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Two First Names
"Two first names, two first names, if you only got one name, it's like having no names, baby get two names."

Many superheroes and their associates have surnames that are also common given names. This is almost as common as the Alliterative Name, and, in fact, many heroes qualify in both categories. This is a side effect of the American habit of using common last names as first names — most British readers would not recognize most of these surnames as first names.

This can make a Last Name Basis to be difficult to realize at first.


  • Clark Kent.
  • Bruce Wayne.
  • Barry Allen and Bart Allen.
    • Jay Garrick as well, and Wally West might count, although the only West that leaps to mind is the guy from Heroes. With Bart, at least, it really only makes sense when you realize that his full first name is actually a Patronymic (it's still very rare as a first name, though, apparently because people can't be bothered with saying anything quadrisyllabic).
  • Peter Parker, though "Parker" has only recently become common as a given name.
  • Charles Xavier (although this is pronounced differently to the first name, which is generally pronounced "zavv-ee-ay" rather than "ex-ay-vee-er"; the last name is also generally pronounced this way, but Middle America wouldn't have noticed it started with an X). The pronunciation is actually more slippery than this, as it has changed since the time of St. Francis Xavier (Which is pronounced Zay-Vee-Er, by the by). Javier is a phonetic respelling of the name in modern Spanish. However, the Portuguese pronounce the name with a sh sound.
  • It's a requirement for a Green Lantern from Earth:
    • Alan Scott.
    • Hal Jordan.
    • Guy Gardner. (Named after famed Silver Age DC scribe Gardner Fox.)
    • John Stewart. (No, not that one.)
    • Kyle Rayner (though as a first name it would typically be spelled Rainer).
    • Jade AKA Jennifer-Lynn Hayden.
  • Bobby "Iceman" Drake.
  • Steve Rogers. He even used the alias "Roger Stevens" once.
  • Donald Blake.
  • Cain Marko is an egregious example, where a given name that doesn't make a particularly good surname is pressed into service to make a Meaningful Name. Could be completely avoided by calling him "Marco Kane" or something along these lines.
  • Kent "Doctor Fate" Nelson.
  • Ronald Raymond, the first Firestorm.
  • Rex "Hourman" Tyler.
    • And his son, Rick Tyler. And the Hourman from the 853rd Century, an android who went by the name Matthew Tyler.
  • Crispus Allen, one host of the Spectre.
  • Ted "Wildcat" Grant.
  • James Jesse, the first Trickster. To be fair, he chose this name after Jesse James. His birth name is Giovanni Giuseppe (which is, in Italian, itself an example of this trope).
  • Both versions of Captain Atom: the Charlton version is Allen Adam, while DC's is Nathaniel Adam (actually a case of Three First Names, as his full name is Nathaniel Christopher Adam).
  • Garfield Mark Logan.
  • Power Rangers has a few:
    • Zack Taylor. (Black Mighty Morphin' Power Ranger)
    • Jason Scott. (Red Mighty Morphin' Power Ranger/Gold Zeo Ranger)
    • Tommy Oliver. (Green/White Mighty Morphin' Power Ranger/Red Zeo Ranger/Red Turbo Ranger/Black Dino Thunder Ranger)
      • Double Points for being played by Jason David Frank.
    • Justin Stewart. (Blue Turbo Ranger)
    • Kendrix Morgan. (Pink Lost Galaxy Ranger)
    • Dana Mitchell. (Pink Lightspeed Rescue Ranger)
    • Chad Lee. (Blue Lightspeed Rescue Ranger)
    • Ryan Mitchell. (Titanium Lightspeed Rescue Ranger)
    • Jen Scotts comes close. (Pink Time Force Ranger)
    • Wes Collins comes close. (Red Time Force Ranger)
    • Cole Evans comes close. (Red Wild Force Ranger)
    • Shane Clarke comes close. (Red Wind Ranger)
    • Ethan James. (Blue Dino Thunder Ranger)
    • Bridge Carson. (Green/Blue/Red S.P.D. Ranger)
    • Nick Russell. (Red Mystic Force Ranger)
    • Theo Martin. (Jungle Fury Blue Ranger)
    • Scott Truman. (RPM's Ranger Series Operator Red)
  • All Fall Down has Sophie Mitchell.
  • Eddie Brock, the original Venom.
  • Michael Bruce - Also his father Matthew Bruce, who later renames himself Ulysses David.

Non-costumed Heroes and Associates

Female Examples

Fictional examples outside comic books
  • Ann Marie was the main character of the 1960s show That Girl and actually complained about her name at times.
  • Jimmy James, "the man so nice they named him twice," in NewsRadio.
    • Also Dave Nelson, Matthew Brock, Max Louis, and Jimmy's Arch-Enemy Johnny Johnson.
  • In Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Justice for All, Max Galactica's real name is revealed to be Billy Bob Johns. Nick hangs a lampshade on it in one inner monologue. "Yikes! The poor guy's got three first names! I guess that is pretty odd."
  • There are more than a few pro-wrestlers that fit here: "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, Simon Dean, Chris Harris, Trevor Murdoch, Mark Henry, Matt Morgan, Nick & Matt & Malachi Jackson, Kip James, Kelly Kelly, Donovan Morgan, Ricky Marvin, Brian Christopher, Shane Douglas, Dave Taylor, Chuck Taylor (no relation), Vin Gerard, Jerry Lynn, Shelton Benjamin, Joey Ryan. Shawn Michaels, Wrestling/Stevie Richards, Davey Richards (no relation), Christopher Daniels, Eddie Edwards, Jimmy Jacobs, Jack Evans, Erick Stevens and Petey Williams come close. Mickie James is a female wrestler with two traditionally male names, Alex Shelley a male wrestler with two female names. Simon Dean is actually named after wrestler Dean Malenko, whose real name is Dean Simon.
    • On a recent episode of TNA Impact, the Main Event Mafia took over the show and made two referees fight Wrestling/Booker T. The referees' names were Rudy Charles and Andrew Thomas, which ring announcer Scott Steiner pointed out during introductions.
    • Daniel Bryan...whose real name is Bryan Danielson.
    • Jim Ross, whose full name is James William Ross.
    • Justin Gabriel whose real name is Paul Lloyd Jr.
  • Ricky Bobby, the eponymous NASCAR prodigy from Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby. This is lampshaded early on, when his team's owner states, "He's got two first names!"
  • From Survival of the Fittest: Mason Lucien, Chance Burton, Thom Chuck, Waldo Woodrow, Blake Ross, Matthew Drew, Horace Malcolm, Jack Russell, Ryan Gilbert, and at least 20 more in V4 alone.
  • John Carter
    • Also Doug Ross
    • Carol Hathaway
    • Susan Lewis
    • Carla Reese (She uses the name Reese for her son)
    • Maggie Doyle
  • From the Scrubs episode "My Occurrence":
    Hematopathologist: Call me Dr. Bob.
    J.D.: You go by your first name?
    Hematopathologist: No, first name's Fred.
    J.D.: Fred Bob?
    • Also J.D. stands for John Dorian.
  • Campbell Alexander from Jodi Picoult's My Sister's Keeper.
  • Lloyd Martin in the book They Melted His Brain. Naturally, nearly everyone thinks his name is Martin Lloyd. (Or was it the other way round?)
  • Doctor Gordon Gordon Wyatt from Bones.
    • Also Vincent Nigel-Murray.
  • Rose Tyler.
  • James Wilson, Alison Cameron and Robert Chase from House.
  • Andy Mitchell
  • Brock Samson
  • From The Mortal Instruments series, Jace, whose full name is Jonathan Christopher Wayland. We think. It's really only the last name that's a point of debate, so whether it's Wayland, Morgenstern, Lightwood, or Herondale, he's still an example.
  • Jacob Taylor from Mass Effect 2.
  • Jack Ryan
  • Dean Thomas of the Harry Potter series.
  • Sweeney Todd
  • Veronica and Velma Kelly of Chicago and its film adaptation.
  • Takayuki Narumi, who also appeared in Muv-Luv. Both Takayuki and Narumi are used as first names in Japan.
    • From Muv-Luv Total Eclipse side story, we have Rick Sven.
  • Homura Akemi from Puella Magi Madoka Magica. Many of the other characters, such as Madoka Kaname, Sayaka Miki and Kyoko Sakura, have last names that sound and/or can be used as first names, but are still valid last names.
  • Miyako Yoshika. Or Yoshika Miyako. Miyako is the family name.
  • Rio Wesley of Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha ViVid. No, this isn't misplaced.
  • Izumi Sakurai from Nichijou. This is Lampshaded in-story.
  • Asuka Sakura from the movie Welcome to the Quiet Room. Lampshaded when someone jokingly points out that her name sounds like something from a comic book.
  • In Life With Louie, it's pointed out that the bullies in the show always seem to have two first names, such as Craig Erik, Paul George, and the worst of them all, Glen Glenn.
  • From Pretty Cure: all the females of the Kurumi family, Mana and Ayumi Aida, Alice Yotsuba, and Aguri Madoka. Interestingly, neither Aida nor Aguri doesn't seem to be common female names in Japan — there are a few Aguris in fiction, but they're both male.
  • Seems to be a theme on The Office when it comes to the regional managers (not counting those who didn't stay in the manager's chair for more than three episodes) :
    • The main character of the UK original is named David Brent.
    • His counterpart in the US version is named Michael Scott.
      • After Michael left, a number of candidates applied for his job, among which were Fred Henry, Nellie Bertram and the aforementioned David Brent. The one to eventually get the job was Andy Bernard.
      • Other (non-manager) characters include David Wallace, Ryan Howard and Angela Martin.
  • In Emma, anyone in the Martin family: Robert Martin and Elizabeth Martin.
  • Sayaka Yumi and her father Dr. Gennosuke Yumi from Mazinger Z. The main protagonist Kouji Kabuto also qualifies, although Kabuto is rarely used as a first name.
  • Yukiko Maya of Saki.

Real Life [Note: All the examples in this entry so far have been situations in which people have given names to characters. In that spirit, please limit entries here to people who have given themselves names (stage names, pen names, pseudonyms, etc.) consisting of two first names. Many people have a first name as a family name in real life, but this section should be reserved for people who have made an intentional choice to do so.]

  • Jon Stewart from The Daily Show. Inevitable, since Stewart is a showbiz adaptation of his middle name. He was born Jonathan Stuart Leibowitz.
    • He even makes jokes about it:
    "Tonight's guest, Congressman Ron Paul, a proud member, with me, of the Two First Names Club. We, uh, we meet every Thursday for cocktails with Ron Jeremy and Barney Frank."
  • Tim Allen (Home Improvement) was born Timothy Alan Dick.
  • Rose Marie was a supporting player on The Dick Van Dyke Show and a panelist on The Hollywood Squares. She seldom used her surname, Curley.
    • Similarly, actress Ann-Margaret rarely uses her surname, Olsson.
      • Likewise hyphenated is Terry-Thomas, a.k.a Thomas Terry Hoar-Stevens.
  • Stan Lee (born Stanley Lieber).
  • Jack Kirby (born Jacob Kurtzberg)
  • John Wayne (born Marion Michael Morrison).
  • Cary Grant (born Archibald Leach).
  • Kevin James from The King of Queens (born Kevin George Knipfing).
  • Dame Vera Lynn (born Vera Margaret Welch)
  • Radio broadcaster Paul Harvey, born Paul Harvey Aurandt.
  • Radio star Jack Benny (born Benjamin Kubelsky).
  • Radio star Fred Allen (born John Florence Sullivan).
  • Danny Thomas (born Amos Yakoob).
  • Moe Howard of The Three Stooges (Moses Hurwitz)
  • Actor and voiceover artist William Conrad (born John William Cann, Jr.)
  • The Webb sisters, Loretta, Peggy, and Brenda, changed their names before becoming famous country singers, renaming themselves, respectively, Loretta Lynn, Peggy Sue and Crystal Gayle.
  • Jason Alexander (born Jay Scott Greenspan).
  • Huey Lewis (born Hugh Anthony Cregg, III)
  • Jerry Lewis (born Jerome Levitch)
  • Ray Charles (... Robinson).
  • Dennis Franz (... Schlachta).
  • Toby Keith (... Covel).
  • Lea Michele (... Sarfati).
  • Shannon Elizabeth (... Fadal).
  • Sheldon Leonard (... Bershad) (the racetrack tout from The Jack Benny Program and the old bar owner from Cheers).
  • Alison Brie (... Schermerhorn).
  • Psychic John Edward (... McGee, Jr.).
  • Porn star Ron Jeremy (... Hyatt).
  • Rick James was born James Ambrose Johnson, bitch!
  • Sid James (born Joel Solomon Cohen).
  • Tony Curtis (born Bernard Schwartz).
  • Kirk Douglas (born Issur Danielovitch).
  • Bob Dylan (born Robert Zimmerman).
  • Lenny Bruce (born Leonard Alfred Schneider).
  • Buck Henry (born Henry Zuckerman).
  • Gilligan's Islands Tina Louise (born Tatiana Josivovna Chernova Blacker).
  • Joey Lawrence (Joey Russo from Blossom) (born Joseph Lawrence Mignogna, Jr.).
  • Woody Allen, born Allen Steven Konigsberg.
  • Eddie Albert (Green Acres) (born Edward Albert Heimburger)
  • George Michael, born Georgios Kyriacos Panayiotou (Greek: Γεώργιος Κυριάκος Παναγιώτου)
  • Dirk Benedict (Faceman from The A-Team) was born Dirk Niewoehner.
  • Serial arsonist Peter Dinsdale changed his name to Bruce George Peter Lee.
  • Talent agent William Morris, born Zelman Moses.
  • Valentino's contemporary John Gilbert — born John Cecil Pringle.
  • Dean Martin — Dino Paul Crocetti.
  • Tony Martin — Alvin Morris.
  • Butch Patrick (Eddie Munster) — Patrick Alan Caples.
  • Les Paul — Lester William Polfuss.
  • Sir Cliff Richard — Harry Rodger Webb.
  • Infamous weeaboo Akemi Mokoto, who, because of his dislike of his family, renamed himself after two anime characters. His original surname was possibly Boyd, but his original given name is unknown.
  • Brenda Joyce, born Brenda Dworman.
  • Lewis Carroll, whose real name was Rev. Charles Lutwidge Dodgson.
  • George Eliot, whose real name was Marian Evans.
  • Cassandra Clare, born Judith Rumelt
  • Jennifer Lopez's husband Mark Anthony, born Marco Antonio Muiz
  • Rachel Zoe, born Rachel Zoe Rosenzweig
  • Wynona Judd, born Christina Ciminella
  • Meg Ryan, born Margaret Hyra.
  • Katy Perry, born Katheryn Hudson
  • Designer Ralph Lauren, born Ralph Rueben Lifshitz
  • Jane Seymour, born Joyce Frankenberg
  • 70s game show fixture Elaine Joyce, born Elaine Joyce Pinchot
  • Yakuza boss Shinobu Tsukasa, born Kenichi Shinoda. Doubles as a meaningful name, since Tsukasa (司) can mean "chief", among other things.
  • Nicholas Brendon (... Schultz).
    • As well as his twin brother, Kelly Donovan (... Schultz).

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