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Music: Hawkwind
Hawkwind were one of the first space rock bands, formed in 1969 and still going strong today. Started out as Group X, later Hawkwind Zoo, before recording under their current name; also known as Hawklords for a brief period in the late 1970s.

While their style is at heart a combination of Psychedelic Rock and Progressive Rock with bits of electronic music via Krautrock, they have also been referred to as "proto-punk" because of their occasional Three Chords and the Truth moment and aggressive performances.

But you probably know them as "that band Lemmy was in before forming Motorhead".

They've had an insane amount of members over the course of their career. Former band member Del Dettmar estimated that by 1994, there had been some thirty-five people who at one point or another had been official members of Hawkwind. Taken from the band's unnofficial history, there are in fact more. Perm any thirty-five you like from:

  • Andy Anderson, drums;
  • Dave Anderson, bass;
  • Harvey Bainbridge, bass, later keyboards and synths.
  • Ginger Baker, drums. Formerly with supergroup Cream and something of a coup for Hawkwind, he lasted for one tour and two LP's. Allegedly his vast ego was hard to contain, he still wanted supergroup pay and perks, and saw Hawkwind as his band rather than himself as Hawkwind's drummer. Clashed with the autocratic Brock and walked out/was sacked. Allegedly.
  • Tim "Gollum" Blake.
  • Dave Brock, vocals, guitar and keyboards, the busker who formed the band and the only constant member.
  • Barney Bubbles, set designer, lighting man, light show co-ordinator and LP sleeve designer;
  • Robert Calvert, lead singer/frontman and poet between 1972-1979.
  • Richard Chadwick, drums.
  • John Clark, drums.
  • Thomas Crimble, bass.
  • Martin Crowley.
  • Alan Davey, bass.
  • Clive Deamer, drums.
  • DikMik (electronic and radiophonic effects)
  • Del Dettmar (synths and keyboards)
  • "Dead Fred", violin and keyboards. His wife Claire was also in the band as a stage dancer.
  • Martin Griffin, drums.
  • John Harrison, original bass player; left the band in 1970.
  • Paul Hayles, keyboards.
  • Robb Heaton, drums.
  • Niall Hone, guitar.
  • Simon House, violin.
  • Rikki Howard, stage dancer.
  • Russell Hunter, drums.
  • Simon King, drums. One half of the "Drum Empire".
  • Lemmy Kilmister, the guy who got fired for "doing the wrong drugs" and started Motorhead instead.
  • Huw Lloyd-Langton.
  • Rick Martinez, drums.
  • Alaistar Mestly.
  • Michael Moorcock, guitar and vocals, better-known as a science fiction and fantasy author, and especially as the author of The Elric Saga.
  • "Mr Nibs", bass guitar.
  • Terry Ollis, the naked drummer.
  • Viv Prince, drums.
  • Alan Powell, drums. The other half of the "Drum Empire".
  • Paul Rudolph, bass.
  • Adrian Shaw, bass.
  • Mick Slattery.
  • Marc Sperhauk, guitars.
  • The Lovely Stacia, the band's eye-catching stage dancer;
  • Steve Swindells, keyboards.
  • Kris Tait (Madam X): stage dancer, fire-eater and occasional vocalist.
  • Danny Thomson, drums.
  • Twink (Paul Noble) keyboards and synths.
  • Nik Turner, saxophone, alleged inventor of the band's name. No longer on speaking terms with Brock.


  • Hawkwind (1970)
  • In Search of Space (1971)
  • Doremi Fasol Latido (1972)
  • Space Ritual (1973) [live album]
  • Hall of the Mountain Grill (1974)
  • Warrior on the Edge of Time (1975)
  • Astounding Sounds, Amazing Music (1976)
  • Quark, Strangeness and Charm (1977)
  • 25 Years On Hawklords (1978)
  • PXR 5 (1979)
  • Levitation (1980)''
  • Sonic Attack (1981)''
  • Church of Hawkwind (1982)
  • Choose Your Masques (1982)
  • The Chronicle of the Black Sword (1985)
  • The Xenon Codex (1988)
  • Space Bandits (1990)
  • Electric Tepee (1992)
  • It Is the Business of the Future to Be Dangerous (1993)
  • White Zone Psychedelic Warriors (1995)
  • Alien 4 (1995)
  • Distant Horizons (1997)
  • 'In Your Area (1999)
  • Take Me to Your Leader (2005)
  • Take Me to Your Future (2006)
  • Blood of the Earth (2010)
  • Onward (2012)

Tropes used by Hawkwind:

  • All Drummers Are Animals: Terry Ollis.
  • Artistic Stimulation - Dave claims he always mixed Hawkwind albums while stoned.
  • Big Brother Is Employing You: Spirit of the Age, I,Robot, High-Rise
  • Breakup Breakout - Lemmy.
  • Buxom Is Better: The Amazing Stacia.
  • Dead End Job: being Hawkwind's drummer. No less than fourteen drummers have taken the stage with Hawkwind over the years.
  • Drugs Are Good: Most of their output. "Motorhead" is about doing speed. Famously, its author and lead singer Lemmy Kilminster was later thrown out of the band for doing too much of it and took the song with him. "Hashcake 77" is an instrumental which manages to convey the way it feels when doing dope. You can feel righteously stoned just listening to it.
  • Dungeon Masters Girlfriend: Kris Tait, aka Mrs Dave Brock. Allegedly the Yoko Ono of the group, who alienated long-standing members with her ideas for how the band should develop and change.
    • She is now officially the band's manager.
  • Echoing Acoustics - They frequently use this trope to invoke the spacey feel.
  • Epic Rocking - We'd list all the examples, but then this page would be a Doorstopper. Let's just say there are a lot.
  • Filk Song - The songs on The Chronicle of the Black Sword.
  • Greed: the ongoing rancour and ill-feeling about where all the money went, with most fingers pointing in one or two specific directions. Allegedly.
  • High Turnover Rate: At least forty-three people have been a part of the band over the years, with an extremely high proportion being drummers.
  • I Am the Band - Dave Brock.
  • Ms. Fanservice: The Amazing Stacia.
  • New Wave Science Fiction: They were strongly influenced by the experimental New SF! Moorcock, in his career as a writer and editor was one of the leaders of the New Wave movement.
  • Putting the Band Back Together: the ill-fated disaster that was the Hawkestra. Getting every ex-member of the band back on stage with the current line-up for a series of gigs was an inspired idea - on paper. It was never repeated.
  • Psychedelic Rock + Progressive Rock
  • Refrain from Assuming - "Psychedelic Warlords" is not called "Disappear in Smoke", regardless of what the chorus wants you to think.
  • Revolving Door Band - Definitely.
  • Rock Opera - The Chronicle of the Black Sword, written with Michael Moorcock's cooperation.
  • Space Madness: Space Is Dark, Golden Void, This is Earth Calling
  • Spoken Word in Music - That was Robert Calvert's job, especially on Space Ritual.
  • Trans Atlantic Equivalent: especially when Michael Moorcock was writing songs for them, the Blue Oyster Cult were thought of by some as America's Hawkwind.
  • Weirdness Magnet: Mrs Dave Brock has come up with a brand new idea - Hawkwind Holidays.
  • Word Salad Lyrics - It happens occasionally.

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