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Cassandra Clare (real name Judith Rumelt) is a prominent YA author, best known for her urban fantasy and steampunk novels, as well as being a writer of short fiction. She is also known for her earlier works of fanfiction and her status as a Pamela Dean plagiarist and big name fan in the Harry Potter fandom, under the very similar name Cassandra Claire.

Clare's fan works include:

Clare's published works include:

Clare's short stories include:


  • Aerithand Bob: Her real name Judith Rumelt versus her pen name Cassandra Clare.
  • Doorstopper: There's no book in the The Mortal Instruments series that is less than 400 pages. Shout out to City of Heavenly Fire for being a nice 725 pages.
  • The Film of the Book: The movie based on City of Bones was released in 2013 and a sequel was planned, but was scrapped the following year. However, a television show based on the series named Shadowhunters has been made, soon to be airing on ABC Family.