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Series: That Girl
Somebody just threw a Title Drop at Ann Marie.

"... that girl!"
—The punchline to the Once an Episode Cold Opening gag.

An American sitcom that aired on ABC from 1966 to 1971, following the adventures of Ann Marie (Marlo Thomas), a budding actress who moved to New York City to make her big break into Broadway. Occasionally aided by her boyfriend Donald Hollinger (Ted Bessell), she attempted or was pulled into many different schemes in hopes of becoming a star, though later seasons focused on more formulaic sitcom situations.

Aside from the comedy aspect, That Girl is often viewed as the forerunner of other successful shows starring single women such as The Mary Tyler Moore Show or Murphy Brown. It also addressed the issues of its time, in its own unique style.

Most famous for the opening of every show, the "That girl!" Title Drop, accompanied by the title itself appearing at the bottom of the screen, with only a few variations over its five year run.


  • Acting for Two: Ted Bessell does this in an episode, playing Donald and a doctor who is his double aside from hair color.
  • Artistic Title: The shots of Ann walking around New York.
  • Pie in the Face: Ann takes one on a Laugh In type show (after some vacillating on whether or not to accept the potentially humiliating role).
  • Recurring Extra: The late actor Ed Peck played five different characters in all five seasons.
  • Shout-Out:
    • Family Guy did a full blown parody of the opening credits with Peter Griffin as That Guy.
    • As did The Simpsons in the episode "The Old Man and the Lisa," with Monty Burns chasing Lisa around Springfield. She even flies a kite with a monogram of herself in a mock-up of Central Park.
  • The Show Goes Hollywood: And Ann tries for stardom.
  • The Teaser: Setting up the plot and the title gag.
    • Including a cute aversion where Donald objects to one of Ann's ideas: "Oh you would think it a fine idea, and it is for that girl, but not This Man!" Cue title card and soundtrack.
    • Another example - A Russian man does the Title Drop in his native language, resulting in the title written out in Russian, with "(That Girl)" written underneath.
    • Likewise, an Italian opera singer does the same, only his version of the title caption morphs into English.
  • Thanksgiving Episode: "Thanksgiving Comes But Once a Year, Hopefully".
  • Title Drop: Once an Episode, as a kind of Couch Gag.

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