Screamo Music

Screamo is considered to be a subgenre of Emo Music fused with Metal Core, but has become an entity of its own enough to warrant its own page. Be warned, though: this label is very controversial thanks to the second wave of screamo, with many bands now rejecting it. Remember, just because a band screams in some of their songs, it does not automatically make them a screamo band— the term is often, inaccurately, used to describe emotive hardcore bands that sometimes scream for emphasis. Screamo as it's now used describes a different variety of music. But while many emotive hardcore bands like The Used, AFI, Glassjaw and the Chiodos may occasionally scream to make a point, Screamo bands as the term is now used scream and sing alternately in about equal measure. Screamo songs typically feature screamed verses and sung choruses. Other common components of screamo include breakdowns, electronic effects and plenty of Careful with That Axe. Screamo initially became popular in the early 2000s, followed by a second, more popular but vastly more disliked wave in The New '10s.

The second wave of screamo came in the early 2010s, added electronic elements and brought the Scene culture (Distaff Counterpart of emo kids with brightly colored hair and a much more extroverted attitude) into vogue, bringing the screamo genre into the mainstream. The biggest reason that this is considered when Screamo officially split from Emo Music is the fact that many bands of the second wave relied far more on hedonistic, "partying" lyrics and Silly Love Songs (albeit frequently with a dark twist). Fans of emo music and even fans of first-wave screamo tend to criticize second-wave screamo for lacking artistic integrity or musicality. The genre has become a Fandom Berserk Button for fans of traditional post-hardcore and emo music, especially when people lump the genres together, brand emo music as "screamo" or confuse emo bands for being screamo bands. Despite this, the genre continues to be hugely popular in the mid-part of The New '10s. Many screamo bands are signed to Rise Records, Epitaph Records or Fearless Records, and while the genre originated in Canada, they now tend to come from the United States or United Kingdom.

First-wave screamo bands (closer to Emo Music):

Second-wave screamo bands (the controversial bit, closer to Metal Core):