" desperately needs to die. Nevertheless, it serves as a good starting point for this discussion.

To get to the point: should X Japan stay on the list?
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