Music / SikTh
An influential progressive metal band from the UK who combined a very technical, mathcore inspired sound with a melodic and experimental side. They formed in 1999, split up in 2008, and reformed in 2012. They've released two acclaimed albums and three EPs.

In the last few years, the increased popularity of djent has seen them gain a lot of attention due to their undeniable influence on a lot of recent bands, as well as other progressive bands such as Protest The Hero, who have stated they are their biggest influence.

  • Mikee Goodman - Vocals
  • Joe Rosser - Vocals
  • Dan Weller - Guitar
  • Graham "Pin" Pinney - Guitar
  • James Leach - Bass
  • Dan "Loord" Ford - Drums

  • Justin Hill - Vocals

  • The Trees Are Dead & Dried Out Wait for Something Wild (2003)
  • Death of a Dead Day (2006)
  • Opacities (2015)

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