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Strong Sad: And this part here represents Rondell's transformation into a new man.
Homestar Runner: I thought you said that was just an accident that happened because you loaded the film wrong.
Strong Sad: (embarrassed) Uhh, why don't you shut up, Homestar?
Homestar Runner, "Experimental Film" audio commentary

The preservation of ad libs, improvisations, and the occasional accident or mistimed what-have-you for dramatic or comic effect, sometimes at the cost of continuity.

These are often some of the most memorable scenes, for better or for worse, due to their spontaneity.

Differs slightly from attaching Hilarious Outtakes to the ends of shows. Related to No Fourth Wall. See also Rule of Funny, Rule of Cool.

Not to be confused with Enforced Method Acting, when something unexpected is deliberately done to an actor in order to elicit a realistic response, or Improv, where there is very little or no script at all and the actors are making up large chunks as they go along.

See also The Show Must Go On, Studio Chatter, Good Bad Bugs.


Contrast Blooper.

See also Woolseyism.


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